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  • Seren - that must have been really tough for you. You sound like you were really close though, maybe that's worse than being further away. I'm sure I've read you're doing wales again so good luck with that. 2 in a couple of months! There are some mad people on these forumsimage

    I'm not going to be doing a 3rd swim next week - I find it tough enough to do 2 lots, so I will spend more time on the bike. 

  • yes I'm going back this year to crack it.this year is all about triathlon.....2 years ago i was trying to do it all.marathon training for a PB...a couple of ironmen races and a number of took its toll and wales was to hard for my knackered legs to cope with.......

    but this year is all about the bike.....and trying to swim every week.......

  • Well done SlokeyJoe. I felt exactly the same after the session but consoled myself that hopefully a wet suit and some drafting will mean all will be ok on the day and we wont be far of that pace.

    A hilly 3 hours on the bike this morning and 80k logged. Only second time in 10 weeks on the road and felt fairly good with a steady heart rate so I think the turbo trainer sessions have worked wonders.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's LSR if my feet defrost
  • OMG Wow and Ouch 3hr bike completed out on the roads. First attempt cut very short as rear tub blew, I blame the turbo. So home change it and head out praying I've done it right. 41 miles later it appears I did so a good training day in more ways than one and an excuse to shop at Wiggle too!

    Trying to physch myself up to go shopping now feel I've earnt a steak and a nice glass of white. First time on roads since bike fitting and all seems pretty good a few aches but I think that's just from lack of practise. Clipped in and out fine too.

    One problem though black dye came out of shorts and onto white saddle which is now grey. Any tips in getting it back to white?
  • Also I need a lot if practise at navigation on my garmin. Was a total failure but I'm 100% sure it was user error.
  • ali.well donr on getting out there............especially after such a bad start.....well done.

    EP.there are a number of views on finks times.....i personally think they are just too short for the slower cyclist.......even for the just get around i think he has fit young men in mind that can do 18/ 20 miles an hour.........if you are a lot slower than these i personaklly think you need a few more miles in the legs.........i think that a number of weeks of around half way or more is needed .60 or more.........i don't think you can get that from a lot of finks times..

    but then i haven't followed fink before..but am still waiting to hear if many have done it of the majority of their rides under 56

  • +1 for seren
    For novices, Fink is a little light on biking and heavy on swimming

    Getting as much bike fitness as possible will mean you have someting left for the run on race day...   image .

    If you are on the beginner plan then maybe look at the intermediate long rides to get an idea of what you could be doing.

  • I heard someone say that the swim was only 5% of the distance, and (unless you swim like an engine block) you don't need to exhaust yourself in the pool to be prepared for the IM swim.  The bike is key....  

  • I think fink is light on the bike, considering a good portion is spent on the bike in the race. I would rather sacrifice a swim each week for extra bike time, as I doubt I am going to get much quicker on the swim but I can on the cycle. I do all my cycle training on the turbo in the winter, as I can concentrate on my sessions without wondering if some idiot is going to knock me off my bike, ice etc etc. It also means I can kill each session to the max and if I can't go any furthur, I'm home already.

  • Nice day all round. Ali - try toothpaste for the saddle.

  • Longest bike session to date this morning in glorious sunshine. Skirted along the coast then through villages on the outskirts of Kendal, then through Windermere and through Ambleside into the Langdale Valley before retracing my steps. Really enjoyed it and felt strong all the way. 56miles in 3hrs 30. Happy days.
  • Good going SlokeyJoe, sounds like a scenic route.

    LSR done, legs felt heavy after yesterday's bike session but still managed 20k in 1h:32m. Rest day much needed tomorrow

  • LSR done, owwwwwwwwwww my legs they ached before I set off so knew it wouldn't be fun. But tis done only covered 6 miles but good practise of the Ironman shuffle!

  • Went for a hilly 28 miles with friends this morning, then the thought of missing Febulous kicked my arse out the door and I've just done a steady 9.25 miles.

    Can I get away with a 4 hour T2 on the day?

    Now it's pizza time image
  • it was beautiful here......a lovely long bike ride witha group so faster than i could ever do on  my own.legs felt better than expected

  • Seren would I have past ou today? I was in the car going to Cardiff, passed a lot of bikers going between Merthyr and Brecon, I think one had an Ajax top on.

    Went for a swim today, got there and the pool was closed unitl 2:30 because of water polo so had to kill a few hours in the cinema watching things being blown up image
    2k in the pool, was having bad cramp in my hands so cut the swim short.

    Followed by a flat run along a canal tow path, nice and easy 10 miles.

  • 30km road run in the lovely sunshine! Febulous target hit for the week
  • might of....we had 5 groups out from ajax going that way as it was the reliability 100.......also joined by a few other clubs..i was  in the slowest group but we were averaging 16 mph.............i wasn't in my pirate top though although i had my pirate water bottle image

  • 2.7k swim and an hours run.......and a game of squash where i got injured

  • no  'just a red mark on my ribs which happens to be the size of a squash was his only chance of getting a set off meimage

  • 3k swim (then I hr turbo with 'pick ups') ... 3k ... THREE KAYYYY -

    last May I started with a couple of lengths
  • well done britskyimage

  • well done britsky............

    I have just loked at fink for this come i didn't notice that on the cmpetitive stage he goes from 1 to 3 brick sessions a week..thats an extra run, bike and swim a week.........

    I know i won;t do the extra swim...but I now really need to get a bit more organised.......image

  • ruh oh scooby step up week and I'm poorly. Off work yesterday with tummy upset which was OK as it was rest day but still not right today so no early morning swim. Add to that two social events wiping out 2 evening this week and no idea how I'm going to get it all done. Can't take any more time off work this week either.

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