Thames Meander Marathon

I think I'd like to give this one another go in 2013. I believe that the organisers have earned a second chance. Their responses contrast starkly with those of the organisers of Rutland Water. Also, it'll give me the opportunity to shave some considerable time off the 2012 result hopefully.


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    Hi Paul, it's good to see you again!

    I agree - this race is definitely worth another go. I found the organisers absolutely fantastic and were more responsive, helpful and supportive than other Race organisations (I'm talking mainly the larger ones here).

    This one is definitely on my maybe list image
  • Hi Emmy. I just need to plan my next summer holiday carefully. It was quite tight this year (2012) as I'd been on a cruise ship for 2 weeks with no running facility other than a treadmill, less than 2 days before doing it.

    i can't decide whether just to risk the £27 anyway and hope I can make it on the day.

  • I really enjoyed it this year! Will probably think about it for a long run next year image

  • We did the half this year so water shortage not an issue but we are planning to do the marathon in 2013.. I think they are very nice people who would have learnt a big lesson from the shortage this year. Also will probably carry fluid ourselves

  • I'd like to echo all those sentiments. First thing I did after the 2012 marathon was to buy a couple of re-usable water bottles PLUS a Garmin Forerunner as I struggled to know how far I'd been running on the return leg until right at the end. That's why I'm looking to shave a big chunk off my race time in 2013.

  • I'm running the royal parks ultra in October, and debating to do this Thames Meander. Worried it may just to hot in August though?

    Odd there's no review on RW for this race though? What's peoples thoughts?
  • I did this race as my first marathon the later slower runners were running in the pouring rain and were not affected by the water shortages and they have cake crisps and power bars at the drinks stops.  The race director on his bike let me finish the race. Don 't let the water shortage put you off  it is a fantastic marathon course for beginners and also the more competive runner.  Its all along the Thames Path and very pretty.  The food afterwoods in the canteen is great and the encouragement from the other runners and marshalls is it is an out and back course.  I will do this race again and can recommended it as a really good First Marathon course.  I will always be thankful for the race director letting me finish as the cut off time was 6hours 30 and I finished in 6 39.  A small act of kindness that ment the world to me.  The finishers medal it the best one I ve had its big chunky and race specific if you like bling. 

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    Hello Twinklestar!

    It's so nice to hear from you. Have you been doing any training since the Thames Meander?



  • I'd planned on doing this last year as it does look a great event but was ill and injured all summer. I remember reading about the problems last year but even that negative point tended to be offset with commenst along the lines of "but it was still a great event". I also remember  reading very fair reponses from the organisers that really impressed me.

    I'm  not 100% certain yet but think that I'll be there this year, I love the look of this event.



  • Thinking about doing this this year as my first marathon, I've done loads of halves and about time I stepped up my distance. Sounds like a friendly event though?
  • Me too. Never done a marathon before, so the generous time limit appeals, as does the off roadness, scenery and so forth. And you're all sounding so positive! May have to go for it.

  • I think this is a perfect first marathon. Out and back, pretty course, great camaraderie from all the runners, great value! Trying to work things out, as really want to do this again......ergh!!! Can't believe things are clashing already...I really like it's on a Saturday, as well, time to recover for Monday.

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    I can agree to it being a really friendly and lovely race. The scenery is good, the people are lovely and it's out and back. I found road shoes to be OK... although if there's lots of rain - you might need trail shoes on some of it.

  • Right you're on. (Where's my credit card?) image


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    See you on the start line image

    Just to re-emphasis: the organisers of this race are 'real' runners and they're looking to put on a good race for us. The marshals are lovely, friendly and despite a few issues last year - did *everything* they could to help (including going into a pub and carrying a heavy water bottle back). The start/end is at a school (or it was this year) and you can use the showers, enjoy the tea/coffee/food and generally not feel 'rushed'.

    Another reason I like this race (and this may sound silly) was because it was the first race I had been to where people spoke to me. I'm a little quiet but I found that everyone was chatty and willing to talk and around the route the faster runners encouraged you if they were already on their back section.

  • Thanks to you all for your wonderful support. This years race will be the best yet. We had a pretty big field of runners last year so we had a problem with a water shortage on a couple of checkpoints which were difficult to re-supply very quickly, baring in mind some guys were filling up with hydropacks the 40 liters at each checkpoint soon went so we're going to double up this year and there will be extensive markers so no-one should have any issues on this pretty straigh forward out-back course. The bespoke medals will dazzle that's a promise and of course it'll be Chip Timed and Race Photo's will be on sale at very reasonable prices post race the You Tube Feeds I'm sure you'll agree from last years race were great : anyway rest assured we'll do our best to make your day very special, believe me I take it personally to do the best I can in all departments to make you guys happy ! We'd love to see you there again and for those that haven't done it believe me you'll love it.     

  • I'm interested in this event, is it a good event to try for a pb? I've only done one marathon before and finished in just over 4 hours. Would this event be a good marathon to target a sub 4 hour finish time?

    Any advice is much appreciated.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Matthew,

    I found the course really flat. There's only one hill (you go down it at the start and up it at the end) that was a bit of a killer after 24 miles but apart from that it was a decent route. The only factor I could see as being slightly working against you is that it's not closed roads and there are public on the path as well (so if you're super speedy - i can  imagine that might be a factor).

    @Dave - It's great to hear that we'll have Rich back photographing! He got some great pictures last year and they were really reasonably priced.

  • Hi Matthew

    Thanks for the message, the course as Emmy says is 90% flat and is abd out and back course through Richmond Park and then along the Thames Path to Putney Bridge and back to the school where you get a nice hot meal and your lovely medal. Ithink if its a nice sunny day, not to hot you wont have congestion issues as you would on a big road marathon course. In terms of PB potential its not pancake flat on just the penultimate hill but apart from that its flat/downhill so I think you could well achieve a PB. Aside from that its a lovely, scenic course and I think youd really enjoy it. Have a look at the You Tube feeds on the above link and tell me you're not inspired to run it PB or not PB ! Thanks Emmy for your feedback too it will be great to see you again and its going to be bigger and even better than last year.Hope your training goes well Matt & Emmy.
  • I'm one of those weird people who swears by (and frequently at) cold baths after long runs. Does the hosting school have a swimming pool that they'd let us use, or is it a case of make do and have a cold shower?

  • David I do want to run this, are entries open yet?

    Also are you going with the same sort of prizes? I was thinking of using the race as a long run again this year, but might race it if you are offering some other vouchers. Ashstead is a bit far from us image

  • Hi Curly, The entries are open now, go to the webpage for information  we are planning on having the same prizes, the vouchers I believe can be used online, will check this for you. Would be good to see you there.

  • Cool thanks image

    Will enter asap as loads of buzz about the race on facebook recently - dont want to miss out!!

  • Hi Mel, we'll await your e-mail image

    Yes, Curly the vouchers can be enabled to be used online so you can shop from the comfort of your armchair image

  • I am in image

    Curly I'm in Ashtead, you & Magpie could come over to me & go for a run on the Downs, then it's 5 mins from me to the shop. A run & a bit of retail too, what could be better?!
  • Worst marathon out of 22 I have run.  Directed the wrong way by no less than 5 marshalls. They marked the route with orange chalk on a red/orange sand path! The organisation was so bad they ran out of water too!  I would not recommend this race to anyone. 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Gabs - when did you run it? 

  • I have read all the comments about this event on here, and notwithstanding Gabs' commentsimage, I have entered this one. The main thing for me will be the weather in late August.... Here's hoping for a relatively cool day!


    This will be my third marathon, my last being the London Marathon in 2009, I am really looking forward to a smaller, friendlier event!

    Best of luck to everyone else in the event, please continue to post updates on how your training is going etc!


  • Well it was going fine until Feb 17th, when I caught the office lurgy, and have only just got rid of it. My nice solid training base has just taken a nosedive. image


  • Hi, all am thinking about entering this as my first full marathon, have run a couple of HM's and I really like the look of the course - not completely flat and not all on roads which is a bonus. My only concern is upping the distance through the summer months although as it appears that we have entered a new ice age maybe the summer training won't be so bad image

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