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  • Moo was at the paediatrician today. He is seen again in 2 weeks for a development review, and a decision about his weight. If he hasn't picked up enough weight he will need a feeding tube. The Dr is concerned that it will be affecting his development
  • oh by eck, that will be tough.

  • If Franny is around I'm sure she will enlighten us all a bit more, but really we are facrd with a happy intelligent child who simply isn't getting all he needs. The concern is that putting in a feeding tube will discourage hIM from eating, and actually eating is not just about calories for children. Ee use the same muscle groups for speech (think about not just the face but the tongue) and it is a very social event, especially in our hhousehold which is just pure crazy. It's lovely sitting down on the sofa together, all 4 of us squished in, with moo hogging ths popcorn.

    She is also going to check his development as ee know that he was delayed st 18months and is still showing delay.
  • Oh Byeck, another two weeks of worry and indecision. Sending you all hugs.

    Jude - really hope your day is better.

    My Dad was a soldier and served primary in Belfast in the early 70's. He left just before I was born and became an ambulance man, but my whole childhood he was very much a soldier. A great dad and adventurous even when he became disabled, but the army mentallity and experience played a huge role in our family. Most for good, but some for worse.

    Have just finished my second essay! Hurrah! Need to go for a 10 miles run but I haven't eaten for 6 hours so probably not a good idea just now.... will see about it later tonight after Smidge's birthday tea.

  • byeck- Hope all goes well and Moo is ok.

    Jude-That is terrible as MC says I suspect it is hard being a Western woman in Turkey at times. I don't blame hubby going to the school.

    Well I am away for the weekend so won't be posting from tomorrow until Monday so while the cats away.... image

    Please to say that I have done my longest ever run of 16.9 with the lady from my club who overtakes me in races....managed it in 2.25 with mile 16 in 7.52 so can now enjoy the weekend and feel satisfied. 

  • Afternoon

    Golly it has been busy with news on here.

    First of all Jude thats a shame about your horrible day at school and then topped off byb hearing about your girl being bullied...I hope she is ok and you..sending you lots of hugs.

    Chilli..such a shame about the disco...my 1st disco was when I was 12...I think...Younf Franny junior went when he was alot younger as that is percieved the norm now...he never went and danced though...lol..more interested in the tuck shop and running around...when it cameto big school he had quite frankly had enough of discos as did the rest of their year and they didn't want any despite being offered.

    MC...hope you get the right results about your knee....worrying times though I suspect.

    By'eck...Aw poor Moo but you know I think a feeding tube won't be a bad idea as it will take the stress away from you ensuring he is eating enough calories to maintain his weight..This way he will be able to enjoy the food that you give him and in my experience this always works bettter in the long run...Big hugs

    AF...enjoy your weekend away image and well done on your 16.9 mile run and last mile at 7.52m/m   I would be dead if  i did that after 15 odd miles LOL you are gonna be great at the marathon.

    Well i have did my 1st double figure run of the year 12.5 miles and it was such a lovely day to be out image Before my run though had a Chico walk for 1 hr and after run/lunch it was another Chico walk for another hour.( been out on my feet for 4hrs in total)..phew...I am gonna put me feet up now I think and have a nice cup of tea..Anyone want to join me??????

    Enjoy the birthday tea Chilli and hope you get out your run.

    Hello to Ecky,Louise,RR,Mr Byeck and Mr Chilli,Rocker,Tom,Matt and

    Deejay...how are things going with you at the moment..been thinking of you

  • Franny-Well done on your 12.5 miler & Chico walk. What's with imageimage You can be in charge for leading everyone astary in CRAC towers while I am away.  


  • by eck , thats a shame to hear about Moo needing a tube but theres plus and minus i guess. as franny says itll take the worry away and ease the pressure for a while. itll get his hydration and nutrional needs up to a required level and make him feel better too. BUT , the fact still remains thats it is a temporary measure and they dont seem to be finding an answer that provides you and Moo with long term help. his development is most likely hampered yes as his feeding issues are distracting not only him but you from doing 'normal' things that you wsould do with a toddler.

  •  franny sis, aw loved your V day cards , especially from lickle Chico!

    well done on your 12 miles, i did a short 6 mile yesterday in my nooo inov8s. gawd me bum aches today!- or rather my buttocks ache lol

  • Boss, enjoy yoyr weekend. Dont worry about us. Loula and I will keep an eye on everyone.

    Franny,that sounds like a nice morning. I bet Chico loves having such an active mum. I think we need an up to date pic!

    Moo did show the Dr his lovely counting skills and even did a happy dance when she praised him. It was a little distracting.
  • Thanks for the comments. I am a bit surprised she is being bullied as she is considered quite cool by her friends. She changed classes this year though so she is mixing with new people.  (In Turkey children stay in the same class for 5 years and usually with the same teacher as well. So they all get very close.  Up until now she hasn't had any problems.) Anyway, she is at swimming at the moment so I don't know how today went yet. 

    Well done on your excellent runs AF, Franny and Loula and I hope you get a run Chili.

    By'eck - I don't know what to say really as I know nothing about such things but I realise it must be so hard and frustrating for you. Thinking of you and hoping for a solution. xx I'm sure his happy dance was very sweet.

    Off out to a Foreigners in Bursa meeting tonight.  Feeling very decadentimage Better enjoy myself while I can as I have to go to school on SUNDAY for a brunch with parents. Gosh, what fun that will be. (Can you hear the sarcasm?) Plus - What parents want to go to school on Sunday?

    Oh well, BFNx

  • Does the school provide a decent brunch??
  • Maybe they do but we have been instructed to eat beforehand and circulate...image

  • Nice!!

    Happy dance involved lots of giggling and food stomping. It was very very sweet image
  • blimey Jude, school on Sunday, what a pain!

    AF - well done on your run, you will be fab in the marathon. Enjoy your weekend away

    Franny - well done on yoru run and walks. 

    I turboed this morning and went to the gym after school to walk on the treadmill. Now, I know I can walk outside, but it is early days, and if my knee starts hurting I can just get off the treadmill, bit different if I am stuck a couple of miles from home. Did half an hour, and threw in a few little 1 min runs. Felt fine so may do the same tomorrow.

    by eck  - such hard decisions to make about moo. 

  • Well. all plans on going to the gym today have been scuppered.  My glutes are well and truly knackered after yesterday's football.  That was a really tough workout.  Sunday next gym session for me.  Perhaps more weights orientated, and perhaps a 3k run.

  • Well done Franny and AF - great runs.

    Minnie Mouse cake went down very well. Pink with white spots to match S midgies new Minnie Mouse dress. With black ears and pink bow on top.

  • happy birthday to smidgeimage

  • Happy birthday little smidge. I bet she looked sweet. Those cakes sound yummy
  • morning everyone

    off swimming in a bit

  • afternoon

  • evening

  • Nearly tea time!
  • where is everyone?

  • Training! Cycled to parkrun, ran round parkrun (with daughters) cycled home again. Legs were so tired I struggled to walk round the little town museum we visited this afternoon image

  • shoppingimage

  • New Shoozes, New Shoozes. I have some New Shoozes image

    I always wear Brooks GTS and buy them in the sale or last years version. Well for the Olympics they brought out some beautiful red, white and blue ones. I would stare at them in envy. Now they are out of date and more affordable. They are soooooo pretty. I'm sure they will make me run faster.

  • HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I hope everyone is okay.

    Oooooooh Chilli how exciting. as you know I love new shoosies image. I hope Smidge had a lovely Birthday.

    Sorry not been on again. Been so busy as it's little Eckys Bday on Mon and he had his partay today so been sorting that out. I cant believe he will be 11 and goes to secondary school this Sept.

    Did nearly 6 miles this morning with some track work tomorrow. Mr Ecky has next week off so will do my long run as he can cycle with me.

  • Hi all!

    Chili - Enjoy your shoes! They sound lovely.

    Ecky - well done on your run.

    I did a 4 miler yesterday while kids were training. Off to school this morning for brunch. Have a good day everybody.


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