Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Steve - snowdonia marathon is pretty accessible by pubic transport...train to bangor, then bus to Llanberis. The race being on a Saturday removes problem of infrequent Sunday buses... also good buses from bangor/Llanberis to caernarfon and surrounding area if you don't get accommodation in Llanberis.
  • Thunder Run not until July 2013!

    LOL Panad-pubic transportimage

    Steve, you'll get plenty of motivational stuff on this thread plus all the sweat and tears of the forumitesimage

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    well it is north wales Brer image (apologies for spelling on phone!)

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Steve T - well, there is the Endurancelife Exmoor Coastal marathon about April time.  Just about the toughest out there, though.  You'd get to the finish line about 12st!!

    Next October I shall be doing Where Ravens Dare (LDWA, about 27 miles), Abingdon, and SNOD.

    2013 diary starting to fill up.  I'm still looking for a good event for the beginning of August and something lengthy in September.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    OK, found the Sep race: Hardmoors 60 - just the job - 21 Sep.

    Everyone seems to get lost in Scarborough in the dark on this one.  Must go and see what I can do.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Might have to scrub that - I've found a new event: Cotswold Way Century (102), also on 21 Sep.


    Better start training ...

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    great run this morning image even if the 14 miles did take us almost 3 hrs image (it was a bit hilly and a bit slippery) but arrived home caked in mud having had a great time image The only not so good point was rather than an out and back route we decided to do a loop which meant going from the offas dyke path and joining the clwydian way path, which is no where near as well marked and a lot more overgrown - had blood streaking down the mud from all the bramble/gorse cuts! - but the main problem was it went through some fields full of stallions which were rather to lively and interested for our liking so we had to retrace our steps to the road and follow the road for 4 miles before we were able to pick up a footpath going the right direction again image It was much better when we were able to go back off road image

  • T Rex wrote (see)
    Next year is going to be the Abingdon-SNOD double again for me.  I can hardly expect a PB at Abingdon (as in 2008) but you never know.  I suppose if I did proper training it would help.

    I'm nearly as bad as BritNick for that (I'm sure he wouldn't mind me saying so).

    Cheeky Mr Rex. image I travel to work under my own steam be it cycling (always at my limit), running (close to the limit) or walking. I've been running in recently. I'm waiting for the effects to kick in. Six Dales Circuit on Saturday (25+ miles in Derbyshire) will show whether it's working yet. It will be my 12th time so I have a good database to compare against.

    There's more. I always do something at the weekend, from my local 5k Parkrun up through fell races to 100+ milers.

    And there's more. There's the selection of weekday evening local fell races I do during the summer.

    I don't call those training, They are pure pleasure or a means to an end (getting to work). So I don't train. You're right T Rex. I'll get me coat. image

    As for races in December, I have to recommend Bullock Smithy Hike and High Peak 40. You've done the latter I know but the former just has to be done, several times to perfect the routefinding. It provides perfect PB material for years on end.

    Only I get lost in Scarborough on the Hardmoors 60. It's called lack of research/route knowledge/common sense. I won't be making that mistake again.

    Welcome Steve, and all the other newbies. It's a madhouse around here as you'll soon discover.

    brer rabbit, Thunder Run? You go for it! Fuel and hydrate well and remember that pain is only temporary. (But is it really pain or just discomfort? Only your mind can decide.) WIth mental fortitude you will blow your own socks off with what you can achieve. You'll be glowing and you'll want to go back for some more. Beware the Ultras. They are addictive.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi BritNick - I'm not saying there's anything in your regime that is defective.  On the contrary your, it has to be said, higher proportion of racing to "training" works very well for you.

    No, I've read no end of reports about H60 and lots of people, even at the sharp end, seem to have problems in Scarborough.

    While you're still around, if 2013 is not going to be a grand slam year, would you be interested in TRA's Ridgeway 85 (National Trail) in August?  I don't think you've ever done it.  I would be interested to hear what you think of it.


    Beware the Ultras.

  • I need help convincing the missus. I foresee this marathon in my future.......
  • Panad, sounds a glorious run!

    Britnick, I'm gutted to see that Six Dales Circuit is virtually on my doorstep and I didnt know about it. Even more gutted when I checked it out and no more entries accepted, it sounds fantastic-if you hear of a spare place going..let me know.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Steve T - plenty of time to work on that.  You'll need to convince her this is too epic to miss.  Does she like looking round old slate museums or pumped storage power stations? You've got to build the interest.

    BritNick - remember brer only goes up to 26.2 mind image.

  • Brer, gutted for you myself. I would say take a punt, turn up on the day, fall to your knees in front of the registration desk and beg for a no-show place. There's no guarantee you'd get a place but if you don't you could mingle and help out and get the flavour for next year. There's always loads of chinwagging to be done. Walkers start at 8, runners at 9. I'll be there in time to see the walkers off but I'll be starting at 9. Would be great to see you there.

    T Rex, this one's safe. It's listed as 25mi. It's more than that but just under marathon distance I reckon. image

    ST27, I hope your foresight becomes a prophecy. It's one not to be missed. You'll be convinced when you see the pictures (now I must get around to posting them).

  • lol Trex..I know I'm just a wimp!!

    Britnick, just realised it's Saturday event not Sunday..aarrrggh.Have other things to tend to first thing tomorrow. Looks like it'll have to be a boring lsr around the locality. Cheers though for tip -off. Now, let's see those photosimage

  • Hi all had a cold all week so not much happened running wise, going out in morning see how far i get image

    Panad sounded a grand little adventureimage

    Lets see what rest of you been up 2 image
  • Lots of trudging through the mud of Brecon for me tomorrow! image Gwent League XC
  • Brer Rabbit, that Thunder Run looks great. Hat off to you for entering as solo runner. How do you train to run/keep on your feet for 24 hours?? Quite fancy a go myself but as I promised myself a stab a marathon PB next year it will have to wait till 2014. 2013 will be the Abingdon/Snod double for me.

  • Evening all,

    Photo posted by John Bach was me "working hard" in our cafe the evening before this year's race, it was on the welsh news on S4C where they came there to interview some of the local runners. That is as close as I will ever come to the cup.

    Lots going on already on the new forum.

    No runs for me last 2 weeks due to a stinking cold. Hoping to get out there again on Monday.

  • Lazy Greyhound, a good question and one which I have 8 months to ponder on. A good level of insanity will help I suspect, I have plenty of that!image

    19 miles of very hilly terrain today, completely changed normal route so that I could see more beautiful countryside in late autumn.

    How's everyone got on today?

    TR40, our little trip around the Orme is fast approaching. My very favourite Halfimage

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    The LG - no, the issue more is, how do you keep on your feet once the 24 hours are over!

    You just shuffle along at a steady slow pace, have some walking breaks, and stop for refreshments every now and then. 

  • Hi all, not wanting to wish away my life, but I am really looking forward to the events I have planned / entered for 2013. The list so far: 

    1. Rome Marathon.

    2. Lakeland Loop ( Cycle )

    3. Fellsman

    4. Consiton Tri

    5. IM UK 

    6. Snodonia Marathon ( TR, put me down for 3. 30 hrs please )

    Focussing on today, I am going to the local rememberance service followed by a couple of hours on the bike and a run.   

    I have also entered the Tour de Helvelyn which should be a fitting conclusion to 2012.


  • Hi All - just popped in to let you know i'm still alive - just - rotten, stinking cold got me today is the first day in a week i've felt human.  Not sure if running is going to happen anytime soon as everyone else i know who've had this have taken at least 2 weeks to recover fully image i'll be practicllay starting from scratch again

    But glad everyone else seems to be up and running and planning next years adventures.  I've already entered TMW 1/2 and have promised George the organiser i'll do Race the Train next year (30th anniversary for them) - no other plans as yet though.

  • Sorry, re my previous post, I meant to type remembrance service, silly me. 

  • Sorry to hear bugs are hitting folks, hope you feel better soon.

    Fair play Stephen, fail to plan, plan to fail..and all that!

    So far, plan for my 2013 is:

    Jan/Feb ?

    March  Ashby 20

    April VLM

    May White Peak marathon


    July Thunder Run 24


    September   a marathon?

    October        Chester or Liverpool plus the mighty Snod.

    Well, that's another year done!image

  • Hi everyone!

    Busy weekend here. Gwent League XC yesterday in Brecon and then a very, very muddy hilly trail race today. Won a bottle of wine though for Mrs JD, so worth the effort image
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I'm looking at this Great Welsh mara, 21 April 2013.  Anyone done that one?

    Enjoying myself thinking about 2013 races at the moment.  Going to cut down on the ultras after this summer's experience.  It'll be just 5 next year and about 4 marathons (3 of them in October image).

    As long as I'm on target for #100 at SNOD 2014 that's my main aim. A drink for everyone on me so we'd better find a decent watering hole by then.


    Good going, jason.

  • TRex- I ran the inaugural GWM, but route has changed. Basically it is 2 laps of the out and back Llanelli Half course. Follows the seafront, so scenic views but potentially exposed. However, the last few years have been baking hot! Flat except for 2 railway bridges ( so a total of 8 crossings). Think Andrea has this as Plan B if she doesn't get a club place for VLM ( same day). As for the watering hole, the only problem this year was that it was the ONE weekend when the karaoke wasn't on, but a charity gig. The lady behind the bar assured me that we hadn't sung so dreadfully last year that they had cancelled all karaoke! image
  • Sodbury Slog today, and blimey it was a slog, SO MUCH MUD!  Did fall over today, TWICEimage brilliant run though, made Bog & Bryn last week look dryimage  Weekend off next week which is probably for the best as legs still feeling SNOD.

    Plans for next year thus far VLM April, Wales Trail Marathon June, SNOD Oct, then debating between Berlin (if I can manage to get a place) or Loch Ness for Sept, hmmm???

    Hoping your feeling better soon Chrissi. 

  • Brilliant going again JD, hope the missus enjoys the plonk!

    TRex..a drink on you? OK, let's book Caernarfon Castle as a venueimage

    Laudy, would love to do Loch Ness but work prohibits such dateimage

  • Laudy- well done! Hope you're hosed down now! image

    Elan Valley 10m next Saturday image hilly, but fun.......honestly.....Hoping for a PB though- cos my 10m PB was the same race last year!
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