Great North Run 2013



  • Cracking report Fiona and well done on the record.

  • Fantastic achievement, Fiona.
    Many congratulations.

  • A world record and a Harrods bag in one day.Impressive and totally crazy;-)

    Good look with the swim Bob,200 lenghts is pretty tough.Do you ever find your feet cramp,pushing off the wall.Thats why I prefer open water swimming,plus the scenery.

    I wonder what XL thinks of people running two marathons in a week,I think they should run the second one in a straitjacket image
  • I was expecting such a response Sponge.
  • Best of luck with the swim Bob.

    Great report and picture Fiona, you must have been warm in that outfit. Some members of my club dropped in to show their medals and record their times, and they where all saying how hot it was with no breeze either.

    Managed my 4 miler last night, feeling a bit more confident with my knee than I have in a while. I had to walk a couple of times, but not as much as previously. I set myself some targets on the run to help me, one of which was a hill that I have had to walk for quite a while now. I not only ran up no problem, my normal squad was running up the hill at the same time, so I matched the pace and felt really comfortable doing it. There's hope yet for me. image

  • Great report Fiona and again great record and you will be safe from me ever breaking that one - it is bad enough running a sub 4 in running attire never mind what you had on.

    lfc - great to hear things starting to turn round for you with the knee

    Last day at work before Manchester Marathon feeling good and can't wait now just want to be on start line and getting going. Latest weather for Sunday in Manchester is bright and max of 9oC possibility of a light shower after lunch. Sounds perfect weather to me if it turns out like that

  • Bob ParrBob Parr ✭✭✭

    Thanks LFC.  Looks like you are making progress with your recovery. image

    Spongecake - I do occasionally get cramp in one foot and I just push off with the other one until it passes.  It did confuse me when it first happened as I though why is the sole of my foot getting cramp when I'm not using those muscles.  I figured it out a bit later on when thinking about what was happening when I turned at the end of each length.

    Fiona, I was wondering if XL would pass comment about the insanity of running two in 8 days when he is so opposed to any in all his life!  image   I would say that if you feel recovered enough then you may as well try to "take this one easy" if you can ever call running a marathon "easy"! image

  • Fantastic report/picture Fiona!

    Hope everyone's legs are starting to feel a lot more normal-er by now image

    For those running Manchester on Sunday, I'm not going to be able to support this year, I'm sorry. i've got a Doggy First Aid course to do, which I'm hoping will be of a benefit to me, not only for my work at the shelter, but also for my future plans to work with animals full time.

    Vixx - bunnies are just wonderful, thank you. All are now settled back at mine and I spend ages just watching them grooming each other and snuggling up together. They are so spoilt with toys and tunnels in their run and are so entertaining to watch!

  • OS- thanks for that will defs have a look at this belt, sounds good...

    Fiona- OMG (I'm such a wuss) I just cried reading ur report, got goosebumps n everything, could really feel it hahahahaa - What a complete wuss :-/

    Anyway, just been for what was supposed to be a comfortable 8.5mile run, the hills in Gateshead never allow 4much comfort esp at the 6mile point. Ended up pushing a little bit too hard and felt Mondays speed session in my legs far too much. Did it in 1hr 10 mins, but didn't feel great... Defs easing off the pace more next longer one (11miler next week)... Rest now til Parkrun Sat other than maybe a few slow miles fri... Gotta love it.
  • lfc,Great to see the running is coming along,its pretty hard to get motivated when youve been injured so well done.

    Bob,I might add I haven't done any open water swimming this year,somehow the North sea doesn't feel as appealing in this cold weather.Plus I'll be lucky if I can squeeze into my wetsuit with the extra lbs Ive put on.

    Enjoy your taper BP and good luck with Manchester.

    Hi Mandie,is Steve running this weekend. Hope you enjoy the first aid course.

    MeShell,Your gonna fly around the GNR if your up to 8.5 miles already.

    I'm planning on spectating at Sunderland on Sunday,my sister-in-law is running her first half marathon which she is very nervous about. I'll keep an eye out for forumites and hopefully give big cheers if I spot you.

    Got a 5 miler planned for tonight,so hope the wind dies down.


  • Just signed up for the Freckleton 1/2 on June 16th as part of my GNR build up. Did this a few years ago and it's quite a gentle run and is part of a full  day of activities in the villlage as I remember.

    You speed snakes will not be impressed but my GNR target is sub 14 minute miling and am on target to just miss that!

  • LFC - well done on managing the 4 miles ... onwards and upwards!  Have you any more telly shows in the pipeline?

    spongecake - how did the 5 miles go?  I was gutted to see it was still windy again today (when is it ever going to go away??) but it did mean I got my sheets washed and dried out on the line today.

    On holiday today and tomorrow (yay!) so I just pottered around the house, took a trip into town for some shopping, did a bit DIY and made liver, bacon and onion gravy for tea - delicious!

  • Shielsy - keep that strength up for Sunday - good these holidays I too have tomorrow, Friday and Monday off now.

  • Afraid I didn't make the run,got caught up in writing an essay.Promise I will go in the morning image
  • Morning everyone.

    Thanks for the words or encouragement re the injury. I'm off to the physio in half an hour to see how I'm doing.

    Mandie - best of luck with the first aid course.

    Shielsy - I've been applying to a few new shows so fingers crossed I get on some of them and actually win something. That would make a good change. Enjoy your days off.

    Bearsted - How's the taper going? Enjoy your time off.

    Spongecake - Have you got out for your run this morning? Best of luck to your sister-in-law with her first half.


  • lfc - taper aweful - legs tired heavy etc - sports massage in 3 hours time and then want 9am Sunday to come so can be on start line for Manchester Marathon - hate the last week of waiting

  • Bear - that last week is always bad and the last runs usually fill you with doubt about being able to run for a bus let alone a marathon.

    Shielsy - make sure you don't do too much this weekend and start on the carb loading.  best of luck for Sunday and hopefully it won't be too windy.

  • How did the physio go lfc,the physio I had last year was more like torture but worth it in the end.

    Didnt make the run,my wife had a hospital appointment and it was running late,I've only just got back.I put some new cyclocross tyres on my racer so going to fit in a quick 15 miles on the bike then Ironman 3 tonight with the youngersponge.
  • Everything was going fine with the physio until she hit one particular spot. I nearly went through the roof. She just said, 'that will be the right place then?'. I wonder what gave it away. image

    Bearsted - Ahhh, taper madness. Why do we do these things to ourselves?

  • lfc - been there with a ITB strip before not the best feeling in the world as you come down from the ceiling, hopefully the fact that it is so local will mean the healing will be sooner.

    Had my sports massage, cut the lawn now generally slobbing out in the heat (yes you heard right heat 24oC here) in the garden enjoying the day off work. My legs feel so much less heavy after the massage and my brain definitely feels less heavy.

    Got signed up this morning for the Olympic Park 5 mile run in July - and what makes it better is that my 2 kids (well 21 and 23 year olds) are also running so we can have a nice trot round and then really enjoy the last 300 metres in the Olympic stadium. Did it last year and it was awesome coming into stadium with 12,000 people cheering and this year there will be nearer 25,000 people.

  • Aye they are good at inflicting pain.

    Weather has been pretty dank up here drizzling,luckily it stopped for my bike ride,15 miles in 50 mins and having chunkier tyres meant I didn't feel the potholes as much.
  • good riding spongecake

  • I have a reputation for inflicting pain image

  • Bob ParrBob Parr ✭✭✭

    Hi Vixx, with the laughing smiley you make yourself look like a dentist, sorry I meant sadist! image  I'm sure you are not! image  How is the foot today?  Will it be ok for Sunday?

    Bearstead, I am in that one too.  I also did the Olympic Park Run last year and I'm really looking forward to it again this year!  All I have to do is start running more frequently!  Perhaps once the Swimathon is done I can swap a swim for a run!

    Spongecake, the only open water swimming I've done is in the sea as a kid.  I've swum outdoors at the Cheltenham Lido where I saw a triathlete training in a wet suit and swimming down the middle of a single lane to overtake people who were not following lane etiquette!

    Just off to see Iron Man 3 at the IMAX! image

  • Hello,

    I have just had my place confimed for the GNR and I am soooo excited.

    I began running in January and am building up slowly. I have my first 10k race on Sunday.

  • Lee-Anne - welcome to forum you will get some great advice and general good humoured chat on here
  • Hi Lee-Anne,Good luck for Sunday,try not to run off to fast at the start and enjoy yourself.

    Bob,Open water swimming is good,but the mass starts at triathlon can be a bit of a washing machine with swimmers going over the top of other swimmers.

    BP,wont be long before the off,just enjoy your carb loading.

    Enjoyed Ironman3 tonight ant the Ben & Jerrys double choc milkshake even more.
  • Bob ParrBob Parr ✭✭✭

    Spongecake, I have heard about and seen on the TV some of the openwater swimming.  There is this Clif Bar commercial that always makes me smile.


    There is a chap at my local pool who is training for Outlaw in July and he is another who prefers to swim in openwater.

  • Lee- Anne - hello and welcome. GNR was my first half marathon. I started running in the November and did my first 10K in May so you're in a great position for it.

    Sponge - I love Ben and jerry's cherry Garcia with choc fish that's not how you spell it I dont think). I've never seen iron man 1 or 2.

    Bear - it will be here soon enough.
  • Fiona,I dont know a Ben & Jerrys ice cream that I havent liked yet,and its on special in tescos at the momentimage

    That video is funny,luckily not seen it before,might have put me offimage
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