Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • And in the spirit of sharing, here's the picture that really got me going as a spotty 12 year old.  I remember it distinctly from a Madonna calendar that someone had up at school.



  • well done mr by eck - can't see the picture, I am guessing it is being filtered by the school system!

    physio later today

  • Thanks mathschick.  Quite possibly on the school filters.  For information, the picture is the early 90s one of a pretty trim and young-looking Madonna wearing panties and jewellry.  Just panties and jewellry.

  • I can't see it either and I don't have filters.

    We're about to order our new cooker. I am so so so excited.

    In moo news, he is tucking into cod in tomato and red lentil sauce. Yum!
  • I can see it perfectly.  On the computer, not in my head...

  • Well done Mr Byeck

    Great news about Moo!

    AF - hope you have a lovely weekend (It's Miss Smidge by the way. All my four are girlies)

    Have just cycled 25 miles. This week my snickers bar, water bottle and toes froze. And I'm feeling in the mood for cheese on toast so that's on the lunch menu today.

  • Sorry Chilli- I should have remebered that Mr Chilli is a real ma siring just daughters!!!!!!! image Well done on your 25 mile cycle ride.

    Mr byeck- I have lovely visions of that photo!! Good news about Moo.Some great weight loss there. How many stones is that? I managed to lost 5 stones from Sep 09-May 2010 and have kept it off since.

  • Alistair Fitzgerald wrote (see)

    Mr byeck- I have lovely visions of that photo!! Good news about Moo.Some great weight loss there. How many stones is that? I managed to lost 5 stones from Sep 09-May 2010 and have kept it off since.

    Its a great one.  There are some other great ones of her out there - I actually think she looks really fit on the album art for Ray of Light, bit more mellowed and grown up.  30kg is 4.7 stone.  The full 35 will be 5.5 stone.  

    To be clear, I don't expect to be 87.9 tomorrow morning, but Friday morning after my gym session then would be good.

  • is this just 'the run turned madonna ' thread..or can anyone join in and talk about runningimage

  • * shimmies off in rara skirt and lace gloves singing * 'like a virgin' ...

  • ok ...maybe not that one then....

  • Afternoon

    Sleety snow and horrible here today.Glad it was a rest day today.

    Well done to all who ran/cycled today.


  • personally i like 'holiday' and material girl and open your heart, and VOGUE!!

  • Hi Lou sis....LOL....think she wore that cone shaped bra in that video.....image

  • I was jusr about to say the Holiday is one of my fave ones too....nice and upbeat image

  • loulabell wrote (see)

    * shimmies off in rara skirt and lace gloves singing * 'like a virgin' ...

    Exactly 'how' like a virgin?!

  • Mmmm.  I'm not shimmying anything off in this weather. 

    So after quivering weakly, looking at my TO 'plan', looking out of the window, and eating the last choclate covered peanuts, I plucked up courage and went out to do my 6 x 600m downhill sprints (but you have to get back up the hill again each time of course).  By the end of the first interval I was pretty warm, but during the last one cold white damp things fell out of the sky image.  Now gratefully back inside and glad tomorrow's easy 70 mins can be on the treadie. 

  • Well done Louise.  I was really quite glad that when I got out of the house a 6.50 this morning, I was heading to the gym, not off on an outside run.

  • well done Louise

    my by eck - running outside in the cold is good cos actually the running makes you pretty warm

    well, snow here is terrible, I left school a little early (didn't have a class last period) to go to my physio appoiintment, but the roads were so bad that it was obvious I wasn't going to get there , so when I got to the turning for hone came home, the last few miles were treacherous.

    so I guess I won't be going out to the pool either tonightimage

  • I like Madonna's music and my favourite is Ray of Light....For style, personality and music I prefer Pink though. 

    Sorry for the bad weather guys! It's been nice here today.  I had playground duty and although it was chilly there was brilliant sunshine. 

    Hubby has had an interview today which seemed quite promising. Although they were really looking for someone who could speak English and French noone had applied who knew both and that was out of 150 applicants.image

    I'm off to do a worksheet on transportation.image


  • my fave song at the mo is A*M*E - Play the Gameboy

  • Morning all!

    Happy Valentines Day! and Happy Singles Awareness Day!image

    Have a good one! xx

  • Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh! Child 1 is clearly growing upcoming but I didn't expect this. She persuaded her dad she wanted to send me a Valentine's card so he paid for it. Turns out she wrote it to herself signing it from a boy she fancies and was planning on taking it into school. When I asked her about "my" card (she did tell me she had a card for me when it was first purchased) she got really upset and now I'm the proud owner of a second hand Valentine's card and a sobbing daughter. She will have to pay her dad for the card. But what else do I do?
  • Morning

    Aw By'eck...how sweet.

    Jude..we went to see Pink in concert in Rotterdam a few years ago "funhouse tour" She was amazing Would defo see her live again.

    5 miles done and dusted this morning...Going long tomorrrow..well 12 miles image

    Off to Dunbar to see my wee mummy so it will be fun on the beach for Chico.



  • We need to have the talk about how lying can really backfire, especially in that way, and how 'outing' your crush to everyone else can go really really wrong...

    Anyway, football at lunchtime for me.

  • Morning,

    Happy Valentines day.

    5.1 quickish miles today and then, hopefully, 16 with the club tomorrow..then weekend away..

    Bye for now..

  • Enjoy your weekend AF.  Anywhere nice?

  • imagehappy valentines day!!! image image image

    crush? who has a crush?? i have a crush...image

  • image


  • afternoon everyone

    oh by eck, difficult situation! valentine's day is so stressful for kids

    been to the knee consultant, I did find it slightly amusing that there were loads of people in the waiting room hobbling around. Anyway, he is sending me for an mri and says depending on how bad it is it will either be an injection to the knee (I am guessing a steriod injection) or keyhole surgery

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