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  • currently carrying a calf injury (and man-flu). dont know whether i've pulled it or it's a shin splint or what.....i blame Cake for making me do that fell run - havent felt the same since...anyhoo - anyone got any advice for shinsplints?  is the answer 'just rest it'?  am ok on the bike and swimming but running impact causes big pain

  • JD, is it your calf or your shin?

    "shin splints" usually present on the inside edge of your tibia i.e. on the inside edge of your shin where the muscles / fascia join on to the bone and can be sore to the touch OR lower down on the outside of the shin about a hand width above your ankle and can feel more like a dull persistent ache in your anterior tibialis (muscle running down the outside of your shin) (can you tell that I've had this before yet?). If your calf is sore you might have a calf strain...?
  • EP sports massage is what Ihad, oopps really should learn to use the right words. My neck was just general issues not helped by sitting at a computer all day long and I think simming aggrivated it as I've only just learnt FC and was craining my neck to breathe.

    Shin splints for me wer solved by rest and then walking my runs for a month before I started running them to get used to the impact I guess?

  • Ali if you are straining your neck to breathe in the pool you are doing it wrong. The head should just rotate with the rest of the body to allow you to breathe. No neck discomfort should come from that. More likely bike position or work as you say.

  • For my shin splints I had to rest for a couple of weeks, also strengthing the shin muscle helped for me, never had them since. I used to either place a weight on my foot and curl my foot up, or attach a reistance band to a sturdy object and loop the other end around the top of your foot. slowly pull your foot toward your body, hold for about 5 - 10 secs and repeat about 10 per foot.

    Stretching and strengthening the calf is also supposed to help.

    This site shows the some exercises

  • Supposed to get out on the bike yesterday, forgot to clean it on the weekend because I had to get to the pub to watch the rugby, and now the front derailer has seized image.

    So missed yesterdays bike session.

  • Couldnt last more than 30 mins of the 100+RPM turbo session this morning.image Meant to be 75!! (wk 10, competitive) And nearly bailed even earlier. It is officially my least favourite session of the week. I think I need to modify it to somehow make it more interesting. I may dig out my Spinervals DVDs instead.

  • Slokey - it's kinda weird.  it's on the outside of my shin and also at the bottom of my shin where it joins the foot. iboprofen seems to help and i can feel it getting a bit less sore now.

    BBT - thanks for the link, will take a look image

  • JD, Sounds like your anterior tibialis - does it ache right through to your ankle if you press your fingers into the muscle about half way up the outside of your shin? You can strengthen it with the exercises that BBT describes above. Invest in a resistance band! Probably best to rest it for a little while and make sure you are not over striding / over flexing your foot when you run. Glute strengthening exercises can also help with prevention. Remember, a few days off now and a cautious return can prevent a 3 month lay-off if you ignore the warning signs. If its still niggling in a few days I'd recommend getting in to see your Physio to get a proper diagnosis. Hope it clears soon!
  • Nice night tonight.

    Very steady hour with club, slow running with a friend who is recovering from injury. 45 minute turbo, then a 15 minute brick to Sainsbury for the last few bits for tea. Trying to make up for missing the brick from yesterday.

    Hour bike and masters tomorrow

  • Morning all! I entered last night! I was training for forestman but hadn't entered and now the dates don't work for the support crew.  So i'm in! Better check the training plan (do I get 2 weeks off seeing as this is 2 weeks later?)

  • well done toro. Is this your 1st or have you done one before.

    2 weeks off. I can't wait for thatimage will be some time tho!


  • I seem to have got myself a place in the ride london 100image

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    How did you find out s snail? Was it Todays post or email?

    I applied too but not sure I want to get in
  • Having just read newspaper report last night that said they tell you on 15th I was quite surprised . Got a congratulations brochure like london marathon this morning. (mind you only ever had a commiserations one from themimage) Nothing for my husband tho either way. Don't think I really want to do it (4 weeks after Outlaw, will I really even want to see my bike that soon) and definitely won't if he doesn't get in.

  • Never done one.  I have done 1 x Sprint 2011 (Last out the water - I was a 25-29 yo slender male), 2 x Olympic last year in 2:44.  I am in the London Marathon training for sub 3.  Should be fun! 

  • EP do you have to be a member of facebook to do that?

    I'm signed up to do Florence marathon in november and need a medical certificate. Drs phoned today to say it would be £85. I amimageimageimage 3 years ago it cost £20 and the doctor didn't even see me

  • Just go to prudentialridelondon site. Click ballot, pay now, log in and it comes up cancelled reg or you can pay.
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    we regret to advise you that your application to cycle in the ride london-surrey 100 has been unsucessful.

    Phew, thats a relief with outlaw so close, but I expect it would be a fun event

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    I have been looking ahead at next 10 weeks of Fink and was surprised that the long rides are all 3 to 4 hours and dont increase beyond that until the final 10 weeks, so I then looked at the begginer triathlon site and there free plans were similar.

    I guess they know what they are doing but might be tempted to do a bit more if I feel up to it.

  • Snail ...i'm in too !

  • Horse and Me are signed up for The Blackpool half marathon on the 24th Feb, anyone else doing it.
  • If you can longer bike rides without killing yourself then I would honk
  • I'm in the London ride, somewhat worried now but deep down I want to do it. Just the logistics I'm worried about.

    Neck is much better, I know I should rotate my body when swimming, still working on that!

    Brick session completed, including a snowy 15 min run.

  • image EP, I've had a similar experience this weekend too. Brick yesterday, 1hr05 on the bike & 30min run, all felt really good at the time, didn't feel knackered afterwards, and got up this morning with no pain or stiffness in my back and hips and feeling quite sprightly. Most odd.

  • 1:15 run done, 7.5 miles. It may be short in miles and time but it was snowing when I set off, I have wet feet (almost guaranteed blisters) and I'm cold and damp.

    First time I've ever done over 20 miles in a week. At one point I'd be lucky to manage that in a month image

    I do think hear rate training has a lot going for it.
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