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  • I've run a marathon the weekend prior to SNOD for the last 3 years, and felt generally fine (I don't run at all between the two and eat as much as I like image ), but I might hesitate having done a 50 or 100 the previous weekend.....

  • Pouring when I left the house, dry by the time I parked up Just over 6m of acive recovery Legs feeling better every day image
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    First time out today..just under 4 miles, legs definitely know I've done something recently, but all working fine and felt good image
  • Evening gang, 2 miles to gym this morning an hours work out 2 miles back everything seems tobe working, my Achilles seems to be all cleared up image looking forward to excalibur marathon now in March image arnt we Panadimage
  • Hi TR40 I heard that U had a storming SNOD but I must have missed your post. How did you get on with so little training and just back to fitness? Sorry we didn't catch up. You didn't miss anything by not going to the padern. It was crap this year which means we must find a new SNOD RW forum venue for 2013!!!
  • UDS- the entertainment was a one off charity fundraiser image if you want an alternative venue, you may have to look outside Llanberis....
  • No probs Brit Nick- may see you at Wuthering Hike if you;re there, I'll probably be wearing a Lostock vest.

    Got my entry in for tour of Pendle and the Tour de Helvellyn. Trail marathon Wales next......

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Vaynol Arms in Nant Peris is a very good pub.  But a three-mile walk back to Llanberis accommodation may not appeal to some - although I've had to do the return journey (Llanberis to Nant Peris campsite) several times.

    Hello, Fellrunner. Clearly Wales Coast Path comprises many different surfaces. Certainly couldn't bike the bit I did last week.  I'm trying to aim for SNOD 2014 to be my 100th marathon (or ultra) so the more the merrier.


  • UDS wasn't a stormer but did it in 4:10:38 so lot quicker than I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, looking at the views, eating flap jack, oranges, jelly babies etc image well done on your raceimage will be back at party next year, would have been there only canceled accomadtion when i thought I wasn't running image
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  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Someone left his cup behind at the bar?

  • Hi,  just got back from N wales, nice to see some white stuff on the hill tops this morning.

    Well done to everyone who completed this years race,some great times being posted on here.2012 just wasnt meant to be for me this year, i have been struggling all year with knee problems so on the advice of the specialist i have been doing alot more cycling than running this year, but the draw of the mighty snod was to great so about 3 weeks ago i decided i would do it no matter how long it took i just wanted to get my 5th slate coaster.I managed to up my running in the last 3 weeks enough to feel confident i would at least finish the race, but then last thursday my youngest boy went down with a nasty sickness bug then my oldest son did and by friday night my wife went down with it to, the house was in choas we were running out of toilets and buckets, so there was no way i was going to make the registration by saturday morning. Anyway they all recovered by sunday so we came to wales anyway for a bit of a break ,i took my running things and managed to do a bit of the course on monday, then went and had great lunch in Snowdonia Snails Pantri, thoroughly recommend it great food and great service will def be going in again next time i am in Llanberis.

    So gutted i didnt run this years race but i will be signing up  to try and get my 5th coaster next year .  

  • A little late, but congratulation on all the runners for this years SNOD, injury curtailed this years efforts, two proplasped disk in May put pay to my efforts, however have a surgeons appointment late November, so am entering 2013 SNOD as some thing to aim for and to take part in. On a happier note the guy who took my place finished in 3.42, his first ever marathon, and damn respectable i think, he too is going back for more next year. No running to mention at the moment, but they will be. Have a good weekend of running.

  • I'll be in again next year will be my 3rd running of the Snod . Hopefully no injury setbacks before it this time .

  • The Ddraig Goch's got Mrs Lemmy... I'm still fending off the lure of SNOD... It was fantastic though this year, wasn't it?

  • watched the highlights again last night and found the subtitle option image thanks JD

    JD - are those green shorts you wore lucky? Can't think of any other reason for wearing them... I didn't know where to look lol

    What does everyone think about the NYC marathon cancellation?? Unbelieveable to leave the decision until yesterday evening. The drive to Wales is long enough but imagine flying to NY only to be told at the airport on arrival that it ain't happening... What's that all about. Agree why cancelled (I think) but they could have raised a tonne of cash for the recovery effort. Hhmmmm...
  • UDS- lucky for who?

  • Lol
  • Hi all, steady 5 miles for me this morning. Nice chill in the air.image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Who's doing what this weekend?  I've got Bog and Bryn 20K tomorrow. 1700' ascent and plenty of mud.

    May yet fit in a surprise unplanned marathon to replace SNOD (if anything can replace it ...)  Looking into it.

  • Steady 18 miles in chiily sunshine for me. TRex, Portsmouth on Dec 23rd still have a few places I believe. Don't know if that is any good to you.

    TR40 and Panad, are you joining me for annual pilgrimage to Conwy Half?

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    wish I could Brer, but no go for me this year image  You could join me and TR40 at excalibur on 23rd March thoughimage

  • T Rex- enjoy tomorrow. Must admit to being tempted, but I'm being good and not racing. Got XC in Brecon next Saturday though image

    Right off out for a run in the dark.....
  • Brer See you at Conwy matey image Just entered image

    Panad image

  • Back again!image Plan was to do a 4m warm up then 4m tempo and 1m warm downimage. Did the 4m warm up before deciding to wait a bit longer before introducing speed againimage. legs feeling good, but don't want to push it after October's hammeringimage Think I'll do 12 easy tomorrowimage

  • Hey TR40,brilliant stuff. Am going to attempt to manage it without getting legged up this time, first time I've ended a race with blood streaming down my leg and lumps of gravel embedded in wound.

    Er Panad, I would love to do it but I have an appointment with the queen in London the following month which is going to cost  a small fortune. First and last VLM for me I think.

    JD...speed work...thud!!! My 18 miler was a 3 hr affair, no speed involved there. I cannot believe that Snod was only a week ago.Happy daze.....

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    That must mean only 51 weeks to go?  Bring it on.


    brer - can't make 23/12.  Several hours of carol playing lined up that day - a marathon of a different sort.

  • Now Googled and toying with Bog and Bryn. Grrrrrrrr! image
  • TR: I am also doing Bog and Bryn, left it to this morning to decide as wanted to make sure legs were fully functional but they seem fine. Saw the pics last night of the course, should be good warmup for the Sodbury Slog next week!
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