Snowdonia marathon 2013



  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Sorry for absence, I have a drs paper.image lol

    I set my alarm early yesterday n put my name in VLM ballot.

    Interested in all the diet talk. I eat a v low carb diet (except on a pre race day) and I agree with what JD says about not feeling hungry during the day. I don't find it affects my energy, apart from first thing in the morning, I find early morn runs really hard, and I can feel quite nauseous/dizzy. Ideas anyone??

    I joined a running club last week... taken me ages to pick up the courage, but they are a great group. I now find myself in a team doing Castle Relay in June. Anyone done it???

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    I,m sure this has been posted before but I can't find link. I'm running this one and want to bring the pooch any suggestion on dog friendly hotels any advice would be great

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Hi ringo- sorry, can't help with pooch info

    April stats? Tapering and racing  so.... 234.96m in 29.22.26 ( 7.30 av) image

    Sun is shining here and my VLM recovery seems good, so made the most of it by rounding up some clubmates via FB for a sunny interval session on the track 6m in total with 5x 800s 2.40, 2.43, 2.43, 2.44, 2.44. Supposed to be off 90 sec recoveries, but a few were a bit longer- partly due to recovering from London no doubt, partly from running the first 400 at 5min pace! Oops! Lol! Still

  • senor spamsenor spam ✭✭✭

    Hi HeOw, I'm in but a friend of mine is interested - I've passed him on your email.  His name is Matt (just in case you see an unexpected name in your inbox) - and of course unless you've changed your mind or you've already found a new home for it.  thanks image

  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    Hiya Team, are we all well and enjoying a bit of summer at last?

    Ringo, I stay at a static caravan site which is dog friendly..tis about 15 mins drive from start. Any good?

    Done my final 10 miles tonight before Milton Keynes marathon..looks like it's going to be warmimage

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Brer- I'll keep my fingers crossed for the weather being cooler in MK, as long as it isn't here! image

  • Hi gang, well things a lot better here, Back on form, in the process of setting up new business with my mate already up and running doing garden and property maintenance (so will be going back to sparking as I'm a time served electrician) and still working my 18 hours in existing job+doing a few shifts in a local rehab finances still all up in the air and working with a debt advisor to sort all that out but hey ho that's life, working on things at home and looking a lot better. As for health scare have pretty much had the all clear just got to have more blood test in 6mths to be sure. In fact I have a new lease of life and i am all excited about this new work project image Training been going good as well, gym, bike and running all in there its been that which has kept me sane. Thanks for all the good wishes etc.

    Right lets see what you lot been up to.......image

  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    Hey mega brilliant TR41, so, so glad things are on the up buddy..crap times are there to test us but we get thereimageimageimage Sunny weekend in Wales for you then?

    Have a fantastic bank holiday all, don't get sunburntimage

  • Hello everyone - good to hear everyone's running news- well done on recent success. I'd signed up for Trail Marathon Wales but I've had to pull out of the full marathon due to illness, and have contacted the organisers to pass place on but they've suggested I post here also. My sister and I have booked a holiday cottage in Dolgellau for the Friday and Saturday and could transfer this, too, if required - very reasonable and picture-perfect Snowdonia stone cottage - the owner is also participating in the race also so can act as guide.

    In box me for details if interested.

    Thank you for letting me interrupt your busy thread.




  • ChrissiChrissi ✭✭✭

    TR40 - glad your getting sorted

    Brer - good luck in Milton Keynes

    Ffran - get well soon

    Not long back from a little practice on Cader so feeling quite smug, met some lovely walkers and had a round of appause off one group.  Ran from home and stopped at bottom of zig zag section below cutoff point and really really enjoyed even though had jelly legs on those giant steps.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    lovely sunny ( but as ever windy) eve here. Did local parkrun this morn, image still chasing that elusive 25mins! JD flew past me even tough he said he was wasn't trying!!!

    TR41, good to hear things getting back on track.

    Brer,-  good luck in MK.

    Hope everyone else has a lovely bank hol weekend of running x

  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    Oh isnt it lovely to have some sun and warmth?image

    Tapering again..had severe hamstring cramp whilt having physio last night..he says my legs are "on the edge" so must not do anything strenous until Monday. So, what's a girl to do with her free time? I had a manicure today for the first time ever. Clearly, I will thrash JDs marathon time now..cos my nails look niceimage.

    Off to MK in the morning, enjoy running, BBQs etc xxx

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Chrissi- top running image

    brer- all the best, buddy! Looking forward to the report! image

    jenf- keep on plugging! image Looking good this morning! I am keeping my powder dry for Carmarthen 5k on Monday morning image

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    I knew it was going to be tough today from my pounding HR in  the warm up-- and it was! Not an easy course and still recovering from the mara no doubt, but only 7 seconds quicker today than I was in Llyn Llech Owain trail parkrun 2 weeks before London! image Severe case of CBA after 2m... Lol! Still, a good day as my boy ran his first run in the Y1 funrun image I made my time 18.54

  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    I'm back Snodders from a very warm Milton Keynes marathon. Don't know how hot it was but had to wear skimpiest running gear today for first time in about a yearimage

    Set off to just have a post-London bimble but all felt good so I latched on to 3:30 pacer. Felt pretty strong till some pillock nearly legged me up. I couldnt cope with the claustrophia of the pack that were around the pacer so I dropped back a bit but just kept him in sight for most of the way. Legs felt trashed by 24 though and heat was getting a bit grim. But-how the hell it happened, I dont know..I came in at 3:31 and 19 seconds. 3 minutes faster than London and 12th lady overallimage. Feel dreadful now though even though I have drunk loads of liquid.

    Good going for you and JD junior. Before we know it, he'll be caning it around Snowdonimage

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Brer- excellent runnng!!! image image Keep up the fluid intake for the next few days and don't forget the electrolytes.... What was the course like?

  • Fantastic running Brer - just don't know how you do it!!!    I remember running London in the "hot" year and give me Snod's rain and hail any day image.

    Anyway, when you've recovered from this jaunt, just wondered if you fancied doing a back to back marathon, as I know you're doing the High Peak marathon and I have a place going at Windermere on the Sunday if you're interested?   Unfortunately, family stuff means that I'm unable to run and it would be a shame for the place to go to waste image  Let me know if you're interested and I'll give number etc to RFR image

    Did Uttoxeter half yesterday.  Having had a total "mare" of a race last year, with stitches on downhill stretches and having had similar problems at Snod last year, I was really worried about the race this year.   I took things very steady from the start and was ok until a downhill at about 8 miles which forced me to walk, but then was ok on very steep section at Marchington Cliff (and able to run very steadily on this section), but got poleaxed on final mile downhill section, forcing a walk again.  On the plus side, I finished about five minutes faster than last year, but on the negative side, I wish I could sort out this business with stitches.   Never used to affect me, but now I live in dread image have tried just about every trick in the book , but so far no real success!   Any thoughts appreciated?

  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    SD...NO!!! I must say no to your generous offer-I know my limits. If White Peak on Saturday was a shot as today, there is no way I could face Windermere the next day. Thanks thoughimage Just as a thought re stitch, I was exactly the same but I have discovered that if I have my instant porridge pot and banana at least 3 1/2 hrs before event, I don't get stitch. I have a few cubes of Shotbloks about half an hour before the race and it seems to get me through(along with usual gels and stuff). But anyway, time has improved for you so not all badimage

    Jason, course straightforward enough. Bit of twisting and turning on underpasses but pleasant enough. Lots of support etc. Milton Keynes is the strangest place I have ever been to though.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Great running - is that a PB, brer?

    stilldreaming - the two main causes of stitch are eating a meal too soon before running and not warming up.  Don't know if that's relevant to you?


    Did the hardest 10-mile training run ever today.  Drove over to the Camarthen Fan and did a circuit taking in Fan Hir, Fan Brycheiniog and Picws Du.  3200' ascent and about 5 miles of the route pathless, tussocky, and boggy, with the sun beating down.  Took me 3h12!!  It was one of 4 recces I'm doing for 10Peaks Brecon Beacons in September. The distance and the amount of ascent is going to be five times what I did today.

  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    Hey are you? Yes, it was a pb yesterday and I owe the fact that I didnt decombust in the heat to a cunning tip you gave me some years ago before White Peak marathonimage

    That sounds a cracking run, 10 Peaks sounds a grueller.

  • ChrissiChrissi ✭✭✭

    Brer - WOW guess the manicure worked

    TRex - he he that looks like my sort of time for a run thugh if i get 3hrs12 for Cader i'll be a happy bunny as i ws 3hr16 last time

    JD - you CBA i don't believe it. JD junior will be showing you how it's done soonimage if he isn't already.

    SD - good result despite the stitches

    Lovely sunny 3 mile (but good hill) plod yesterday before crashing out at a BBQ in the sun - love the lovely bank holidays.  Breaking News - i'm off on a Leadership in Running Fitness Course on Sunday image ha ha at least i won't put people off joining the club with my awesome speed. apparantly there are 3 hours of practical during the day - think i should of trained for it.

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭

    fantastic result (again!) Brer image

    TRex - sounds like a hard day out, but well done.

    SD well done, hope you find a cure for the stitches soon...

    JD you're in danger of sounding human with a dose of CBA image

    enjoy the leadership course Chrissi!

    really getting back to it now image running steadily up to 5ish miles without any major probs, a 7 mile trip including up snowdon to just below halfway house in rather warm temperatures last week proved a bit too much too soon - was ok afterwards, but during was so much harder than I expected!  reckon there's about 10 weeks until the race, so a lot of work to be done, but should be achievable image

    New bike has been ordered, just in time for this fine dry spell of weather to end image, just need to build my confidence up big time riding back out on the roads.  Deep down I know I just need a big kick up the backside and to get on with it, getting out there and doing it is a bit harder thoughimage  Hoping the fact that I'm getting really fed up driving to work, and that there'll roadworks on my route for pretty much the rest of the summer term from next week will be a big motivator image


  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    Hey Panad, Snowdon mountain race..loved it last year although I was a pansy on the descentsimage

    I don't blame you for being a bit scared of bike -suppose it's like getting back on a horse. Good luck with it girl and take careimage

  • ChrissiChrissi ✭✭✭

    imageimage it's my birthday image

    Panad - can you go somewhere with no traffic/not much traffic first????

  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    Hey Happy Birthday Chrissi..had anything nice?imageimage Lots of cake I hopeimage

    Not a lot to report from Brer Land..resume running tomorrow after 4 days of enforced abstinence-just 2 Spin classes since Milton Keynes marathon on Monday. Long trot tomorrow then taper for White Peak marathon next weekend.

    Anyone else up to anything?

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    My local 10K in the morning.  Not sure what speed I've got, if any!

  • Well done Brer on another cracking marathon time,one of my mates who is a gym instructor takes spinning classes which I go to occasionally and it is 45 mins of torture,i am sure he gets some sort of kick out of seeing us in pain.

    I have just come back from a week in the Lanzarote sunshine.i managed a couple of runs out there before the kids got up and dragged me off to the pool.Managed a 12 mile run yesterday and did a 4 mile run this morning with my wife,not much I know but this the start of my steady build up to October and hopefully keeping injury free,

    Hope everyone is enjoying some good running


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Good going, RR.  Hope you have a trouble-free build up to October.

    It took me 50 minutes to get round my local hilly 10K (Sorbrook) this morning.  No real issues as such causing me to be 3-4 minutes slower than before on this course.  Just unfit, I think.

    Kms: 5.14  4.51 3.39  6.41  4.45  6.20  4.25  4.51  4.55  4.50  Notice the two hills and one good downhill!

  •  Thanks T rex, 50 mins for a hilly 10k sounds good to me,will you be leading the sub 4 group around this year?

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