Started running....I think I'm addicted.



  • My next 10k is November 18th in Cardiff looking forward to that should be a fun one it's the MO running 10k lots of fancy dress image

    Jae in a race you surprise yourself the crowds and general good feeling with other competitors it makes you up your game a heck of a lot. Fab buzz image
  • That sounds fun - bit of extra practice at 10k without worrying about times and all that stuff.

    My first 10k is the day after your next one. My (not so) secret wish is that I can do it in under an hour, but if I get around fairly comfortably it'll be a good base for future runs. I've managed to convince a few people at work to run as well, so should be interesting.

    Anyone else out there have a race lined up before the end of the year?

  • Hi! I've been lurking but decided to come out into the daylight! So exciting to see other people writing about running and thinking 'that's just how I feel'!! I started running in June this year and did a 'couch to 10km' training programme which was great as it built up the distance gradually. I did the Great Scottish 10km Run in Glasgow in September in 1:03:04, so I was chuffed. My goal is to get under the hour! Have been having some problems with new trainers/blisters over the past couple of weeks but am hopefully back on track now! Went out for 4km run tonight and was thinking how lovely it is to be outside when the seasons are changing! Hope I feel the same when it starts snowing! ............

  • Hi Caroline,

    1:03:04 is fantastic. There's been some brilliant efforts at 5 and 10k that I've read about on here so far - means I've got it all to do in November! Inspiring stuff, though.

    Autumn's the best season for me so I'm enjoying watching the leaves turn (also gives me the chance to look at all the winter running gear online that I can't afford, sadly). That's said, it's just fantastic to be out and running. Fresh air, exercise, music, etc. What could be better, eh?

  • Good evening all!

    Lovely to see lots of newbies like me image I have my first 10k race scheduled on 2nd December, its in Sheffield and it's called the 'Percy Pud' because you get a Christmas pudding when (if!) the cross the finish line lol!

    I am doing a couch to 10k programme too Caroline, but at the moment I'm only up to 5km, I haven't run further than that. But I have about 10 weeks to get there, and according to my plan it is do-able!

    I treated myself to some lovely new running gear today - some 3/4 running trousers and a nice t-shirt - in pink of course! Hopefully running in proper gear will make me feel more like a proper runner!image


  • Hi Kathy,

    A lovely Christmas pud has to be reason enough to cross the line.

    You'll do it, not probs - you're halfway there already.

    I did the same as you and bought some new gear a couple of weeks back and I have to say that it does make you feel like a proper runner. Pink's not really my colour, though, so I went for black - it just seemed more manly.

  • Had a good run today at lunch. Set the treadmill to a slight incline and ran steadily for 45 minutes, even sped up a bit at the end. Not the same as running outside, but still... My average pace was 9.12 per mile, which I was pleased with (that's sort of pace I'd love to run at come the 10k in November). However, being a bit 'glass half empty' about these things, I'll probably have a terrible run Saturday. Feel great about it right now, though!

  • Good for you! I'm a bit fed up today - was planning a run but got an awful tummy bug so I can't do anything! I'm a miserable patient too lol!

    I'm hoping to do parkrun 5k again on Saturday so hopefully I'll be feeling more human by then image

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  • Kathy, I know how you feel, I was so frustrated when I was poorly last week. Hope you feel better soon.

    Well I was extra brave tonight and went out with the 'proper' section of the running club! I usually go to beginners night, but braved it and did some interval/hill training. Hard, but I'm so pleased that I did it!

  • Good for you Tina!It feels great after you push yourself doesn't it!

    I'm just frustrated as I want to go out and run lol image

  • Evening all, sounds as if you're desperate for a run, Kathy. That's a good thing as it means you're missing it rather than thanking your lucky stars that you don't have to run. This time next week, hopefully, you'll be back at it, so get well soon!

    Hill runs, Tina? You'll be the fastest and fittest on this thread in no time, if you aren't already. I'd love to try the hills, but I must reign myself in or I'll do too much and injure myself.

  • Jae, just LOLimage. My 'running' speed is the same as my Husband's walking speed image. Quite hilarious if we go out together!! Seriously, on a 'long' (for me) run of 4-5 miles, I run at 4mph!!!

    That said, I did push myself tonight and was quite a lot faster, which is the key to improving I know.

  • Speed doesn't matter as much as time on your feet in the early months of running, or so I've read. I think you build endurance first and then speed later, so if you've got some endurance already from your long runs, adding some speed with the hill runs can only be a good thing. Your 4mph runs will get faster in no time, but to be honest, does it matter if they don't as long as you're enjoying it?

  • nope, doesn't bother me; as they say. I'm still faster than the person sitting at home.!!

  • I'm the same. When I'm running and some ridiculously fit and slim runner whizzes past me with ease I immediately think that I'm really slow and cumbersome, but then I remember that six weeks ago I was getting out of breath walking up a flight of stairs and generally feeling dreadful and unhealthy. The fact that I can now run for 5 miles, regardless of pace, is enough for me to want to get out there and do more. And who know? Maybe I'll be as fast and fit as that quicker runner with time. Maybe they were like me once, too.

    Best of all, though, is that I now consider myself a runner.

  • Hi everyone,


    I'm new here, I am very glad to be a member of this community, I couldn't find the right place to introduce myself so i am doing here.

  • good isn't it? And frankly I never thought I would see the day I called myself a runner,l which maes it even better image.

    So, after my training session last night, my legs are fine, and my triceps are sore! 'Go figure' as they say.

  • Me neither, Tina, but I do now.

    Triceps pain? Strange. Still, at least your legs are feeling good - that's the main thing.

    Hi Jenifer. Good to have you here. Are you a new or newish runner too?
  • Welcome Jenifer!

    Jae, thinking about it the triceps might be c/o what I did in the gym Weds night.

  • Yep - definitely. For me it's always the day after the day after that's the worst. 

  • Rubbish attempt tonight!!!! 2.6 miles slow as left hamstring was tigh still and my breathing was just pathetic!!! Really angry when a run dose not go to plan lol!! On way home I stopped short of the 3 miles I had planned and went in bargain booze for a bottle of red to have I've dinner tonight!!!

    Nice image a runner with all her kit on looking the part clutching a beautiful bottle of nectar lol!!!

    Oh well we all get those nights I guess put to to back of mind and start afresh for LSR Sunday.
  • Don't worry, Samantha. I had one of those days last Sunday, but yesterday's run was great and I felt good again - so forget tonight, enjoy your wine (I have a glass beside me now) and start fresh on Sunday.

    By the way, 2.6 miles is hardly a failure. When you first started you'd have probably been delighted with that distance (I know I would have). Just goes to show how far you've come. Keep going!

  • Thanks Jae

    yes feeling more relaxed about it now kids in bed and bottle being shared between me and hubby and watching the rugby so all good.

    I was more annoyed because i had aches and not had that for ages!!

    My membership starts at gym Monday so hoping To be better with some cross training and strength training ( and more of the spa and lattes I'm sureimage )
  • Isn't wine wonderful?

    I think everyone has days when nothing seems to work properly. You'll probably have your best run so far on Sunday because you'll be concerned that it might be a poor one.

    I must start with the strength training too. I'm going to keep a food diary for a week starting next week to see whether I'm eating too little (though undoubtedly I'll be eating too much!).

    I do love a latte. Right up there with my favourite beverages. Along with wine, of course. image

  • Went for a run with a mate today, for the first time. Usually I run by myself, but I think my weekend run will be a two man effort from now on as time passed in the blink of an eye.

    Not sure of the distance, since Runmeter on my iPhone didn't work properly (again!) but we picked a huge local park and ran around it for about an hour. There was even a little trail running, which I really enjoyed as we went off-road. Really nice running on softer ground and a beautiful morning for a run, too.

    The absolute best part was that I had easily enough energy to pick up the pace for the last couple of hundred yards (worth having come the November 10k date with destiny). Feel great, but I do think I probably could have done a little more. Musn't push it, though.

  • Hi all! Just wanted to say Well done to you all! I have ran for 2 months now and im pleased to say i did my first 10 mile run in an hour and a half today. Last week i was doing 8 miles in one hour and twenty minutes. It was my birthday yesterday and i have just turned 44. Im fitter now than i have ever been and i have never done running. So im well pleased. Just as you think you have peaked,next week you do even more. Im ADDICTED completely. So you will all be notching up the miles too in no time.
  • Hi Margrit,

    That's brilliant! Really gives me a boost to hear of someone pushing their boundaries and succeeding. 10 miles is an amazing achievement - almost a half marathon. Keep posting and letting us know how you're getting on.
  • Hi guys,really enjoyed reading your thread,your new found enthusiasm for running gave me a warm feeling inside as i rememberd my own first tentative footsteps,now many moons ago.My enthusiasm got the better of me and i ended up with a dose of shin splints due to adding too much mileage too soon,so beware the temptation of over doing it.

    Can i also bang the drum for some basic core and uppper body strength work plus regular streching post run to keep injury free as you are all now entering distances that could  easily cause you a setback.The very best of luck to you all.

  • yes thank you very much. I did used to have shin splints in the first few weeks but touch wood i have not had them since. I do loads of stretching after. Yes i used to come on here and look at other peoples post how they did 10 mile and i could only make it up the road. lol. I really thought doing 100 yards would kill me lol. I want to do a 13 mile marathon next year. I was going to do the great south run in Oct but i did not think i would not be ready in time as i was only doing 4 mile at the time. I wish i had now. I reckon by the time the run comes along i could of just made 13 mile mark. I do about 9 minute mile. Im a plodder but i want to do distance running more than anything. Its alright running real fast but i need to do 13 mile. I keep telling myself stamina is far more important than speed at the moment as i need to cover 13 miles at pace rather than be knackered after 5 miles. Thanks for all your kindness and good luck to you all. x
  • Steady now Margrit,this is what i mean.Did you say in the previous post you've been running just 2 months?Don't just keep adding milage because you can,give your body a bit of time to adjust.Try a cut back week of reduced miles when building up and don't rush to get up to 13 miles if your race isn't till next year there's plenty of time.

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