Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Morning Loula, I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day. Good Luck on your race too.

    Morning Mathschick. I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day too.

  • Whoops! Sorry Ecky.  Good luck to you! I know you'll be fab! And to you too Loula for the OX5.

    Hi MC! Have a good day!

    Louise - Enjoy your 60 minutes easy run.

    Happy Mothers Day! It's not celebrated here until May mind you so just a normal day for me.

    Did my 4 miles to the pear garden again with hubby on the bike. At one point we were barked out by a pack of five dogs and I was getting quite worried especially when hubby got off his bike and pulled out a knife.image There is no way I could run out of the village on my own....... 

    Now, I'm gonna settle down to some more school work.  5 hours done yesterday.....

    BFN have a good day all. xx

  • So we have AF, Ecky and Loula running today! image Go, Go, CRAC Team!

  • I'm Ba-ack. Well that's the first race I have done while its snowing. Fab course though of a 2 lap very flat route. I don't know my chip time yet but Garmin says that I did it in 56.41 so I'm really pleased. I felt really good and very strong. Just off for a hot soak now as its was freezing. The Sausage cob after was very welcome.

    I wonder how Da Boss is doing and our Loula.

  • Well done Ecky! That's a brilliant time!image 

  • Thanks Jude, I'm really chuffed. Just got my official chip time as 56.37 so very very pleased. I think that's a PB for me.

  • well done ecky - hope you have warmed up

    the kids didn't want us to do the orienteering with them, and I got a call from the hospital saying they had a cancellation and did I want to go for the mri early - so had it done, just got to wait now to be called back to the clinic

    freezing and snowy out there

    going to do my turbo session soon

  • Well done Ecky on your great time.

    Loula - hope all went well in your race.  

    Thanks for everyines good luck wishes. 20 mile race completed in 2.45.09 not sure of the offical time. Really pleased as I was aiming for 2.50 so it has given me confidence at doing a marathon under 4 hours. Full report tomorrow- oh and I am achey!  

  • Thanks Mathschick, yeh just had a lovely hot bubble bath and a cuppa. My running buddy had some mulled wine at the end but we forgot about it.image Glad you got your mri done. I hope you get sorted out now.

    Thanks Boss, wow you did brilliant. You will easy do a 4h Marathon. I cant wait to hear the report. You take it easy now.

  • I wonder how our Loula is getting on.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    wooohooooo well done Boss!!!!!!!! thats a fabby time !!! you are gonna blast the marathon!!

    my run for charity was very very very cold (snow) very very muddy and very hillyimage it was so muddy that where we all had to park ( on grass) was a mud bath and it was chaos on the way out. cars were stuck in mud ( NOT ME!!image)  and having to be pulled out by tractor or pushed out by other runners!!! eelk!! it took me longer to get out of the car area than it did to run the flipping thing!! it was started by the lovely Raymnd Blanc and one of the Drs from the Brain Dr series on TV at the john radcliffe hosiptal.

    i always do this event as all the proceeds go to the oxford childrens hospital and it was also my VERY FIRST run event ever that got me into running and gave me the bug , so it has a spoecial place in my heartimage i did 43 mins- freeeeeeezing!!!

  • Well done Loula. Hubby was worried as we parked in a field and it was boggy but we managed to get out with a bit of slipping. Sounds like a very special race for you too.

  • Wow! well done AF and Loula! You have all done brilliantly today.image

    MC - Glad you got your MRI done.  Here's hoping they can find out what's wrong now.


  • Oh!  Fantastic times Ecky, AF, LLB - inspiring!  Are we going to get detailed reports and pics?

  • brill racing AF, loula and ecky

    done my turbo session. I have done 79 bike miles so far this monthimage building up nicely. It has all been inside though because of the rubbish weather!

  • Fantastic running! Well done Ecky, AF and Loula. Wow! We have some great runners. imageimageimage

    MC - great tuboing and wonderful mileage. Hope the MRI results come back soon.

  • Evening all image

    Sorry i have been awol but have ben working and its been mega busy.

    Well doen AF on your fantastic epic longest miles and RACE of 20 miles..easy sub 4 for you Boss image

    Well done loula sis and Ecky for their races today too..fantastic

    And very well done to Chillis girl for her Parkrun PB..fantastic and also well done to Rocker

    Sorry if i have missed anyone but fantastic running training all round for CRAC team

    Have a good evening all image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    er, mine was a pootle round blenheim groundsimage

  • You have a pootle?!  Those are such cute little dogs. image

  • My messages keep going missing or getting chopped off. I asked loads of interesting questions and posted pictures of cakes. I am not happy

    I need to call the dentist cos j have a broken tooth but I dont like dentists and the receptionists aren't always nice.

    Miss by eck has decided she wants to b a nurse wheb,she is older. I wonder why...
  • Afternoon from a very snowy Edinburgh

    By'eck...I don't like dentists either but you will need your toothy sorted

    Just an easy 5 miles for me this morning.Got work in a bit.

    AF How are the legs after your epic run/race yesterday..hope not too achey

    Ecky..How are your leggies???

    Loula..what is a pootle???? LOL

    Have a good day everyone image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    hellooooo from a freezy Oxfordshire!!!image we have had bits of fluffy snow but nothing really buts its minus temps-wind bitterly cold. brrrrr.

    franny sis, a 'pootle' is a relaxed runimage hence, i had a pootle around Blenheim, ie im a lazy little tyke who couldnt be bothered to run hard image

  • afternoon from a frozen snowy nottinghamshire, can't believe it is March!

    by eck - you need to get a gorgeous young dentist like mine then you will be breaking your teeth on purposeimage but go and get it sorted before it starts hurting

    swimming tonight so long as the snow isn't too bad to get there

    had a boring inset day of doing admin work

  • Afternoon all...

    Remember me?image


    How is everybody? Just shooting through - sorry I've not been about much, but a combination of someone quitting work before Xmas, and doing lots of commuting means I don't seem to have much free time anymore!

    Quick round up of news - doing Grindleford Gallop has re-ignited my interest in running! Thanks for all your kind wishes, weather was much worse than last year, with rain, sleet, wind, mud... but I did knock 23 minutes off last years time, and came in under 4 hours, which I was happy with for 21 hilly trail miles in the Peak District. Other than racing - in 3 weeks time I officially move in with Liz image I'm moving down to Hertford, and will be commuting back 4 days a week, working from home on a Wednesday. Quite nervous, as it's the first time I won't be living in Wisbech since the day I was born, but... hugely excited and happy too.

    Other than that, not much to tell really, running hasn't been going that well...or that badly, but now I'm getting interested again so hopefully I'll have more to report. North Downs Way 50 next...

    Right, I'm off on my commute home again!

  • rocker!!!! great to hear from you, so happy things are working out with Liz, well done on the Grindleford gallopimage

  • Hi all!

    Don't want to rub it in but it was in the 20s here today.image Not that I got to see much of it mind you!

    Rocker - well done on your Grindleford gallop! And as MC said, it's great things are working out for you and your lady.

    By'eck - I don't like the dentist either.image

    Helping little un with his homework.....better get back to it.


  • Rocker-Great to here about you moving in with Liz and that you are a happy chappy.Well done on the Grindelford gallop and knocking 23 minutes off your time from last year.

    Franny-I am a bit achey today- will do a little run tomorrow.

    Cold and snowy and just had a horrible drive back from work. It's meant to be spring.  

    Thanks for everyone nice comments about my race ysterday - still feel good!  

  • Hi Rocker image Well done on the race yesterday. Can't wait for your house warming party image

    Well done to everyone who has run in the freezing temperatures, bitter wind and snow flurries. It was sooooo cold. Managed 5 miles though.

  • morningimage

    chili - well done for running in that cold yesterday. still bitterly cold here and more snow overnight, although I am glad I am not in Sussex by the look of the news!

    right, better get on with school workimage

  • Morning

    Rocker..Good to hear from you and well done on the grindleford gallop.Great things are working out for you and Liz.

    Jude..send us some of your warm sunshine please.

    AF...Thats great your feeling no ill effects of your 20 mile race..Enjoy your run today but take care if pavements bad.

    Well I was supposed to do my LSR today but a combination of feeling exhausted due to mega busy at work and the pavements being like an ice rink I have re-scheduled it until later in the week. Chickened out and went to gym but did do 7 miles on the treadmill on the rolling hills programme set at a medium/hard level. Boring but safer than falling on my backside outside and risking injury.

    Have a great day everyone and take care out on the roads.

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