Loch Ness Marathon 2013



  • I am never sure what to do during "taper"- usually I can't see the point of the short runs they suggest, and end up doing virtually nothing, which I am sure is bad. Equally I have read that you shouldn't run more miles than you have days left until the reae, which is why I opted for 6 rather than 10 yesterday, although running them failry hard was probably daft. Don't know.

  • Went out at 1000hrs ( marathon start time ) and did 11miles slowly, bumped into loads of people, one of which I had not seen for over 40 years. Spent most of my time talking rather then running.

    So out for 2 hours and came back feeling knackered.


  • As long as you've had a decent build, you can only do too much in your taper. Even though if feels wrong don't think "Just one more big run". Keep doing the odd speedier session but make sure it's not too far and make sure your losse before every run.

    I intend to do a 10 minute tempo on Tues, a gentle 10k Weds and and short set of intervals on Friday. Total mileage = 11.

    You almost need to spend the week feeling frustrated (running wise) trust me, in the last 6 miles of a marathon your never thinking I wish I'd run more in my taper.

    Hopes this helps a bit.

  • ooh, looks like the thread has got busy the last few days - nerves and reassurance maybe?

    Alastair, am not far away, coming from The Isle of Mull. 

    8 miles today at planned Marathon Pace averaging 74% of MAX HR so up a little on planned HR.

    Next week is just 3 miles on Tues, 4 on Weds then (maybe) 2 on Saturday - think I'll be eating and sleeping this week and recovering from 2 very late (read 4am) nights over the weekend.

  • Anyone know if this on TV at all?


  • Thanks everyone. I went out to do 10 but struggled for some reason and cut it short at 9. Hoping its not a bad sign. Better today than next Sunday I suppose!

  • I managed 10 but had a terrible stitch at mile 4 which took half a mile to get rid of.  Funnily enough had a stitch last week as well but think it's probably running too soon after eating.  Looking forward to a less intensive week before the big one image

  • 12 miles for me yesterday in truth I ran it too fast, fortunetly no damaged done, rest day for me today and some very easy miles over the next few days, exciting times image

  • Can anyone who has done it before tell me what the roads will be like in inverness getting there in the morning? I am relatively local so plan to drive to inverness on the Sunday morning but I've no idea what to expect traffic wise. I imagine the only traffic on the road at that time will be marathoners but will there enough people driving to expect delays?

    hope everyone's enjoying a bit of a rest before the big day. I'm feeling super disorganised about everything now, I've spent too much of the last few weeks worrying about injury and haven't got round to organising anything for the actual race!  

  •  And that's it, training over and done with,  "sighs" image imageimage

  • 5 days to go and 5 miles of training to go. It's within touching distance now. So how fit is everyone? Weather is not looking too bad ATM. 

    How about everyone putting their target time down and then we can all revisit this blog  afterwards and see how close our estimates were.

    Let me kick off with 3:54.

  • I wouldn't worry to much, all you can do is injure yourself. In my last week before my ultra I did a Tuesday 5m and Thursday 4m seriously just go out run slow and practise controlling your breathing and not going to fast just relax and get to the line fresh and in one piece.
  • Goal 1 - Finish

    Goal 2 - sub 5 hours

    Goal 3 - 4:45

    3.13 miles tonight that worked out as the fastest 5k I've done since I started running in July 2012. 30 minutes dead.

    Still not sure what to wear but probs a running singlet if the weather forecast stays the same image

  • Awful run last night has my nerves going into over-drive. Probably my worst run in 2 years or more. I'm putting it down to having had a rubbish lunch. Hope that's the case! 2 more runs before the big day - a slow 5 miler on Thursday, then 2 miles on Friday and I'm done image

    Goal - 3:55. Likely result: 4.10image

  • Easy 6.5 with group last night, looking to do 4 on Thursday and that will be me until the big day itself

    Goal - 3:57

  • My goal is 3.30,  fingers crossed  .



  • I was originally hoping for somewhere between 4.15 and 4. But given the problems I've been having with my IT band I will be pleased if I  make it to the finish line.

    I've just done 3 miles easy and my plan says to do 2 steady on Saturday but I'm not sure if I should do it or not? sometimes I do feel sluggish after a few days off but other plans don't seem to suggest doing a run the day before.

    what's on everyone's marathon essentials check list? I'm trying to make sure I'm organised so far I've written down to remember to buy jelly babies but that's about it!

  • Trina, I would imagine it would be busy Sunday AM and (more importantly) I guess if there is registration on Sunday it would be limited?

    All done, a hard 4 miles tonight 35 secs/mile faster than planned MP on the back of my fastest 5k in a Year - rest and recuperation now along with hydration and carb loading image

  • thanks Andi, I will be going up on Saturday to register and have a nosy at the expo anyway so that's not a problem. I think I've managed to fnd a lift from someone now anyway so i'll leave the stressing tto them!

  • I appear to have come down with a mild cold but I'm still hoping to get near my goal time of 3:30

  • I want to wish you all good luck, my training came to an end when I got an operation on my leg.  All healed now and Im back to square 1.  I will be thinking of you all on Sunday x

  • Sorry to hear that Big Mama, especially considering you started this blog.i hope your operation goes well and you are back in action soon.


  • Good plan Trina image

    Big Mama, so sorry to hear you won't be there, will send some of my 'pain' over to you on Sunday so you don't feel left outimage

    Have decided to set off tomorrow and stay around Fort Willim the have a slow drive along the route into Inverness Saturday Afternoon. Expo, registration, pasta party then an early night methinks and good luck to all! 



  • Sorry to hear that Big Mama, but good to hear you're healed and on your way back to fitness.

    Good luck everyone. Run strong image

  • Early lunch then off to the airport.

    To all of you I wish the very best and I hope we all achieve our goals,

  • All the best to everyone running. May the wind be at your back all the way.

    Going to leave in a couple of hours. Roy, I may see you at the airport.

    Number 345

    Swindon Shin Splints on tour. 

  • I'm concerned I don't have a tactic for Sunday. other threads say to keep the miles at steady equal pacing but I'm not sure how that will work on such a hilly course. 

    do i wear my garmin or will it stress me out if too fast / too slow?

    or just run how I feel and see? I use this method on shorter races and it either really works or really doesn't !

    any ideas?

  • Don't worry about the hills too much. I did the marathon last year and I only remember the hill at 5 miles and the one at 17. The one at 5 is reasonably steep but short enough to just walk up if you're at all bothered by hills. The one at 17 isn't that steep but last for ages, so just knock your pace down a bit and power up it image

    The course is mostly downhill so anything you lose on the ups you'll gain back no problem.

    My only tactic is when to drink and when to eat. I'm rubbish at over-doing water and under-doing everything else so I'm going to write on my arm when I need to eat and drink and see if that helps!

    Good luck, see you out there. I'm number 3131 - wave when you overtake me!

  • Thanks nothe really appreciate your advice. I feel reassured!  The eating bit is the only thing I do get right. My usual plan is 3 shot blocks every 45 mins with some water plus 500ml isotonic drink around 17 miles ish. Will post number when I look again. It's in my case somewhere

  • Frf: what time are you after?

    Personally I'd say if you have been training with garmin take it.

    Also don't have one target and that's it!! Because if anything goes wrong with your plan and you fall behind it's to easy to give up.

    Set a plan B time and have plan C ... (Usually just get around).

    But getting your mind right is a big part of the battle, don't get carried away if it goes well, and don't be to down if Plan A doesn't work.
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