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  • Great day for running , had a good time a parkrun. Helped a fellow runner around the first lap and then went on to get around 21:11 finish, which I am happy about for the event that it is.

    Met some fellow runners who will be at freckleton next week. Really looking forward to it now. Sun and a cool breeze please!!!

  • a good 12m done this morning, now an easy week lays ahead before freckleton. I think a couple of fours and a 6 maybe, should be enough.

  • Potters Arf for me this morning 1:59. Certainly not fast but 12 mins quicker than last year off zero proper training so I'll take that. 

    Hot and hilly course but the support is epic for anyone that hasn't done it before with locals handing out water, jelly babies and ice pops plus hose pipes and sprinklers all round the course.

    Easy week for me too with Lancashire Hotpot Sportive on Sunday which should totally destroy me!!


  • Potters half sounds good lee and whats all this hot pot talk ?


    And if anyone hasn't seen it :





    Not running but it's all good training, especially the hills. 

  • Ah going for the 100 miles  ?

  • Yeh the 100. I might drop to the 70 if I'm feeling rough on the day though but hopefully stuffing my face at the feeds stations will keep me going.

  • wow very impressive lee!! Have you been riding the guild wheel then ?

  • just had an interesting discussion on twitter about speed work. What do you guys do ?

  • I haven't ridden or run on the guild wheel yet which is something I need to sort out, I tend to either head for Rivington, Belmont etc or Forrest of Bowland on the bike and for runs I'll do 5-10k through Cuerden/Clayton le Woods.

    No speedwork for me, I only have one pace at the minute but I can definitely see the benefit and know a few people that have made big improvements by including some track work in their schedules.

    I definitely believe if you expect to race at a given pace you need some training time at or above that pace.


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    A try and do 3 speed sessions a week. Usually Tuesday and Thursdays are at the track doing anything from 10 x 400, 20 x 200 to 8 x 1000. All are done at quicker than race pace. If I'm not doing a race at the weekend I will try and do a tempo run. On sat as im hoping to lower my 5km time i did a 2.5 mile warm up, ran 3 x 1 mile at 5km pace off 90 secs recovery then a 2.5 mile jog home. The rest of my running is done at an easy pace which for me is between 6.45 - 7.15 min miling. 

    I used to just run as hard as I could every time I left my house but when I ditched playing football to concentrate on running I realised that wasn't possible due to the increased mileage. People just starting out will prob see improvements without much speed work to start with as they get naturally fitter and there is plenty of scope for improvement in their PB's. at the other end of the scale it becomes about trying to Wearing as much as you can out of your PB and speed work is a must for that. 

    Either way, it all depends what each person wants out of it. I certain enjoy my easy days running! 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    itnot should say wring not wearing. 

  • Great post matt and your speed work is along the lines of what the person, I was chatting to on twitter does too and there a professional runner. So I think short, speed sessions seem to be a must.


    Currently, I tend to do them once a week when im not racing and change between 800s, mile repeats and a hill repeat. But think I will now be adding n some 400s too. Other than that, im at ParkRun every other week and that gets used a bit to do some fast running.

  • I aim to do one interval session (200, 400, 800 or maybe even 1 mile) and 1 threshold run (between 4 and 6 miles with 1 mile warm up/down). Then do LSR on Sunday and try to get in 2 slow runs.

    Out at lunch and will do 6 x 800 at 5k pace with 90 second recoveries (the mini-bus as mattl will know it).

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Haha. I was mini bussing last week. 

  • Combination of a very windy day and worried about sore groin made me change plans and did the following sesion on treadmill instead:

    1 mile warm up

    5 x 1k at just quicker than 5k pace (4:00 compared to 4:12 race target)

    400 jog recoveries

    1 mile warm down.

    So hot in the gym that I looked like someone had poured a bucket of water over me at the end. Groin held up well so happy days image

  • The mini bus, not heard of this before.

    Its going to be quite windy today, but hopefully it will of calmed down for my run later and fingers crossed no rain or strong winds on Sunday.

    Thats some impressive training Max

  • I've got the sport in the port 20k at Ellesmere Port on Sunday, going for a short run later.

  • 20k race hey Paul. Good luck. what time does it start. Freckleton doesnt start till 2 oddly

  • Sorry my mistake its 10k, and starts at 10am,and good luck sjpc14.

  • It's my first 10k, I've only run 2 half marathons up to now, so not sure of my finishing time.

  • ah 10k, i did think 20k was an unusual distance he he

    Youve done HM before you did a 10k , well thats different lol - What were your times for the HMs?

  • Silverstone half was 2hrs 2mins 54secs, Chester half was 1hr 45mins 44secs.

  • That's some improvement Paul!

  • Thanks, I pushed myself harder in Chester, wanted to run under 2 hours.

  • paul did u join Blackburn road runners on weds? think im going down to have a run with them next weds nite, i set out on sunday to do 100 miles activites in 7 days, running and biking,i managaed the 100 miles today with one day to spare so happy with that,

  • that is fantastic improvement Paul! You should be really pleased with yourself

  • I didn't get down Rick, let me know how it goes, message me if you like. Cheers sjpc14. Well done on the 100 miles Rick.

  • Have occasionally looked in. Wirral direction but no general groups for that area. Do a few races Preston/ Lancs way when can, (Ribble 10k, Wesham) but easy to miss some.

    paulc46 Im doing the EP 10k, but pacing the Missus.

    Sure you could do sub 50 mins, even 48 min based on your half time?

    Only one speed session a week for me, actually sound very similar to MaxPowers 3 runs a week. One circuit and a speed strength weights session on top does me for 10k to 35m races.

  • Up and ready for Ellesmere Port 10k

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