Fink for outlaw 2013



  • EP - be careful going round the lake with just one contact. You don't want to be swimming againimage

  • Was supposed to do a coupel of hours biking and an hours run this weekend.

    Went to the open water session on saturday at HPP. A 3 hour session took the WHOLE day! couple of hours to get there, couple of hours back, fannying around shopping and having tea out and we didnt get back until 9pm!

    Then yesterday was out of the window due to MrsMatts birthday party. Not that I forgot or anything (I hadn't forgotten, just didn't factor in that agin, the whole day would disappear image)

    I may go for a gentle spin later on today with a short run after.

  • Matt - you'll be great on Sunday. Don't wear yourself out this week thoughimage

  • Im trying to think of all the last minute questions I've got!

  • I've taken this taper thing a little bit too literally.....was meant to run 8 miles yesterday, but my back was really bothering me on Saturday, so binned the run.  It will be fine for Sunday, but need to avoid bolloxing it this week, so i'm planning on doing very little, lol.

  • You've done the hard work Pea, just relax this week and get ready to enjoy Sundayimage

  • image  image Yeah i'm actually looking forward to it!  The plan is just to keep plodding along until they let me finish, hehehehe.  back just sore due usual hormonal shite this week, so best to do feck all than bugger it totally.

    I really need to read the race info stuff re registering etc., so i'll go print it now so I have a vague idea what to do when I get there!!!

  • I'm looking forward to it.

    The amount of training I've put in *should* get me to the end, but the way I look at is this - If I'm REALLY quick at the first one, it'll be a bugger to improve on the second, this way it should be an easy pb next time roundimage


  • Right, lets start with a few questions:

    Change tent - I take it that it does mean I can properly change (gets round the nudity rule) - planning shorts and monaco for swim under wettie, bib shorts and jersey for bike then different monaco and shorts for run.

    Pointy hat or road hat? - is it worth the aero advantage for the 112. I have clip ons so I plan to be aero whenever possible

    Can you go back into change tent? say on the run, if I need anything, can I get back in each lap or do i need to carry stuff (thinking vaseline / body glide / sun cream)

    Sun cream - do they have supplies or should i get my own? Is P20 as good as people say?

    Can I get a pint IN the finish funnel or is that outside assisttance?

    Will my wetsuit dry out by Sunday morning if I do the orientation swim on saturday?

  • Road hat

    No once your out of the cahnge tent thats it

    Sun cream they usually have helpers that will plaster it on for you as you start the run, P20 is the dogs in my opion

    FB has had a pint in the finshes chute as has the Engineer


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


    Change tent, you can get as naked as you wish, it's a change tent. There is a clearly marked area for women to change in for the modesty of competitors.  Last year this worked very well.  At other races you end up with men in the women's section.  It's not a time to be shy and nobody is looking nor interested anyway.

    Helmet - I don't have a pointy hat (not for on the bike anyway). I understand they can be quite warm and uncomfortable over such a significant distance but will defer to Barlos or someone who owns one for a response on this.

    Change tent access on run course - this was mentioned in the race briefing last year and I believe the answer was yes, you can return to it during the run if you wish.  However, please see briefing notes, what OSB say in the briefing this year, or ask them at the briefing if they don't answer your question.  Finally, medical will have vaseline on the run course if required and I would imagine pirate support is likely to have all of those things, I know I will.  If you wish, you can check where we can legally hand you such items as there is usually a designated area near one of the aid stations.  In all honesty though, they wouldn't DQ you for stopping and asking one of us for some Vas, they are reasonable people.

    Sun cream - good question, I didn't notice them having people doing that at the race last year.  I don't think they do supply it.  They tend not to have so many helpers on hand doing that for you at Outlaw as at a European event. Yes, P20 is as good as they say it is.  

    Pint at the end - I do believe FB and The Engineer were both given pints in the finish funnel and there was no issue with this.

    Wetsuit drying out - last year I didn't do the orientation swim for that very reason so I don't know the answer.  Probably if you turn it inside out and can hang it up outside in the sun or in your tent if it rains?

    Hope this helps. image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    TSA - I thought we were let back in to the change tent off the run course last year if we wanted to?  (I didn't go back in, so I don't know for sure.)

  • Mouse

    Might have changed it last year, the previous 2 years don't think it was allowed.



  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I'm not sure either now! Best check, Matt. image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Ps - how's your back doing?

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    I'm sure I read somewhere where the Outlaw team were reminding spectators to bring suncream but said that they supplied it for competitors. However I cannot find that now so maybe I just had one of those crazy dreams some of you have been having. image

    My question is regarding special needs bags. if I understand the race pack correctly we need to supply our own. would a plastic shopping bag with race number cleearly marked on it suffice?

  • Honk, yes, but try and personalise a bit further

    when we did the special needs bags last year we tried to put them in number order, but if there are lots around your number, might be still difficult to find

    M..o.use wrote (see)

    Ps - how's your back doing?

    So so, feeling better yesterday, so went for a small OW Swim (1.5K) as a test, felt ok until this morning when stiff as a board, will try a run tonight and bike on Wednesday with a decision to made after that


  • Fingers still crossed for you SA.


  • I've been to see the magic massage man today for a final MOT.  

    No training today, but I have put new tyres on the bike.  Took 10 minutes for each wheel image. Probably not helped by me not realising the tyre wasn't on properly before putting the CO2 in.  D'oh.  However, it's a mistake I now won't make on Sunday, should the need arise.

    Plan is a wee bike tomorrow and a wee run on Thursday.

    I'm really looking forward to Sunday (does feel a bit strange to be talking about it being this week),  bring it on!

  • Matt, judging by the weather forecast for the weekend, chances are the wettie will be starting to dry before you even get out the water on Saturdayimage

    Got everything crossed for you SA xx

  • SA would be great to see you on the start line, but there is always next year. Don't break yourself image

    Having said that, get well soon. Ill see you 5:45 on the pontoon. 

  • Last year they definitely supplied sun cream, I used it myself, it was in a big tub in the exit from T1.  like a 2 litre can of magnolia paint. I put my own on but a young lady did offer. 

  • Are you sure it wasn't actually magnolia paint???   You did look a bit pasty  image

  • Now I come to think of it. It could have been magnolia I was still sunburnt. image 

  • i wont pay that much for P20, i use kids factor 50 waterproof from boots, it came out top in a test ages ago, 


  • decisions decsisons........they say never use anything new on raceday.and i have never used suncream whilst training or racing ever.......


    when i lick my arm then I might get ill from licking the suncreamimage

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