Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I'm not booking castles, sorry.

    Or you could all come back to my tent and I'll bring a keg of my son's home brew? image

  • Sorry TR, I refer to that race as the Llanelli marathon - I can't bring myself to call it the Great Welsh marathon!! (there can be only one!!?)

    A few months back I said no more flat/Spring marathons and just Snowdonia for me, marathon wise, but I was recently told that the Blackpool marathon finishes in Bloomfield Rd stadium - as a lifelong Blackpool FC fan I don't think I have a choice!? That will probably be my next race (7th April)

  • Well after a long absence - (I did the race in 2010, missed in 2011 as I was working abroad and missed this year through a long illness) I am 199% in for next years race and only a strong dose of bubonic plague with complicating factors will keep me away from 2013. I'll be 50 so it'll be a massive personal achievement.


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi Mr Ben.  I'm afraid most of the usual suspects are still here!  Will be good to have you on board.  Hope the illness has cleared up.

    John B - you're quite right.  For Llanelli to use that term is sacrilegious.  So, I've entered the Llanelli marathon.  Flat.  PB attempt?  Who knows.

  • Mr Ben! Welcome back image

    JB- totally agree! Don't Tenby call theirs something similar too? Good luck with Blackpool. I'm sure that the marathon won't be as painful as supporting the footsie team! image

    TRex- good luck with Llanelli! They also have a half on the same course in the build up, if you fancy it. I'll be there for the Half, but I fear the full will be a little quieter this year, coinciding with London as it does....

    I went out for a 5m recovery run tonight and ended up tripping over a bloody great rock on the path! Scraped my elbow, but no real damage thanks to my parachute roll! image I even stopped my Garmin as I stopped rolling image image
  • First run on country lanes with headtorch last week - would have been good if my dog hadn't been scared of her own shadow and she hadn't kept crashing into me image  some work to do there, methinks!

    First XC race of the season on Saturday - 4 miles of mud, more mud and even more mud (plus a small hill and a ditch to cross twice).   Great fun - didn't fall over, didn't get lapped, didn't come last image

    Next race - Clowne half marathon at the end of this month (all things being equal image).

  • Hi gang..not a lot to report here. Welcome back Mr Ben. Hi SD, are you well?

    JD-lol re Garmin..blimey, can't stop the data input!

    Got my confirmation email tonight...defo doing TR24 SOLO..thud!!! TRex..need urgent help with a training plan for this!!

  • Brer you is madder than a box of frogs image

    5 miles for me this morning. Then 30 minutes weights image

    Mr Ben good to have you back.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Just seen BritNick's 2012 report and photos.  Those race shirts are a bit on the outrageous side.  All mine seem to be black, grey, or sheep poo colour.

    brer - so you're actually running a 24-hour race?   Excellent.   How many miles do you think you could do?  An aim for many is 100 but it's a tough call.

    In terms of training it's basically marathon training and then for extra time on your feet there are two schools of thought:

    1)  Build up long back-to-back runs - to ultimately day 1 30M, day 2 20M.

    2)  Single very long runs, but note there is very little if any training advantage beyond 40 miles.  A good way of doing this is entering a couple of ultra events.


    I favour method 2) but most it seems use 1) for which I have come across a good schedule - I'll see if I can find a link to it.  To give you a taster the final week is: 4-3-2-rest-rest- (OK so far?)-100-rest.

    You'll need to consider nutrition carefully and start eating immediately, right from the outset.  And consider electrolyte replacement (BritNick is the expert on that).


    I'll probably be doing this new Cotswold Way event in September which is 100 miles.




  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    brer - no, those web pages have gone.    A very nice, simple plan, for simple people like me.  If you like I could try to scan my copy and message you with it if you are enabled, but it's asking for IT skills not normally available in the Triassic.  Goodness knows what you'll end up with.

  • Good to be back and mega focused on next year.

    You lot still impress me with the amount of running you do, oh and while I'm at it well done to you all for this year. I was in Bangor on race day but deliberately stayed as far away as possible and did my best to shut myself away from it as I was so p££d off about not running. I could have done maybe 10 mile and later found out some people who don't think they will complete it only do half of it so at least they have joined in - wish I had now.


  • A request if I may: if anybody sees some orange men's running shorts please let me know as I'm really struggling to find a pair. Thanks.

  • Know a chap who did solo Thunder Run this year came fourth and did 100 miles but he has not run since injured..........ouch. Snowden looks like might be an option for me next year. Got Grindleford Gallop a 21 mile fell race around the Edges of Derbyshire above Chatsworth and Coniston 14 and as I love Saturday runs a Snowden mara might be good. Been up the mountain about 14 times over the decades time to do the marathon here I reckon. It would be my third.....only and yet to crack sub four. Did 4.08 this year at Edinburgh after 4.35 in London in 2010, the heat got to me as got round to 20 miles in three hours then blew up a lot.......not that Snowden would be a pb attempt just an effort and achievement with the hills involved. image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi mcs.  Don't be disappointed if you don't crack 4:00 on this one!  It is hilly.  But with a year of good training you may be able to bring your PB down a lot - who knows?  I'd suggest a 21-mile fell race is more strenuous than any road marathon.

  • Thanks TRex for looking for info for me, I have to be realistic about time available so I'm aiming for 10 laps of the course=60 miles which will be well beyond my comfort zone in terms of mileage and then just plod/walk if I have anything left! I do want to enjoy the event as it really had a great party atmosphere to it when I did it as part of a team of 7 this year.

    mcs-go for it. Are you a Derbyshire resident?

    Mr Ben..why orange shorts???

  • brer rabbit wrote (see)
    Mr Ben..why orange shorts???

    I'm sure there are other runners like me who have a psychological running colour and mine is orange. For some reason it just feels right. Can't find orange shorts though.

    Edit: would you believe now I mention it on here I've found some.

  • Very interesting training tips for that 24hr run TRex. Can't wait to hear how you get on with it Brer Rabbit. Having read the report of last years race on the TR24 thread it sounds quite a testing course with a fair bit of climbing. I wish you the best of luck.

    Off to enjoy the "scenery" of the Luton Marathon this weekendimage

  • Mr Ben - I totally understand - orange is my daughter's favourite colour (& my football team's 1st team strip colour) and I used to always try and get orange shoes. I've got an orange vest (wore it at Snowdonia 2011), but the shorts I've seen in the past clashed horrendously!!

  • John Bach wrote (see)

    Mr Ben - I totally understand - orange is my daughter's favourite colour (& my football team's 1st team strip colour) and I used to always try and get orange shoes. I've got an orange vest (wore it at Snowdonia 2011), but the shorts I've seen in the past clashed horrendously!!

    I'm an Oldham fan and when I was growing up they always played in Orange so that's where I think it comes from for me. Anyway you have to look good don't you as it's like 'go faster stripes' on a car, it make you run faster. image



  • Brer yep I am a Derbyshire resident, near to Bakewell, bootiful part of the world and great for running of course. I have the best commute in the country in my opinion down the Monsal Trail to my office.
    My daughters fav colour is pink and she is just getting into run loves her sport, hockey, netball and did the junior GNR last year.....she has been doing a mile and a half the last couple of nights in readiness for cross country at school her first year at senior school. Most of my running stuff is black........not sure what that says!

  • Hello team, are we all out training tonight?

    mcs, I live in Derbyshire too but not in half as nice a place as you!

    My fave colour is purple.. am now on a search for purple shortsimage

  • Mr Ben, I think I have an orange pair knocking around in the bottom of my drawer. I seem to recall wearing them in 2009 on Rombald's Stride during the first in our recent run of cold winters. Apparently they stood out like a beacon across the moors.

    If you're really stuck I'll sell you mine - for a price. image

  • Think that when the school Xmas holidays get here, I might try an overnight run, no need for speed, just for fun, refuelling at fast food outlets along the way Just to see how far I get. Realised that, despite a couple of mini ultras, I still haven't run for longer than 4 hrs 45.....
  • Holy hell Jason...a dirty burger on a training runimage  Sounds like a great challenge though especially if it's a crispy night and no-one else is around. Liking your planimage

    Off to Conwy in the morning for Half on Sunday...see you there TR40. I reckon you'll get a PB on Sunday if Snod is anything to go by.

  • Brer- I'll pick a nice night if possible. Good luck with the half. You too, TR40 image
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Good luck in conwy Brer and TR40 image gutted to be missing it this year, have fun!
  • Just decided to run the Elan Valley 10 today image
  • JD good luck mate

    panad thanks matey image

    Brer you all set?
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Have a good time in those races. 

    Had an imensely enjoyable 3-hour run on the forest trails and hilltops near me on Thursday.  Found one or two new paths.  Beech trees seem particularly stunning this autumn.  It was good to be out.

    Just as well I went out when I did because I came off my bike yesterday evening on the commute to work and broke my collarbone image.

  • Oh heck, TRex, you're not having much luck this year are you?  image  How long does it take a collar bone to get sorted out?   I can imagine that it must be pretty horrendous.    Hope you're coping ok image.

    Good luck to those running at Conwy tomorrow.   Looks like a fab course - will have to earmark it for next year!



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