Berlin Marathon 2013



  • Morning Radar Sal. All's not lost for GNR, there is still the general ballot opened today until 4-2-13 Good luck!

  • Thanks sticky, I'm all entered on the ballot.  Not sure if I'll be able to do it but that probably means that I'll get in. image

  • Hi all.  I came across this upon Emmy H's recomendation, as I started a thread about Edinburgh and Berlin and being a newbie didn't know this one existed.  Basically and shock horror - I too am doing Berlin this year.  It will be my fourth marathon - I've done London, Dublin and Hamburg - I will never be a super fast runner (partly due to a few injuries that never seem to clear up) and my PB is 4 hours 30 (my ego likes to think I can beat this if I stay injury free) but as much as I love to compete - and I am competitive - I am realistic enough and do them for my love of running and that feeling when you complete it.  Anyhow - part of my other thread was that I am a single guy from Gloucester so I combined my love of running with a desire to see different cities - is a great excuse to get abroad -  and as good as it is to travel abroad and run these races - the main thing missing for me is that celebration after and experiencing it with other like minded people.  Hence.....I was hoping to get to know some people, share training experiences (my family don't get running - it's like the scene from Run fatboy Run - 'He runs marathons..'  A bemused Dylan Moran. 'Why?') make some new running friends and if it's not a big runners world faux paus, perhaps meet up with some people whilst in Berlin (please feel free to point out if this is not something that is usually doneimage )  I think it will make the experience even better.

    Am I in the right place?  Be gentle with meimage

  • Hello Jase, we'll be gentle for the first while. image  Welcome aboard to RW forum train.  It's all friendly and nice here.  There will probably be a few meeting up before, after and probably during the marathon.

  • Hi every one just signed up the the RW forum the other day as i was given the Mag as a Xmas pressie.

    Only been running for about 18months, in that time i have done 2 10k's 1 half and the Edinburgh Marathon and i have signed up to do the Edinburgh and Berlin ones so far this year.

    So just like to say a big hi and look forward to readin your posts and gaining some tips from you all.

  • Lorger - welcome; sounds like great progress so far! Berlin is simply a brilliant day out. Will be interested to hear how you think it compares to Edinburgh.
  • Thanks Radar Sal - that sounds exactly like thing thing I want to do.  hamburg was a few months ago and was great.... but def could have done with some time with fellow aching runners (almost sounds like a violin statement image).

    I've not done Berlin but think it willbe amazing.  I love a proper big marathon (helps me a lot in those tired moments to have thousands around me). 

  • EHNEHN ✭✭✭
    Hi Jase and Lorger, Berlin promises to be a great experience. I have a few friends running Londin who are already inspiring as we talk training programmes etc etc...welcome and happy running!!
  • Hi and thanks for the welcome look forward to seeing you on the Tarmac
  • So I know it's early, but any of your guys planning on meeting up after the great event?  I say that - but actually these things creep up on you.  I had a lay off at Xmas and the norovirus - and suddenly Edniburgh is creeping up quickly.

  • Imagine my happiness to note Lufthansa have changed my flights to Berlin so that my connection to Berlin from Dusseldorf arrives in Berlin PRIOR to my arrival in Dusseldorf.

    Hell's teeth.
  • I dont suppose anyone has any tips on where to get insurance for this holiday? I will only need cover for the single trip just incase anything happens image

  • Boots travel insurance used to include cover for organised races but not sure if its still covered as they changed underwriters and I am covered under my bank account

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @donkey - i'd read the terms and conditions very carefully as some insurers will not cover marathons. If you have your EHIC card (the old E111) you'll be fine to get treated but would need to get yourself to the hospitalimage

  • I think a specialist insurer would be needed.  Most travel insurance will cover you for unforseen illnesses that arise (but not often pre-existing problems - like a pesky knee injury that flares up say....during a race) they tend not to cover any partaking in dangerous sports either....white water rafting, rock climbing, marathons (ok a marathon isn't dangerous  but its got a high risk of injury).  Think there's a website out there called insure-my-event or something that may help.  Most travel insurance policies anyhow cover things like changed flights, additional accomodations costs etc fvollowign illness, specialist travel costs if a serious incident occurs.  I guess it would have to be something really bad to stop you being able to make the plane.  Still something to consider tho

  • would you recommend getting getting specalist insurance or just taking a ehic card? also, do you take money on a prepaid card ? e.g. the virgin prepay travel card


    As you can tell, this is one of my first holidays without my parents :L

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Donkey - I think it depends on what will make you secure. For me, I have travel insurance with my company so only take my EHIC card and that. If i didnt have travel insurance then i'd just take that.

    I also just take a small amount in cash and then rest i take out with my normal bank card... but you need to make sure that your bank knows that you're going away (same applies to credit cards).

    Lots of people take photocopies of their passports/ID cards in case it gets stolen... Also, get a map of Berlin beforehand and work out how you'll get from the airport to the hotel (e.g. s-bahn, bus etc). Also, mark on the map - your hotel, the expo etc.

  • I have travel insurance, but not sure it covers running its more incase of delayedmissed flights etc in my case! You can never be to sure with the connections from here! I also take my EHIC card.

    I tend to just take cash with me but I am considering one of the prepaid cards this year purely because I am going to Paris and Berlin, and my children are coming tooo so lots of cash needed!!image

    Good point Emmy about remembering to tell the bank just incase I do need to use other cards!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Kaz - make your kids work for their money and take their own so you wont need to carry as muchimage

    As always - be careful if you're taking lots of cash as Berlin is still a big city (despite being very safe in comparison to london/new york). I also split out cards/cash over two wallets in case one does get stolen. Just an idea image

    If I think of any other tips -i'll let you know image

  • I do that too Emmy, re the kidz and spitting cash into several smaller amounts in different places! image

  • Thanks guys! that will help me a lot image image


    donkey - an annual travel insurance policy is often a better buy.   I pay about £40 for an annual European which covers me for trips of 2 or more nights, including in the UK ( I have a lot of weekends away for marathons) and also covers me for marathon running , as long as I am not a professional ...LOL.   Some do not cover marathon running so it's worth checking.


  • Iain Moore 2 wrote (see)
    Imagine my happiness to note Lufthansa have changed my flights to Berlin so that my connection to Berlin from Dusseldorf arrives in Berlin PRIOR to my arrival in Dusseldorf.

    Hell's teeth.

    Lufthansa have changed my flights 3 times so far but the first change meant I wasn't going to arrive in Berlin until 7pm on the Saturday evening so I rang them and changed it... ending up with a better flight time than I originally booked! Give them a call, they're very helpful!

  • Louise - yes thanks, I finally got around to calling them and am being routed out through Brussels instead, back through Dusseldorf. The most ridiculous thing I thought was that my rearranged (by Lufthansa) flights showed me arriving into Dusseldorf at 1910 with my connection (also on the same email) having left Dusseldorf at 1805. The man on the phone though was really helpful and sorted it quickly.

    SHADES - me too. Mine has the same professional exclusion. I should be alright there, ha! 

  • Hi guys I'm planning on running this in 2014, does anyone know if there are good for age places and what the procedure is for getting in? Thanks in advance image
  • wow, it's been quiet on here!

    Martin - all the general places are now gone.  there might be charity places.  don't think there's GFA ones.  Better luck next year!

  • Yeah really quiet,2014 places will open up after this years run.. Dates usually confirmed shortly GFA PLACES,, all on first come basis,just gotta keep an eye out on Berlin marathon website.This years places sold out within 3hours so you gotta be on the ball
  • Berlin is my first marathon this year. However, I have been building up my miles since Nov as I kept hoping that I'd get into VLM, but no chance. I failed the ballot, and multiple competitions including running the last 6 parkruns of last year! Guess it'll have to be VLM 2014...

    So I feel myself 'letting go' somewhat with training, but hope I don't let go all the way...

    Merely letting off a squeek here to help with all these silence in this thread...

    Hope everyone's well and good image

  • EHNEHN ✭✭✭

    I've been sleepingimage...and now nursing a bad back- felt Inspired By Matt Roberts work out and forgot I hadn't got Matt Roberts' body!!

    Sorry to hear about VLM Sticky and I am falling into the dreadful trap of Berlin being away off that I feel I can relax/forget.

    Question..especially for the girls..are any of you able to recommned a very light small back pack (for sandwiches and few clothes) as I am planning to run Helvellyn in March  

  • Arrghhh....just when I found out yesterday I didn't get the sweatshop competition for a place for VLM, I found out today there's another competition!!!! image

    It's great image, I get another really really one last chance this year(???) to get into VLM, but this emotional roller coaster of trying to get in is driving me nuts! image

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