Reading Half Marathon

Morning all,

Yes, I know it's early, but entries have now opened for the Reading Half Marathon.

2nd March 2004 (a week early this year!), new course, new start, new finish. Faster and flatter. All sounds good to me - let's hope this fixes some of the problems of yesteryear.

So, we going to have another large forum presence at this one?



  • V

    The website says that it is taking place on the 7th March, which is the same date as the half marathon at Silverstone. Divide and conquer I guess.

  • Beat me to it Venom :-)

    I've entered.
  • so what date is it? Now very confused!!
  • It's the 7th Spans

  • Er, yeah, 7th March is that I meant. Well the keys are very close together...

    Sod Silverstone as far as I'm concerned (personal opinion there, don't shout at me).
  • Running round a flat windy race track in the middle of nowhere or running round Reading with is many and varied spectators, comfy hotels and nice restauants.

    Tough call, NOT :-)
  • Any way I'm interested to see if they cock the start up at Reading again.
  • thanks venom

    just entered this through the website as silverstone was an absolute nightmare last year for the traffic getting in and out and the course is very very very boring
  • I don't whether I will do this one or not this year as I am doing Bath the following week so will need to do a long run instead... however I might come and support... will decide this weekend!
  • Spansy, spansy, spansy...

    RUN IT!
  • but it won't work with my training... but I will think about it... are you sure you are fast enough to race me though?!
  • (snigger)

    Oh... I'm sure ;)
  • does this mean I have to organise the pasta party again?!

    count me in (hopefully) as by then my foot should be healed properly
  • excellent new course - though I won't be able to walk to the start this year! flat for the last 4 miles great!
  • Yes please Fraggle :-)

    I'm going book my place at the holiday Inn too.

    I hopefully will be going for my sub 2hr as I didn't get in to Bath :0(
  • I might wait to see whether RW put the Sutton Park 20-mile training run on the same day as they did this year. If not, I'll be there.
  • from what I recall of comments on this forum after both the last two years at Reading, and 2003 at Silverstone, both were subject to severely delayed starts and othe problems.

    why bother with either then when there are so many other smaller but well orgainsed club halves at that time of the year?
  • Aw poor JJ! - there's room here if you want to stay over the night beforehand
  • Snoop, it's a good race. sure it was delayed, but you can't blame the organisers for firemen, policemen and other marshalls not turning up can you?
  • The 'problem' area that caused the delay last year is now going to be near the start (as it's moved) - so they should be able to get us away without the locals getting too ratty
  • and besides after the recent spate of shootings in Reading do you think any of us are going to hang around too long?!!?
  • Was going to add that I wasn't meaning in your area Fraggle! Besides we are all visiting in December as well so we are not the scared!!
  • Scared? Scared? I'm not scared!!!
  • The start has moved so I need a different hotel.

    Could Fraggle or Pixel scout the area for us :-)
  • Erm, think might be nicer staying in Caversham again rather than Whitley....
    though there are probably a few hotels near the University, so will look into it for you JJ
  • Anyone else having problems entering this - it's saying entries are closed - surely not already? What am I doing wrong?
  • Donna - no, no problems. Follow the link on the front page, click on "enter" at the top of the page, and there's your entry form.
  • Donna

    Are you using Venoms link on page one?

    I've just tried it and got straight to the application form.
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