2013 Marathon Thread



  • IJ,

    That's a feat!  Well done.


    Well done on everyone's training & good luck for the weekend's races.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Good luck for Sunday Jason !image

    OH sorry to hear the Xmas night out was cancelled.  Good luck if the XC is still on tomorrow

    HM have fun at the parkrun - are you dragging Chris along?

    Stuart nice easy 6m.  My 5k+3' comment was an admission to the Haddites on here that I can't get my HR down to 70% at the moment.  Hadd said to jog at 5k + 3' until it gets down - but he was talking flat or track, not icy hilly runs.  Like Stewart said, if you're not losing form then stick with it slower - the key is to build endurance without injury.image

    Fiona well done on the 11m.  Snow alreadyimage

    Stewart well done on the treddie and BB.  I've still got the cold but it's above my chest so I'm still running.

    IJ enjoy your evening !


    1m w/up then 3.25m of rolling 200m at 6:27mm / 200m recoveries at 8:49mm, albeit on the treddie (difficult to do on the street as I need to constantly check the distance on the Garmin).  image

  • Tek - Nice intervals again, it does seem like a run thats more suited to a treadmill(or track) than out on the road.

    Given what you at Stewart have said, I think I'll just keep plodding along at 10:00-10:30s then. Seems to be keeping the achilles more manageable anyway.

    IJ - Good luck on avoiding the hangover tomorrow.

    Stewart - Hope the foot is better, well done on the run and BB.

    Fiona - Nice running, you're really starting to pile the miles in now.

    OH - You never know, the flooding might have frozen over this weekend imageimage


    Hour an hour or so upper body weights and 32x25m swim for me this afternoon. Meant to have a full rest day, but barely slept and needed something to amuse myself with.

    Perth parkrun tomorrow. Hoping for a PB and to beat my brother. I'll settle for the latter, although it's unlikely...

  • IJ hope you manage to survive the 2nd night out

    HM, good luck at parkrun tomorrow

    Tek, good session on the treadie, 

    SM, well done with the gym and swim sessions today, hope the underfoot condition in Perth aren't to bad, 


    Decided to do my 11 MLR I missed on Wednesday, once again the foot was a little achy but didn't get any worse during the run, it was a little slippy underfoot and it was snowing too image

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Impressive training all

    Good Luck Sunday, Jason

    Stewart - sounds promising
  • Tek & Stewart,

    That was the intention and he was looking forwards to it.  But unfortunately he's done something to his back.  So he wants to go out for a run/walk longer than 3 miles tomorrow which is why I'm not going to it.  He's said he wants to go the next Saturday I've got off.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • 10th at a very slippery Perth parkrun. No idea on time as Garmin wasn't working. Gym once I get back to Falkirk.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart well done on the X-training yesterday, and well done on the parkrunimage

    Stewart well done on the 11m MLR, glad the foot survived ok

    mace hi

    HM hope Chris feels better soon


    8.5m easy with the club this morning.  Tomorrow we're doing a controlled 15m run to test a sports supplement (dissertation study for one of our members). image 

  • Fiona Well done on your 11, fortunately warmer down here

    Stewart C hope your foot is okay

    Jason good luck tomorrow

    SM6 good park run result image

    Tek nice easy one for you today, hope you are clear of the bugs now

    18 m this morning @ 8.43 av , cool and breezy
  • SM, well done with the parkrun this morning

    Mace, how has the first week of P & D gone hopefully better than mine

    Tek, well done with the club run, enjoy the 15 tomorrow

    MG, great long run today building nicely


    Was out for my 9 mile GA run this afternoon about two miles in I felt my calf on the right leg getting tight, I spotted a wall a 100 yards up the road so I thought would give it a stretch, just before getting there I felt a popping sensation and some pain, had a lovely 2 mile walk home, it is a bit sore now image

    The plan is to rest it for at least a week, I'll do some cross training at the gym instead next week hopefully I haven't done too much damage.

  • Stewart - Hopefully the rest does the job. Remember that it's probably worth having the full week off, even if the pain is gone is a couple of days. 

    MG - Cracking long run this morning

    Tek - Good running today, and that sounds like quite an exciting outing tomorrow image

    HM - Hope you manage to get out tomorrow.


    Times from parkrun still not up, but I've seen a guy (who looks like the guy who finished right in front of me) put his time up on Fetch, as 19:36. So I'd be around 19:40. Given the underfoot conditions I should be happy with that, I'll need to see how last weeks times compare to todays. My footwear completely stuffed me on the (half mile?)section of frozen grass, I found it almost un-runnable. Confident enough that I lost 20 seconds or so.

    Gym once I got back. Some quick and light squats and deadlifts, and wee bit of core work.


  • Stuart,

    Well done.




    Well done on everyone's training.

  • That's an impressive parkrun time Stuart, well done. image

    Teknik nice speed session the other day, good to use the treadmill for these.

    Stewart I hope that is nothing serious! The rest will be good and at this stage you'll be fine.

    MG1 nice 18 miles.

    A short run for me today, 5.53m including six 2 minute efforts. Truly pathetic pace especially into the wind but it's a start! A longer run planned tomorrow. image Got my marathon plan! imageimageimage 


  • Well done on the windy intervals, I really really hate running when it's windy. Hope the longer run goes well todayimage


    13.2 windy miles to bring the weeks total to 30 miles. HR pretty high, might be because I get really wound up running into the wind, dunno why. I keep running faster than I want to, can't settle down. 

    Tough week ahead planned, with hopefully 2x12 and 1x20 in there.

  • Know the feeling Stuart, nice run there. Great run this morning, a few of us out so just a nice easy run with lots of chat, 15 miles so 50 for the week. image


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    MG nice 18 miler yesterday

    Stewart ouch, rest up, ages to go still so recover properly

    Stuart fantastic parkrun time, and well done on the windy MLR today

    HM thanks

    Fiona nice easy 15m, well done on hitting 50m and good to see the plan is doneimage


    Difficult run today.  15m with a stop every 3m to take a supplement that one our club members is testing for her dissertation. It looked and tasted like bird seed in a cup of water. I felt nauseous after about 6m and then dizzy after about 9m.  Plus my club-mates (none of whom have broken 4h for a mara) were running at 8:3x pace.  I ended up averaging 81% maxHR (way too high) just hanging on the back of the study group.  

    The worst thing is I've got to do the same thing next Sunday - I can only hope I didn't get the placebo this week!image  49.2m for the week...

  • Tek,

    Sounds delightful.


    Well done on everyone's training.  No running for me today.  We went Christmas shopping instead.

  • In 2013 I have averaged 20 miles per week and I ran 3 marathons in 3h15m(Jun), 3h19m(Aug) and 3h9m(Oct) respectively. My current weight is 170 pounds and I am 5'10". 

    I am hoping for a sub 3 hour and 5 minute marathon time or 7 minute mile averaged pace marathon around 3 hour and 3 minute time in 2014. 

    Will losing 10 to 15 pounds in addition to running 5 to 10 miles extra per week help me get closer to running a better marathon time?


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM well done on the shoppingimage

    RoadWarrior welcome.  Those are great marathon times, particularly on what I hope you won't mind me calling tame mileageimage.  Ramping up the miles will definitely help with the weight loss and your mara time.  There's a tool on www.fetcheveryone.com that lets you compare mileage stats - for a 3h05 mara, + / - 5 mins, the median is 42 mpw (but that would include taper weeks, so peak weeks are at least 50 mpw).

  • RoadWarrior,

    They're good times.


    Thanks.  My hip is suffering a bit because of all the walking.

  • Stuart great park running image and nice run yesterday image

    Fiona nice weeks milage, sounds like you have your plan, whens your race?

    Tek still a good run yesterday and a impressive weeks mileage image

    Road warrior as others have said fast times for the mileage you did in training

    Nice early morning 10 m today @ 8.26 av , pleasant cool conditions. My mileage is only mid thirties right now but race isn't until the end of May so about 22 weeks away from Jan 1st, yet to get my plan together.
  • Still fairly dreich here - shortish birthday run when Els gets back from PO.

    Wandering about slipping in a (1st) parkrun on way down to Edinburgh next Saturday

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM hope the hip is a little easier today

    MG nice early 10 miler.  Which race are you planning?

    OH happy birthdayimage


    3.5m easy recovery run this morning.  HR nice and low downhill, spiking badly still uphill. 

    Is it time to get the 2014 race list started?image

  • Happy birthday OH image

    Tek come on you know you love being the list organiser 

    RW welcome

    Some good long runs done over the weekend by everyone, except me ? all I have done is eat and drink red wne !


    P&D 18 weeks schedule officially starts today, with a rest day!! bugger that ! with the weekend I have just had I had to do something , so nice easy 5 mile really chilly and foggy, love it.

  • 9 miles done in brisk (gusting 30 kts) wind. Some blue sky and dry but felt cool!

  • Tek,

    Thanks, it does appear to be easier.  I'm planning on going for a run tomorrow to see what it's like.


    Sounds like you've had a good weekend.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • RW, this year I have lost 19 lbs (now about 8 st 8 lbs for my iccle 4 ft 10) and have also massively upped my mileage (2012, about 1040 miles, 2013 1800 miles so far...). This has allowed me to thrash all PBs - 5k by 2 mins +, 10k - by 4 mins, 5 miles, 10 miles - by 7 mins, 1/2M - by 5 mins (and having not got close for 18 years!) - 30k, 20 miles and marathon - by 26 mins.

    So yes, lose weight by no more than 1 - 2 lb a week and up your mileage steadily too. You'll be flying sub 3 hours if you can get around 11 stone!

  • OH - Happy birthdayimage Good running earlier.

    NN - A plan that starts with a rest day sounds a good plan to me image Are you doing the up to 70 mile plan?

    Tek - Nice easy run this morning, and nice total last weekimage I think it must be about time for the new years race list;)

    MG - Good 10 mile run. Still plenty of time to get the mileage built up for you!

    RW - Those are fantastic time, especially off such low mileage.

    Fiona - Good total last week, sounds like an enjoyable long run on Sundayimage


    30 minutes upper body weights in the gym this morning, and 6 mile run tonight. Hadn't planned to run, but didn't sleep this afternoon so won't be able to run tomorrow morning. HR a wee bit higher than it has been, but not by much.

    Clocked up 1500 miles for the year nowimage

  • Happy Birthday OH! image

    Teknik don't think I could have taken anything on the run yesterday. image

    Welcome RW. Weight loss - if only!

    MG1 plenty of time to increase the miles. image

    NN sounds like good conditions for a run - scary seeing the P & D schedules starting! My plan starts with a double. image

    Nice annual miles Stuart. I am trying to figure out what day is best to do weights when training for London, not that I do much but it does make the legs heavy.

    4 easy TM miles for me tonight the calf a bit trashed after yesterday's run!


  • Tek I am running the Stockholm M at the end of May and then illness and injury permitting Jersey M in October.

    Come the new year will start to ramp up the miles ready hopefully to peak in May just need to set my goal time and pace.
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