Great North Run 2013



  • Thanks XL-Man - its soo nerve racking and like you say there's plenty of time to get things in balance but if I'm this nervous now God help me on the day!.

    Anybody got any tips on how to control nerves? I know its just about getting it in perspective really, n I'm trying to lol . Also, I've just ordered some energy gels 2 give them a whirl on the longer runs-do people use them/rate them at all?

    Thanks image
  • I'm afraid I have little to offer with regards to nerves; I am fortunate enough not to have that problem, though I know of plenty who do. The only thing I would say is that the nerves are just a sign that you care about how you do. If you've invested a lot of time, physical effort and emotional energy into something, it's only natural that you will have high hopes that it all goes well. See the nerves as a positive sign, trust in your training, and enjoy.

    I have never tried energy gels. On runs of 8 miles or more I have used powershot sweets, which I have found helpful, though I'm not convinced it isn't as much psychological as anything else. Again, you have plenty of time to try things and see what works for you.

  • Hi everyone

    Just nipping in to say congratulations to all VLM runners.

    MeShell - I'm like XL and don't really suffer from nerves, but you should find any nerves go quite quickly on the day as everyone tends to be really friendly and the support of the crowds along the route is amazing.

  • I picked up a foam roller at the weekend and have started using it. Ouch. I don't know if it's my imagination, but my knee is feeling a bit better already. Does it normally work that fast?

  • Thanks guys, wise words... Main thing right now is I am enjoying my training image first Parkrun for me on Sat (I think) - I can do this haha.
  • lfc - I have found my roller works pretty quickly if you are willing to go through the pain

  • Bearstead - I don't mind going through it as long as it sorts my leg out so it doesn't hurt every time I run. I've been doing the stretches and exercises my physio has shown me as well.

    First test of the leg with a 4 miler is tomorrow night. The most I've been able to run without having to walk for a bit over the last year is 1.2 miles. I aim to beat that tomorrow.

  • MeShell - you'll do great, don't panic.

    I get very nervous before races - as long as they don't get debilitating then they're a good thing and will hopefully go towards improving your performance (adrenaline and all that).  I find that hanging around is horrible, but once the race starts you're too busy running to feel nervous anymore.

    I don't really use gels on runs shorter than say 16 miles or so, but when I do I like High5 gels.  The ISOgel ones are a lot runnier than the usual thick gloopy gels so will go down easier.  The Berry flavoured ones are actually quite nice.

  • Good luck with the 4 miles, LFC.

    I'm finding 'rollering' my ITB band is the most excrutiating, which is odd as I don't have any problems in that area (she says, jinxingly)

  • Aagghhh, the idea that less than 16 miles is a shorter run, mental ! image

    Are you local, MeShell? Which parkrun are you thinking of ?

    Good luck tomorrow, lfc


  • Thanks Shielsy, image yeah I'm sure once I get started all will work out. The gels I ordered were the High five summer fruits 1s so I'll just give them a try. 16miles? Lol, can't c me ever running that far, I did do an 11miler the other day at a nice comfortable pace in 1.35, furthest I've ever ran. I think all my years of being a middle distance runner have helped in that my fitness is coming back quite easily but I have found I have to change the way I've ran for a good 15yrs due to upping the endurance. Basically learning how and when to ease of the pace.

    Good luck with ur 4miler LFC hopefully the foam roller shall sort u out my friend is a sports therapist and he swears by them
  • XL- I am local, Gateshead. So gunna give Saltwell park one a whirl image unless I chicken out haha, nah I'm sure ill not.
  • XL-man wrote (see)

    Aagghhh, the idea that less than 16 miles is a shorter run, mental ! image


    Well, technically anything less than 16 miles is a shorter run - shorter than 16 miles anyway  image

    I just meant that I don't need (or rather try not to take) any sustenance for runs that are shorter ... unless it's a half race.

    MeShell - if you can run 11 miles in 1:35 comfortably then you will have no bother with the GNR.

  • Thanks Shielsy. I've been using some the roller on other parts of my legs and back to see what effect, if any, it has for my legs in general.

    Best of luck for the weekend for your marathon.

    Good luck to Vixx as well doing the Manchester Marathon.

  • Afternoon. I did a whole big post this morning which seems to have disappeared. image

    xL - good park run on Saturday. Do I slow Pengywn down or something? She never does that when I'm there!

    meShell - you should come to the Townmoor, we have a forum pre race meet up (well me, XL, and Pengywn) most weeks. You should be able to do 1:50 with that sort of 5k time and it sounds like you are well up on the mileage already. Regarding gels I don't use them now for that kind of mileage in training but occasionally take them in a half marathon race. Like shielsy I find the High5 Isogels fruit flavour the best. Probably a good idea to try them out now and then you can use them if you need to.

    Bear - was so worried about how fine I was cutting it, that I had to ditch my water in the last half mile so I could use both my arms to work a sprint(ish) finish just to make sure.

    Shielsy - all the best. I might try and cheer you on if I can figure out where I'm going.

    LFC - foam rollering is greatimage

    Mr SJ - maybe you need to ease off a bit for a while to get the fatigue away.

    Stringy - was thinking of you and Mr K at 24 miles yesterday.

    Vixx - did you enjoy your VLM experience then?
  • Hopefully I will be fine, I've enough time to get my head around it and my miles up - other than that all things are going in the right direction bar the nerves. Lol...

    I really can't imagine doing GNR then turning around and doing it all again AKA a marathon lol. Good luck with it though, sounds like u will be abso fine. image
  • Hi Fiona, yea it was my 1st 11miler last fri, this week iv just done a 6mile speed sesh n gunna do a relaxed 9mile on wed with hills then rest n do the parkrun sat. It will be the 1st competetive 5k for many years in that I'm not just running 5k on my own as a time trial so interested to see how I do 2give me an understanding as 2where I'm at.

    I think I will just give the gels a little try on my 11+ mile runs (not goin much further) lol n see how I feel n if they work 4me, if not then hey water will do I'm sure.

    Glad I joined this forum, nice 2 chat 2 ppl who are equally into running image
  • MeShell - you'll get plenty chat on here. Whether its useful is another matter!

    Most of us also in the north east so plenty of local running chat.
  • Fiona - Oh yes, foam rollering is great - it help's if I keep telling myself that whilst I'm doing it. image

    MeShell - I don't bother with gels at GNR, the people standing and supporting everyone come out with all kinds, such as jelly babies and orange slices along the route.

  • LFC - haha, yeah my Dad was telling me on Friday night (he did it 11times) 'Michelle, look out for the 4mile incline from around 8miles-12m - gud old John Reid Rd ... And, if ppl offer u sarnies - take them, chocolate, anything' hahaa I laughed but maybe shouldn't have

    Well I've bought the gels now (20) so may as well try them if not then will pass them on 2 the Mr who may need them (at Sandhurst - Army Officer ) haha.
  • Ahhh, the John Reid Road. I don't know who this Joh Reid is/was but there have been times running up that road that I've wanted to hit him. image

  • Thanks for all the good words about the VLM.  I just got in under the good for age cut off so I can get a place next year too (although I'll probably defer it). 

    I was going really well til 40km with a predicted finish time of 3:07 and the wheels fell off big time. My quads spasmed up and i had to stop running, at which point i fell to my knees and then needed 2 marshals to stand me up again.  So I jog/ walked the last 2km. To make matters worse, I fell to my knees again within sight of the finish ( the same finish I'd mustered a sprint over 4 yrs ago) and 2 more marshals got me up and then walked me a few yards before I tottered over the lin under my own steam.  I felt really ill and light headed and staggered to get my bag.  I think I underestimated how hot it was and didn't drink enough in the early stages of the race. Roll on 2015 image.  I think my blisters and quads may have recovered by then.

    MeShell- you might find that doing some races in the next 6 months helps with the nerves, although 30+ races in the last year didn't stop my heart going like a triphammer yesterday am! 

    I always use gels in any race over an hour and aim to take them every 40mins whether I feel i need it or not.  By the time you are running out of energy, its too late!  You will need to practice taking them on your longer runs- which is why I'd be wary of taking something handed to me en route- unless you plan to practice with jam sandwiches, chocolate, beer etc. image

  • Afternoon all image

  • Afternoon Vixx!  Are you putting your feet up?


  • Kinda, OS. I am not aching generally as I always follow a strict post race cool-down and nutrition plan, but I do have a slight ache on the outside edge of the sole of my right foot, so am icing as a precaution.  How are you feeling today? Fantastic that you got GFA, but it sounds like you had a toughie out there!

  • So how did everyone else get on then?

    Fiona - how close were you with your sub-4 then? Sounds close? Well done though - that's a fantastic achievement!

    How did James do?

    CC2 - I missed you at Fetchpoint! Were you there? Was I just so out of it I didn't notice you? image

    Mr K - how did you get on?

  • Vixx- there was no way I could do any warm down running.  I took about 30 mins to walk to get my bag (typically the lorry was the very last in the line!) to get to more fluid.  I drank about 2 litres between finishing the race and leaving Horseguards and then walked up to Picadilly to where the Stroke Association party was.  I had a pint of lime and lemonade (and a massage- bliss) and still didn't need a pee til 5.30pm!  I think i'll count my walking up and down stairs at tube stations as a post race cool down!

  • I don't run OS! I just stay on my feet, walking gently for 20 minutes or so, then I sit and have a stretch whilst I have a protein shake (I have the ready made ones), and then when I have finished that I get up and walk some more.  Then I start on an electrolyte drink because I cramp up in my feet at bedtime if I don't. I have another stretch at that point and then later, when I get back to the hotel (or home, depending) I have a warm bath and another lot of gentle stretching. Usually by that point I am about ready for food (2 hours or so later on).

    My priority for me is fluid intake as food is not an option for me after a race. 

  • That sounds sensible Vixx.  I didn't dare sit down after the race til we got to the post-race party, and even that was on a high bar stool so I could just slide off onto my feet again!  Getting around on the tube and then walking back to the car meant I didn'rt stiffen much on the drive home.  I've walked the dog today, avoiding styles where possible (they are more tricky than stairs image) and plan some gentle stretches this evening, lubricated by more fluid with hops and alcohol in.

  • It's not like you haven't earned it OS! image

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