What's the worst joke that you've ever heard?



  • good news for holloway women's prison football team. they have a new penalty taker.

  • White smoke has been seen coming from Battersea Dogs' Home. They've elected a new pup.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    The food scandal gets worse.  Tesco Value fishfingers have been  found with traces of seahorse in.

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭
    What's brown and sticky ?

    A stick.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    What is Mr T's favourite yoghurt?

    A petit filou.

  • What do you do if an elephant comes through your window?







    swim for your life 

  • image image

  • Why have elephants got big ears?




    Because Noddy wouldn't pay the ransom.

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