Berlin Marathon 2013



  • Monk - Me too (although one for me would be a fair bit slower than yours). Let's do it!
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Monk - Hi.

    IM2 If we're going to get a PB anywhere it will be Berlin. From what I hear it makes Paris look mountainousimage

    EE3 - Berlin is exactly like Venice, without the canals, churches and Italians.image Join in the fun (btw - the Paris madness is still ongoing in there.)
  • EE2 - I can confirm the paris thread is very much alive and posting.

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    Found you all now - checking in from the Brighton thread.

    Looking forward to Berlin again after running it last year and getting my GFA time. This year its all out to find 6 minutes and go sub 3hr - anyone got any good training plans. Ran 3h:12m in Brighton but lost most of that in the last 10k with blistering.

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    Welcome Andyc!

    Well done on Brighton! Thats a great time! What plan did you follow for Brighton?

  • Sounds like a lot of the guys on this thread are dead serious about getting a pb at Berlin. I started my Berlin training on April 1st and I've clocked up 80 miles this month so far, so count me in the group of being serious about getting a pb! Did my first interval session yesterday and boy did it hurt! a really good way to get the fitness up though.

    Just signed up for two 10k's next month at Helensburgh and Clydebank, topped off with the Edinburgh Half Marathon at the end of May.

    Monk- The Marathon has had mixed fortunes for me too, New York 2006 took unwell traveling over to race, London 2007 heat got the better of me (was 23 degrees), London 2011 took ill the week before the race. As Iain says if the Marathon was that easy everyone would have done one! I'm sure if you take a time out to recover from Sunday you can re-focus and get that pb at Berlin.

    Andy- Welcome back, great running at Brighton just the same, sure you'll get under 3 at Berlin.

    Elizabeth- Youcan help keep us motivated at the same time.



  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    For brighton there was no training plan, I always start with the best intentions then it all go to pot after a week. Brighton was mainly three 5 milers midweek and a longer 13 to 23 miler at the weekend, nothing structured at all and defo not enough miles per week.

    this time I want to aim for a minimum of 50 miles per week and finally start doing repeats or whatever they are called as I see them mentioned all the time. I live in a very hilly area and as such my runs contain big hills, one is the fourth steepest road in britain so I always assume that covers for the lack of repeats. Aerobically I am always fine (think hills help that) but it's just I cannot sustain my 1:27 half pace I usually aim for, last year in berlin my splits were 1:30 and 1:36 so it was not too far off. I am defo around 1:26-27 pace now in first half so just need that little extra to make that 1:25 and maybe 1:32 in the second half.
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    ps - should we not move this thread to Events forum? It seems a bit buried with all the Genral Running

  • Andy - how would we do that?

  • I found this thread by fluke, was looking under events. Not sure how we can move it. I suppose we just need to keeping posting threads to get it to top of general.

    I ran Brighton, got plenty of club 10ks coming up, followed by St. Albans half, a fun of road summer marathon and a 24hr fun bike ride with work. Then main goal Berlin marathon where I must break 3hrs 30mins.

    Going to follow a fairly hard 16week training plan which has varied running inc more runs at MP or faster especially during the weekend long run. I think this will push me to do it.
  • Stephen - I am the same as you, I did Brighton last weekend and Berlin is my next marathon. I am going to spend the next few months doing short distances to keep my fitness up. I have signed up for a few halfs also
  • When I signed up for Berlin, I hadn't run a marathon and so couldn't put a time in. I did Brighton last week and the time would put me (going by last years) in a different starting pen. OK, it's only one more forward than the very last one but it's a start.

    Do you think it would be worth emailing them to let them know I know have a time?

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    sleaver - i emailed them last year re something similar and after lots of requests i got moved forward. Training starts monday as legs had weeks rest from Brighton.

  • I completed 11miles with running club today. First run after a few days rest from Brighton. Going to do do some bike training as well to mix it up, first bike ride tomorrow, just short 45min max to see how I feel.

    Good to c some Brighton marthoner runners on here, hope u enjoyed that marathon as much as I did. Hing Berlin will be easier route
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    No hills!!! Berlin is by far the fastest course i have run so can't wait. Did any of the Brighton runners see the C4 highlights today - didn't do it justice at all.

  • After I had ran Brighton I can remember saying something along the lines of "Berlin, no way" as Brighton was my first marathon. Come Monday I was considering it and now I'm at the point where I'm 99% sure I'm going to run it image.

    I saw the highlights as well. There was a bit near the end where they were showing people who were struggling and then out of the blue I appeared behind one of them. I kind of felt bad because I can't remember seeing them struggling but by the time I was on Maderia Drive, there was only one thing I was looking at and that was the word "Finish".

  • I agree the 1hr slot didn't do Brighton full justice. I have been lucky enough to have run a good few marathons and Brighton is def up there with the best. Watching LM now after my bike ride and have to say crowds look amazing and these front runners are not running there sprinting!!!!!!!!
  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭

    Does anyone who's done Berlin before know what energy drinks are provided along the route? Can't seem to find it on the website... Thanks

  • Hey Sticky, from memory it's Powerbar. The drinks are given out in small cups, that's why I took my Camelbak last year as I found taking on drinks a struggle and it was a bit of a mad rush at the stations even though the stations are quite big. From memory the Powerbar drink is very sweet.
  • What David said.

  • Is the water in paper cups as well? Do they give out any gels?
  • Stephen- After doing the race in 2011 were I struggled with the small plastic cups that they gave the water out in I decided to use my camelbak last year to save a bit of time at the congested water stations and to get proper amounts of water on board during the race. Can't remember if they gave out gels during the race as I had plenty of my own with me. I use sis gels, which I've used in training and I'm a bit funny about using stuff (especially gels) that I have not used in training (Lucozade gels upset my stomach).

    Anyone watch the VLM today?

  • Cheers for advice. LM was magnificent yet again.
  • Hey Sticky, from memory it's Powerbar. The drinks are given out in small cups, that's why I took my Camelbak last year as I found taking on drinks a struggle and it was a bit of a mad rush at the stations even though the stations are quite big. From memory the Powerbar drink is very sweet.
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    noticed how on the bbc news the other day when they were talking about Boston and London and the interviewer said Boston was more serious than London which is a fun run...says it all really....i think Berlin has it about right, still a serious race with charity/fun runners. Watching VLM it just seems its gone too far towards fun running and fancy dress etc (not that its a bad thing btw)

    hated the cups last year but i suppose that stops us all drinking too much at each station as most of it ends up on the floor anyway. I always carry a bottle of Powerade with me - cannot even do 5 miles without that bottle - even if i never drink any of it, total superstition.

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    Any ideas on moving this to events then anyone? Would just make so much easier to find
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    I suppose the easiest way would be to set up a new thread in events and post a link to it from here.

    Unless some clever person knows a way of shifting it.

  • I've just found this....


  • Good work DLR.

    Some of the natives are restless over here in General Running.

    I really don't know what sort of idiot would start a thread in the wrong zone...image
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