Berlin Marathon 2013



  • Think you will have to email the RW people...they might do something.

  • Iain Moore 2 wrote (see)
    Good work DLR.

    Some of the natives are restless over here in General Running.

    I really don't know what sort of idiot would start a thread in the wrong zone...image

    You just can't get the staff these days can you?


    I was pointed in this direction by a couple of hot chicks.  

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    i tried asking them via the moderator button at the bottom but got now reply - come on Mod's - help us out!! Out running about 5-8 miles a night atm post Brighton but at the same time i am taking advantage of this easy training and going 'no carbs' for a couple of weeks to get that holiday six-pac in fine form image. I am so tired without those creal bars etc i usually eat, still its great to be able to have bacon for breakfast regularly and i have developed a terrible liking for diet energy drinks (red bull type)

  • there's a few peeps on here now - hopefully we can re-create something like this at Brandenberg Gate on the morning of the run ???



  • Just hope its warmer!!! Maybe not after was soooo hot or maybe its just because it was over 10 degreees I suffered!!

  • got to say kaz, i think the temparature in Paris this year was perfect for running - a little on the cool side but very little breeze and when the hazy sun popped out it didn't feel too warm

  • mind you, maybe it was cold at the Arc - i wouldn't know as i think i was high on adrenalin and having a slight psychotic episode as i hadn't had a wink of sleep so wasnt really noticing the climate.

  • It was fine for running TJB, just freezing when hanging about - canna win all ways thou!!image

  • I tend to take the view that if you're not cold before you start you'll probably be too warm for racing.  Besides - I get nervy and would be shivering if 30c.


  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    Paris 2011 was crazy hot- i remember walking around Paris on the Saturday having ice cream with the kids thinking it cannot possibly be that hot on the sunday and it was. Its the only time i have ever walked in a race, cramped up at 23 miles and had to walk 100 yards. Berlin last year was about 14-16 if i remember and was absolutely perfect - by far the best i have ever run.

  • EHNEHN ✭✭✭

    I ran Paris 2011 and 2012 and such happy memories...very excited about the prospect of Berlin and then I remember I need to train ....struggling to motivate myself on distance but embracing interval training ....I am sure come June I'll be up with you all with positive noise ..or atleast I hope I willimage

  • Jimbob - the Arc was STUNNINGLY cold this year. I hated it, hence poor socialising and nicking off early... I didn't stop shivering til after 10am!

  • Hi Folks

    Does anyone have a spare place going for the Berlin marathon this year, assuming that it's still possible to transfer? I ran London last week and am looking for a nice flat one in the autumn for a PB and you can't get much faster than Berlin!

  • Hello SD1 - I'm pretty sure the places aren't transferrable and it'd be quite a risk for anyone to give you their number (they're liable if anything happens), sorry.  There are some charity places available though with no where near the amounts required for London (£300-£500 I think).

  • Hi all, got my training plan sorted for Berlin marathon thanks to runKeeper app.

    had a nice weekethief easy training just some gentle swimming as I try to get rid of my chesty cough. Off for a bike ride tomorrow before some easy running in week. Got some 10k races coming up with my running club which will hopefully help me with my tempo/fartlek training. 

    Good to c this thread moving up the table even though its in general running!!!!! Remember to spread the word.

  • Hello, 

    Sorry for the silly question but is it worth getting travel insurance? (I'm new to international marathons!) :L If so, can anyone recommend a single event insurance? 

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    i usually use the Post Office travel insurance - cheap and it includes marathon running - be careful,some may exclude it. 

  • Hello everyone image

    Completed my first marathon yesterday (Manchester) in 4:29:33, which I was pretty pleased with 'cos I'm an old fart and only took up running a couple of years ago! Counting the weeks until Berlin already though!

    My travel insurance company quoted me £50 extra to add marathon cover so I think I'll take a look at the Post Office.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Louise Price 6 - have a look at Tesco too. That also includes marathon running (provided you don't plan on winningimage )

  • Louise - fab time yesterday, well done!

    I have year-round travel insurance, unlimited worldwide with AmEx for £99 that includes my marathon running (as Orbutt says, not winning!) so I reckon your people may be trying to rip you off!

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    i think i pay around £38 for the four of us - me running and the missus and two kids so not bad really.

  • Just got single trip cover for £3.95!


  • I have insurence with bank account therefore works out very cheap!!!!!. 

    How r u all getting on training. haves all got plans in place and pre races sorted?

  • No plans in place and no pre races sorted due to logistics!! The next time I get near a race of any distance will be Berlin Marathon! image

  • Kaz u will probably have ur best run!!!!! 

  • I guess we have 20 or so weeks to the race. Looking forward to it. Trying to get my mileage up already as hoping for a big PB come race day image

  • Any advice on getting back into it sensibly post-marathon would be appreciated. image

    My legs weren't as sore as I had expected yesterday and although I definitely won't, I feel as though I could manage a little jog today.

    Have entered a local half marathon for a week Sunday but whether I turn up very much depends on how I'm feeling next week as I don't want to do anything silly and risk injury with Berlin training about to start.

    Some plans say slow 2 milers this week and build from there, while others go with a full week off, so I'm not sure! image

  • I'm never sure when to train after a big run either (I'm Jase btw - popped a couple response on here but not had the chance to get on for ages).  I managed 20 miles on Sunday (I've got Edinburgh before Berlin).  I forced myself off yesterday although was tempted to go to the gym - but today my legs are tired ish but got a heavy chesty cough that isn't good.  Are you guys like me - you struggle to rest?  I'm sat at my desk and changing my mind every five minutes as to whether to train or not.

    Also got an archiles problem - physio tomorrow morning (probably should rest)

  • Jase - rest. 

    Louise - take the week off. Do parkrun Saturday. 

  • Good advice there Ian.... No point busting yourself at this stage. Get to start of traing cycle fit and healthy image

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