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  • Hi Tyler, I am definitely a tri newbie, but no stranger to endurance running events having done several ultras over recent years.

    My swimming posses the biggest problem in that it was only 7 weeks ago until I started to learn FC. Progress seems awfully slow, but I am moving in the right direction. I have had a few coached sessions and picked up tips from swim smooth and you tube. 

    I am going to tick over in all of the three disciplines until the Fink 30 week program starts in early Jan. In relation to completing a HIM as part of the training I'm going to enter the Coniston event in June.

    I have also entrered the Tour de Helvellyn trail run in December, a 37 mile course in the Lakes.

    I dont't live too far from Bolton so I will be able to recce the route a couple of times prior to the event.

    Good luck with your preparation.              

  • Yes, i am doing doing same thing but i have only just started swimming LESSONS!

    Started Saturday with a top chap who seems to be ideal for teaching my current level (ie holiday/family swimmer !).

    Been in the pool every day since and i think i am gonna try and concentrate there for mo.

    Doing spinning/Exercise bike (not sure if E Bike is ideal but no Turbo Trainer at th OK Corral yet!)/ and now swimming lessons.

    So same as you, trying to build base levels.  I also read somewhere to try not to go a day without one discipline so i kind of have that in my head as well.

    Enjoying all the prep and starting swimming from scratch.  Also been reading a book 'Total Immersion' which seems pretty good.

    Not gonna start proper programme till xmas, but i do want to try and allow for some buffer/sickness/(holiday!) weeks just in case!


  • AndyB99 wrote (see)

    ...but...the outlaw feels like a beginners just doesnt feel like the real thing and i dont think anybody who crossed the line has the same look on their faces.

    Couldn't disagree more.  At least the organisers of the Outlaw know how to get the run distance right.

  • Done both IMUK & Outlaw. Prefer the IMUK bike course, but for organisation it has to be the Outlaw
  • They both sound plenty tuff enough! 

    I think this will be once in a lifetime thing for me so went for Ironman.

    Out of interest, anyone know difference in total numbers of entries for each??  (thinking about how many people will be punching/kicking me at start of swim!!).


  • Didn't need to come off the big ring for The Outlaw...  IMUK I was wishing I was on a triple

  • Dont get me wrong CD..i didnt mean anything about the organisation...just that it felt like the option first timers would take!

    organisation wise i couldnt fault the outlaw at all!!!


    just over 1000 for the outlaw.....Max 1600 for IMUK

    Tylertonka wrote (see)


    I think this will be once in a lifetime thing for me so went for Ironman.


    hahahahaha....heard that before

  • I would think that more first timers are drawn towards IMUK (and IMW) rather than Outlaw because of the brand. 

    I just wouldn't want anyone to think that the Outlaw (or TBW, Forestman, Henley, Roth, Embrunman, etc) are any less valid as IM races because they don't have the M-dot logo. 

  • Agreed... I did IMUK cos I thought by not having done a branded event I was missing out.. as it was I was missing about a mile on the run !

    140.6 is the distance, The name is largely irrelevant

  • Hey Steven kav4,

    Looks like we both in imuk newbie boat!

    Have you started training yet?

    Even with 10 months to go, it doesn't feel lke long enough!

    Strangely looking forward to challenge though!
  • Having said I will try and do something every day, I have a stinking cold and am no good for anything!

    Watching footy not cheering me up so it's off to read couple of chapters of 'total immersion'. I'm gonna count it as training!

    Please also note I am a Liverpool supporter therefore there is not much football that does cheer me up at mo!
  • Well I never!

    Cold getting stinkier but Liverpool game has managed to cheer me up!

    No training for 2 days though....grrrrrrrrrrr!
  • Had some good training this weekend after few days off through serious man cold/flu type stuff!

    Swim lesson number 2 was excellent and I am thoroughly enjoying it, however I finish and find myself wanting to get straight back in again ASAP!

    Did a little bike and run this morning ( all indoors as weather was proper naff), felt good...feeling lik my base fitness coming along ok!

    Lastly I won't mention today's football results.......there's always next season!!
  • Evening everyone, can I join the "club"?. Entered last Sunday. 

    It would be good to keep in touch with others who are in the same boat, so, me:

    Age 45

    Married, 2 children

    live se London

    Am in my 3rd year of triathlons. Have raced middle distance, but never gone further. TIme now though to go big.

    Commute on my bike everyday which brings in approx 150 miles a week

    Saturday club ride and a few run sessions a week when time allows. When a race is booked I stop off at a local pool in the morning for a few lengths then join our club on a Sunday for our reg session.

    I think that it. im not planning on starting anything yet as still may complete the odd sportive this year and have a duathlon in October.

    Am happy to accept or give advise when required and hope that all of us have a good steady winters build before the real stuff begins next year.


  • Hey Bones,

    Good to have you on board the good ship 'Bonkers' !

    Yeah i am pretty similar, v nearly 40, 2 kids.

    I have the running background, learning swimming (going OK'ish!), but i think the bike will be my thorn! 

    Managed one weekend ride a week at mo, with a few exercise bike sessions thrown in.....NOT ENOUGH me thinks!!

    Anyway, started looking at fink programme so need to adapt a bit.

    Trying to sort maps to get a good guage on accomodation next!

    All good fun with a hint of nervous apprehension!!

  • Swimming update........

    Now can do a mile breaststroke reasonably comfy.

    Set myself the goal of 10 lengths front crawl by Christmas, managed 10 last weekend with a 10 sec rest between lengths, felt ok. new goal by christmas....20 lengths no rests!

    Loving the swimming but deffo not doing enough on bike.....

    Be interested to hear how everyone else doing?

    Anyone booked accomodation yet???

    Will Liverpool win today!!!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Morning all!

    Great progress with the swimming, TT, especially as you're enjoying it image.

    It looks as though this is going to be the officical IMUK 2013 thread - mind if I join you? 

    I'm also in my third year of triathlons, but went straight in at long distance (can't do speed), and have done four altogether, but this wil be my first trip to Bolton.

    Training-wise, I'm still taking things easy after Wales, though it was more than 2 months ago now, so it's probably time to pick things up again. I've done a couple of duathlons, so not been completely idle, and was hoping to be working on my disappointing swimming but instead am out of the pool completely with a shoulder problem.

    Accommodation booked at the stadium.

    Not sure about Liverpool - is that the football team image?!

  • Hey joddly......

    Great stuff on Wales, how did you get on?

    .And yes apparently its a football team, but I am not so sure this year!

    May have to switch to supporting bolton next year!

    Swimming wise, I do find quite a lot of aching on shoulders, I guess this should strengthen as time goes on, I imagine shoulder injuries are quite common??

    Any heads up on good accomodation appreciated!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Wales was great, thanks - it was my second time there, so no surprises and the weather was kinder to us, which makes a huge difference for the bike course. The run was short, though, which I gather is a bit of an IM thing!

    I'm not a shoulder expert, but I think you need to be careful when they start to hurt as it can spiral away quite easily. If it's just effort-related general ache which you feel toward the end of a swim and goes away by the next day, then that's probably OK. But if it gets worse, is there as soon as you get in the pool, or the symptoms affect daily activities, then It's worth getting it looked at.

    I just picked my accomodation based on what looked simplest logistics-wise, as I have struggled a bit to get my head around the idea of a spit transition. It's not the cheapest option (through Nirvana), but I worry a lot about screwing that sort of thing up!

    I'm going to get out on the bike later - knobbly tyres for dirty roads, but a simple one-way trip to son's sporting event, and hopefully a lift back afterwards. That should blow the cobwebs away image.

  • Hi guys

    I am probably doing imuk next year as missed out on Outlaw. As for shoulders it vould be your technique. Check whether your arm crosses over the centre line of your head or snakes (s shape when you pushing arm back - catching water)when you do front crawl. This can cause shoulder pain.
  • Cheers red dog, just got back from the pool.

    Managed 2 hits of 10 lengths with 10 secs breather, yeah definitely feel like I have work to do on my arms. Don't think I catch water but can't seem to get the stretch right yet. Good advice on centre line, will give that a go next time. Think I am getting to grips with breathing so I can try and work on other bits. ( still swallowing some water but hey ho!)

    Do any of these swimming aids work? Pull buoys and other stuff??
  • I don't tend to use them so can't really say. I was an ok swimmer but never put head under or breathed properly so I got a few books and really taught myself. I guess as you are. I am a little faster than I was but can do distance much better now. I am pretty average I supose. I might try a swim clinic in the new year but they are expensive. image
  • What I forgot to say was I learnt how to correct most of my swim technique but a lot needs tweaking. So technique correction and drills are a good place to start to improve. Swim smooth or total immersion are good resources.
  • I don't tend to use them so can't really say. I was an ok swimmer but never put head under or breathed properly so I got a few books and really taught myself. I guess as you are. I am a little faster than I was but can do distance much better now. I am pretty average I supose. I might try a swim clinic in the new year but they are expensive. image
  • Yeah, got total immersion from a mate who has done bolton, he taught himself solely from this!

    Great book, reading this as I go along,

    Trying to make myself like the rocking ship going through the water, rather than the flat bottom boat! Think this may be where I might cross arm over head...too much rockin!
  • Hotel booked!

    Blimey the rooms are going or...more to the point GONE fast!

    I can relax a bit more now safe in the knowledge that I have a room ready to sleep in for a few hours at least on the Saturday night!
  • hey red dog you know entries are closed for IMUK now dont you?? unless you're planning on a charity place


    Tyler...a pull bouy is are neoprene shorts.....keep your body in the right possition.....dont pull too hard....swimming is technique not power

  • I am seriously considering withdrawing from IMUK 2013. If anyone is interested or would like my place then please PM me.      

  • Stephen - I would be very interested. I have tried to PM you but it says you don't allow them. Please PM if you do withdraw.
  • Rocco - Tried to PM you, but it says that you do not allow them, there must be an issue with the system. Anyway, my e mail is Drop me a line with your contact details etc an we can get the ball rolling. I will need to clarify with IMUK what the process for a transfer entails, but they do allow them. I will contact them tomorrow.        

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