Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Soo Spoooooooooooooooky AF..............lol...glad you enjoyes your 7.3 miles image

    Road Runner..............we would lurve to see the before and after pics...we will not forget you said that image

    Ecky...my balloons keep bursting when I blw em up and this darn banner keeps falling down...chuck me over the sellotape hunimage 

  • Ps, moo really likes bananas. As in really, really likes them, not allowed to eat more than 3 day
  • Oh No Franny *chucks the sellotape*

    Awwww Poor Moo. I hope he manages to stop being sick.

    Hi Louise.


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  • Awwwww, thanks guys. I'm being a bit wobbly thus afternoon cos I'm not sure we're doing the right thing with his feeds ie, are we giving him too much, too quickly
  • Here is a banana just for Moo



  • If your feeling brave go with what I said..it won't do him any harm and at least if it stays down its better than him throwing it up.image Can't believe they want you to do the same as last night when he quite clearly couldn't tolerate it. Or just decrease the rate which will take a wee bit longer obviously but at least that way you will know if he can cope with the volume or not...All trial and error and such a worry for you hun I know.try and keep positive as you are all doing briliantly.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

         WELCOME HOME MOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!imageimageimage

  • by eck - a tough time. if he like bananas let him eat them, they are really good for him. I always have a couple a dayimage

  • Wow it looks pretty here in CRAC towers. Franny you have done an amazing job!

    Byeck - hugs to you all, hope you sleep well and Moo is okay.

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone. Mr Chili is near Dortmund. He's having a good time but I think the timetable is pretty packed. I'm exhausted and to be honest it's a been a bit of a crumby day. Ran 5 miles in the sunshine and short sleeves which was lovely. But the swim this eve was a bit of a failure. Was teaching last night and again tomorrow but I am hoping to do a long bike ride in the morning.

    Best bit of news was the grade I just received from my tutor with a very rare word of praise so that has made me smile. Going to but the tesco delivery away and then find a packet of chocolate biscuits.

    Happy Running everyone

  • AW Chili..well done on your run ,busy busy schedule and then a swim..you are doing brillianlty so don't be hard on yourself and well done on the thumbs up from your tutor..you deserve it and yes why npt have a choccy bic but not the whole packet mind.....lol a little bit of what you fancy and all that imageimage

    Nighty night folks i am off to bed...very sleepy

    By'eck..hope Moo is okay and that feed is going well..not long to go now...hope he tolerates it okay.

  • Morning all!

    Just a quick check in before school to see how you all are.

    By'eck - hope the night went well and Moo kept everything down.  Thinking of you.

    Chili - well done for keeping on top of everything and for your good grade.

    Hi Franny, MC, Loula, Ecky, AF, RR, DJ, Nandy, Matt, Louise and all...........

    Went to son's guitar concert yesterday evening - was lovely.image Piano lesson tonight with my Polish student (she's been in Poland for the last month). No running to report.....no convenient time......

    Have a good day!  xx

  • Morning image

    Jude your children are so talented!

    Chili, what is it that you are studying? 

    By'eck - hoping to hear you and little Moo had a good night xxx



  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    morning all!!! hi Jude have a great dayimage

    by eck, hows moo doing? no sicky episodes last night i hope? if bananas are what the boy wants then let him have em i say!

    hi MC, boss,franny sis,ecky, chili (are you doing ridgeway run?) , mr by eck, nandy, louise, RRimage

  • morning all

    by eck - hope moo had a good night (and you) with no sick

    chili - well done, sometimes swimming can just feel wrong, but the next time you are in the pool you will be fine


  • No.sick, but no tube either. It came out this morning. Community nurse is coming out late this afternoon to refit it.

    I might get a run tonight
  • Afternoon,

    Franny-Great pictures!!! 

    Chilli-Well done on run & swim.

    byeck-Hope you get out latr and you have a good day with moo.

    Hi LLB,Jude,MC,RR,Louise etc...

    Did 6.3 miles this morning at 8.11 pace...but, i have a slight ache above my hip so will now take it easy for the rest of the week before Sunday's epic.  

  • Morning All

    Jude..such lovelybtalentedn kids..have a good day

    By'eck...did the little monkey pull it out during the night or before his feed finished??? Are they going to teach you how to re-pass it as the tubes often come out one way or another...Hope you get your run later

    AF..well done on your 6.3 miles today but take care of the achey hip...pleez

    Hi Loula,Ecky,Louise,nandy,mathschick,Chilli and all.

    5.5 fweezing miles today with 5 strides chucked in for good measure but WHERE has the milder weather gone?????? Hmmmm tomorrows long run is goona be a chilly rainy one i think image

    Have a good day everyone image

  • Franny- I will.Well done on your run. Mild down south.

  • It's quite mild here too. Well done on your run Franny. I'm looking forward to my long run on Friday.

    Moo's got a very snotty nose and it went all over the tape. I don't like leaving him with a messy face, especially as the tape was just hanging on. e sneezed as j was changing it...
  • Yep, it's 13 degrees here - that's almost shorts & T shirt weather!  Having to don the full winter gear is getting tiresome now, so I'm looking forwards to the milder weather.

  • it is really foggy and freezing hereimage send me some sunshine

    RR - really good to have you backimage

  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr still fweezing up here to MC...defo not shorts weather image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    was v chilly here this A.M but milder when i finished work- now looking chilly and cold out but miss LLB has decided to play out with her friend..image

  • 32 degrees in Dubai this afternoon when I went for my 2nd session.  I think SPring is here.

  • It's cold again here. Around 0 degrees this morning when I walked to the service bus. Lots of sunshine though.image

  • I ran image 4.5 miles
  • Morning all!

    By'eck - Well done! So pleased you got out!

    Have a good day all. xx

  • Good work by 'eck !   All ok?

    Morning everyone.

    Pushed myself out of bed this morning a bit tired after yesterday's 2 x 45 minutes plus a circuits session, but managed my 'quality' hour and am now feeling a bit smug (sorry image) 'cos its out of the way.  And staaaarrrving.  Cake!


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