Loch Ness Marathon 2013



  • Alastair well done on the paced run, did the weaving add much to 13.1 miles? 

    Nothe, well done on the PB and yup, looking good for LN image

    Fat, yup 'M' day is coming up fast! I had planned to do my last 12 miler today (bad weather stopped me yesterday) and was all kitted out in my race gear when a storm came in so ended up doing just 4 miles in leggings/jacket/hat and gloves!! Just an 8 miler planned for the end of the week so now worried I've not run over 10 miles in the last Month image

    Nothing we can do to improve fitness now (cept pray injury/illness doesn't happen) and am already planning my training post recovery - proper HADDing rather than the rather lack lustre way I did it this time.


  • Yup andI I agree. Have to hope for a bit of luck between now and the end of the race!

  • suddenly overcome with a lot of nerves! anyone else feel like that?

  • Fat running fingers: Yeah I'm starting to get itchy now. I tend to find it starts to build during the last two weeks of taper. I'm going to start to make sure my kit is washed and ready.

    Andi: I think I would have been a minute of two faster if I was in the correct starting group. It' more a case of having to slow down then speed up as gaps disappear then open up. Still that's my fault. Anyway it was probably good not to go full tilt as it was only a trail for the main event (LMN)

    Bring it on! 


  • Fat running fingers: yep, I'm full of nerves now. I know I've not done enough training so I'm expecting a world of hurt. But still looking forward to it image

  • FWF: I've done a coupe of marathons and have my first ultra this weekend. I'm just as nervous this weekend as  I was the weekend of my first marathon. 

    You've got a week and a half to go.  Don't panic yet, as it's going to get better then worse, then better, then really bad before the Marathon image Accept your brain is going to be a little scrambles and laugh, just enjoy this.

  • Yup, am with you guys with the nerves, up and down almost daily. Am still unsure of my kit but planning on a running vest, shorts, my Brook Vapor 9's with 250 miles on them and probably a 2 bottle belt.

    Rightly or wrongly have been doing all my taper runs 30-45 secs/mile faster than planned MP and managed to keep my AHR below 75%. As its my first as long as I finish it will be a PB image

    Booktrunk, good luck for the weekend and your sub 9 hours image

  • Booktrunk: All the best with your ultra. How far you going and let me know it goes. It's in the back of my mind to have a go at one but I'm sure if I could handle it.

    Nothe: well done with your 1/2. What are you hoping for at Nessie?

  • Thanks image

    Hmmm...I'd like to say I'm hoping for a PB, so faster than 3 hr 58. However I'll be happy to run with the sun shining, the Loch looking lovely, and to finish upright without feeling too sick!

  • LOL good targets, I'll join you for all three. The last two maybe difficult that evening as well, after my post race celebrations. 

  • Alastair: 50m image

  • Is it just me or running slow during tapering is really hard to do? image

  • Yes

  • oops, I seem to be running faster than ever during taper! Keeping the AHR below 75% so maybe its just the shorter distances that have me running faster. I currently don't think it's worth getting changed to go out for less than a hour these days

  • glad to hear that the nerves are normal!  I know what you mean about faster than planned runs at the moment - can only see it as a good thing though.  maybe all this training is working!

    gonna check out my kit just now - thanks for the reminder

  • Yep a bit of fast running now is good. Just make sure your warmed up first. It's easy to motivate yourself to get out the front door when you know it's only for a short time.


  • hehe but, when I say 'Fast' it's all relative and I'm relatively slowimage

    Am considering driving up on Friday now just in case we have more bad weather and the Ferry isn't running on Saturday.

    Alastair, like your daily countdown but shouldn't it be M-10 image

  • I have been feeling really nervous the last couple of weeks, didn't want to admit to it on here cos I thought everyone else would be confident after all the training. I've done lots of training, followed one of hal higdens programmes, but for some reason still can't get rid of the nerves!! glad to be reminded that is normal! image can't wait for a few glasses of wine after!

  • JenD, I will drink to that.

  • Make mine a bottle. Although that's after my traditional beer in the bath post marathon soak. Shear heaven!

    I'm flying up on Friday so I'm rushing around too much the day before.

    Andi: where you coming from to need a ferry? 

    T-8 (or M-8 if you prefer)

  • Taper wibbles are normal- not only will you feel like it is AGES since you last ran, also you may develop all sorts of phantom ailments- ignore it all, you'll be fine ( although this confidence doesn't include me- I'm in the grip of major "help. I'm not trained" type thoughts!)

  • Alastair. are you flying from Bristol airport 1830 ish hours.

    Remember Lochnessers  every step will be hard except for the last one.

    Tricialitt, your good , so good you will fly around the course.

  • Hi Roy, 

        Yep, that's the one. Are you joining me? Where are you from?

  • Alastair, yes my friend I will be joining you, traveling up from Cardiff.

  • wow!  this time next week! woo hoo!!

  • FRF: This time next week I'll be 5.5 miles in just finished my first gel, enjoying the scenery (hopefully)

    Last biggish run done.


  • 6 miles done yesterday at 4hr marathon pace on  failrly hilly course- I really don't think I've got a 4 hr marathon in me just now- I'll try to keep it sensible, and start off at 4:15 pace. I haven't thought much about drink/gels for the race, but last year the clif shot stuff was fine- much better than having to faff about diluting down the lucozade, which is far too swet and sticky. The shot blocks are what I use anyway, and the drink is very inoffensive, so I won't bother carrying anything except some zero drink to start with.

  • This time next week it'll all be over (hopefully)

  • off to do my last long ish - thinking of 10.  Is that about right?  Did 13 last week and 22 the week before

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