Fink for outlaw 2013



  • 10 miles run done. It's cold out thereimage

    I'm finding brick sessions hard to fit in so from Sunday I'll do the one before the run and the one after the bike but that will have to be it for now.

    Ooh shiny new bike. I'd like one but no matter what angle I come from I can't justify itimage

  • i bought this one in december on the cycle to work hasn't even got any pedals on yet,...waiting for the fitting and the spring to come......its the same as my old one but they have changed the gears a little bit..........I'v e had my old planet x 2 1/2 years and have used it as a winter and summer bike..........last year i did a fair few miles training for the double so I think i need a new one.image


  • Just to clarify that the Fink plan only has 2 brick sessions, the bike and the long run are separate sessions if you are sticking religiously to Fink.

    Are you going over to Bike Science in Bristol Seren? He did a great job on my fitting.

  • oh right BBT....i read that session wrong....don't see the point in doing a shorter bike before the long run unless you put them together really...........image.will reread what he says........

    yes BBt Bike science.must get up early........he only did the basic fit on my old bike and that was a really good job so was not willing to get on my new bike until he has fiddled with it

  • Just realised that its a cutback week next week............imageimageimage

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    Nice, strange that its just 2.5 hour cycle this week though?

    I've had plenty of time to train this week and done all the fink sessions plus a bit extra including the rest day already. Shall do some additional cycling tomorrow maybe with a short run brick added on.

    Must try to cut back next week though
  • i don't look at how long finks long bike ride is.......I make up my own....image

  • Struggling to find the time with work and family myself. This training doesn't half put strain on your personal life!
  • I'm finding it difficult to get all teh sessions in. The next two weeks will be really hard as I'm travelling around between hotels and working in teh day and at night. I've been looking for local tri / swim / run clubs but they only have sessions in evenings - which is when I'm working.

    Kendal, Liverpool, Sheffield, Stoke this week

    I know one hotel at least has a pool, but its 12m long image I'm just going to have to try and focus on the run sessions, get a good long bike on Thursday (hopefully the 63 nile Cheshire Cat route) and then make up swim sessions on Friday / Sat / Sun.

    Roll on 2 weeks when I get back to bristol and access to sensible swim sessions

  • You're not crap EP. It is bloody cold out there! You'll get out Welshmen it's warmer
  • You got out, EP, and that's the main thing, and that's not a failure

  • afternoon.long bike done with club.thats the 3rd in the row.......will be strange to go out wednesday and do one on my own again

  • How far to another pool ... is it worth a longer drive for a longer swim?

  • 10.5 miles at pretty much 10m/m pace. I'm happy with that, especially as its blooming cold out there, I've got a bit of a cold coming, and I think I was suffering slight after effects from last nights party image

    Nasty headwind for a lot of the run, and seemed surprisngly uphill for a towpth. Not to mention the wet foot from losing a shoe in the mud image


  • Mad week this week missed 2 runs but did a 3 hr bike yesterday and a sprint duathlon today do not all bad managed the 3 swims image
  • How was the du?
  • how was the print du Ali.......i bet you din't stick to HR zones image


  • Finally running again. Not quite fully injury free but best week in 6months and hit every swim, bike AND run session for the first time this week. image
  • well done slokey Joe...

  • Good but very cold long bike yesterday followed by a 20 min run. My feet were numb for the whole run and I felt like I was running backwards it was so slow but when I looked at my times it was normal paceimage

    A good training week last week but away for the next weekend and 4 days offimage

  • SS.i thought my run pace was ok........but then after the 15 mins i looked at my watch and my HR was highimage

  • Finally managed to get out on the bike on Saturday morning, most of my training has been on the turbo.

    Managed 30 miles in 3 hours.

    Nowhere as good as I'd have liked and I had to walk the bike up two hills.

    I'm planning to try a flatter route on Thursday as I've got the day off so have time get out and put some bike miles in.

    Did my first race of the year yesterday. Yeovil Aquathlon. 12 minute swim for 500m, 31 minutes for the run including transition, really enjoyed it, especially flying down the steep hill on the way back to the finish.


  • well done on the aquathon JvR.......I would definitely get out on the bike as much as the weather allows for the long rides.the turbos really can't compare for the long can get away with shorter interval type sessions.........

  • long way of target for me now. switching to finishing unless i can double the duration of everything im doing my march


  • Du was fun but I was last by quite a margin 9 mins! Alos went back through previous years results and I'm officaly last of all of them.  Got a LOT to work on still! But I feel I erant some bonus points for turning up, after all it was snowing. HR was not in Z2 but don't quite know where it was a messed up my garmins and lost the bike info completly. All good practise though. image

    I think longer distances will suit me best. I'm a plodder not a sprinter. Was pleased with my snowy bike on Saturday though and got the garmin sat nav to work so all good.

  • Thanks Seren. I'm going to have to try and get out as much as I can during the time I've got available when at home. I was using the just finish plan anyway so I've looked at the number of hours that I have to do for each of the disciplines each week between now and the end of April. I'm going to aim to do the long ride for each week and then combine the rest of the week's cycling into a single ride. Hopefully this will be enough to improve my cycling enough for the day.

    I've had a brief discussion with one of the managers about how long I'm going to be working where I am. He's happy for me to go back to my normal office when I've had enough of the traveling, just as long as I give them a few weeks notice. I'm thinking that I'll stick with it until the end of April which will give me a couple months following Finks before July.

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