Bournemouth Marathon 2013



  • Your not the only one Gertie Abingdon has entries?

  • Shame about the price,still may do this Iam looking for a 1st marathon in sept oct this year,could be a good despite people being put off with the price..

    New forest is half that ,but quite hilly
  • I was signing up for this race until I got to the price page and quite quickly closed the page. a big rip off. I am doing the purbeck marathon instead which if I remember correctly came 3rd on runnersworld charts last yr. Well looking forward to it although the hills will probably be in my dreams for an age afterwardsimage

  • I have signed up to do the half didn't really think of the price as signed up when everyone was going on about the price of the Royal Parks £46.00 so £27 for the half seemed ok.

    I suppose it is more expensive than my usual locally based ones.

    I am making a weekend of it so if you compare it to theatre tickets or a footy match I don't feel its too bad for a change of scenery.

  • Unfortunately I jumped in as soon as I saw this, being a local, I thought it would be great to do a local marathon which could be quickish.

    Looks like I've lost £50 as there's no way I'm investing 18 weeks of training into running up and down the prom. To quote someone from Twitter: ''it's on my usual training route with punishment loops thrown in''.

    I've now entered Abingdon which from experience is well run event with an excellent atmosphere; only wish I'd waited.

  • For me it would be 1st ever marathon, I don't really care about the price,and not quite sure what people expect tp see on a marathon running in bournemouth,

    Maybe going though the town would have been an option but police fee to cover it would have cost 1000s..

    It's taking in both piers and the sea front ,sand banks and poole harbour.

    For me a finish is what I will be looking for
  • Some great photos of the seafront on the website. Doesn't always look like that in October, especially with a SW gale blowing.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Could be hard to pace if there is a gale blowing on the day.
  • What others would you advise at at time of the year? I live in Dorset and be my 1st
  • Clarendon Way is amazing


    Beachy Head

    New Forest

    Bacchus in Surrey looks great

    Farnham Pilgrim

    And Purbeck ---couldnt get more local than that one

  • I'm doing Chester, not local (i live in Winchester) but going to make a weekend of it

  • I've entered the Bacchus event - all that wine image

  • Im doing Beachy cant wait.....maybeimage

  • Good luck,have a good one
  • Cheers I love off road races might even chuck in Clarendon if I recover from the knee op in time

  • New forest looks a bit quiet, I want a bit of a crowd to help pull me through my 1st,that's why I have thought about bournemouth....ok it's really pricey but for me it's a big one
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    If someone was to offer me £20 for my place and pay the £10 transfer fee I'd be interested.....just realised I'm washing my hair on that day now.

    Bit spammy I know but message me if you like.

  • Will get back to you,I may have it off ya..
  • I don't think u can beat Chester for a lovely first time marathon lovely route going underneath the iconic clock tower in the city heading out into Wales and back into England again and great support its fairly flat, only one killer hill that's worth noting at mile 24 but the last 2miles running back along the city walls and into the stadium at the end really is great, oh and nice techy t.shirt and awesome medal
  • My first marathon - might need big event to get me through. Can get to it easily too. Might risk bad organisation some earlier posts have said. Need to make a decision and hit the road. Summer training has got to be better image
  • Signed up. It will be my second marathon. Bit worried about reviews concering event organiser. But I'm running for charity so it's all for a good course. Incidentally, if you haven't booked a hotel yet and plan on running, get a wiggle on. Rooms near the start/finish are getting snapped up quickly. I managed to get a family room at Carrington Hotel for two nights - the last one. Hoping the race won't be too windy or it will be a real slog.


  • Thanks for tip. Hoping to crash at in-laws nearby. Going to go for it.
  • I have signed up for this race and have since found out I can't do it. Does anyone want to buy my place from me?
  • Still thinking of it as Iam local,but the prom is not nice to run on,it looks flat but it ain't! There is a gradual camber to it and it does your angles in running on it....but still at just do it
  • My club was offered a free place if it advertised the event but having read these reviews I wouldn't even do it for nothing. Thanks to all posters.

  • Does anyone know how many people will run the marathon??

  • Who knows"
  • All,

    I have 1 guaranteed entry that I am no longer able to use.  If you are interested I will split the fee i.e. entry fee is £25 and transfer fee is £5 so the race will cost you £30.

    Any takers email me on

  • Event full now! How many signed up?


  • I signed up.  This is my first full marathon done 4 half marathons.  I have seen a lot of complaints about the price.  I honestly did not think it was that bad.

    I am from the US, but marathon prices are comparable to this one.  This one is a little more if you factor in the currency being stronger.  It is the first year doing the event so start up cost are high, race packets are pretty generous and the man power including security and medical staff cost money.  Honestly, as long as the race is put together well I think it is well worth the 50 quid.  

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