Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • So much for the imminent shorts/t shirt weather: apparently, we're due for a cold snap here in the UK.  Ahahahaha.

  • Louise I will be good on Saturday night- I don't drink during the week,but, enjoyt a few glasses at the weekend. Well done on all of your running this week.

    RR-Yes I saw it is getting cold again. 

    Happy womoends day to all of you lovely ladies on here.  

    6.5 mile club run today..easy day tomorrow before I (hopefully) break new ground on sunday. 

  • evening everyone

    by eck - hugs from me

    Jude - hope you managed to get some work out of the way so that you aren't working all weekend

    I was too tired to get up and exercise before work today but went to the gym on the way home, did 30 mins of run 2 walk 2 on the treadmill and I think my knee is ok, will foam roller and massage in a bit then put my feet up all evening on the sofaimage

  • Women's Day? What's that?

    Wow Louise. That is a great training week.

    RR - wrap up warm and we'll make sure there is hot choc and brandy at the finish along with cake. We then need to zoom up to the Peak District to welcome Rocker in from his trail run. Lots of celebrations tomorrow image

    Well, after the trauma of my No.2 girl yesterday and the Kindle, today has been the complete opposite. My Big Girl has been awarded this terms Significant Achievement award. And she had entered a drawing competition. As the only pupil who did she won by default. The prize is a Nintendo DS3 thing image

  • wow, well done to your big girl chili - hope no 2 isn't jealous!

  • Morning all!

    Chili - Well done to big girl!

    Louise - well done on your brill training!

    MC - well done on your treadmill session.

    Hi RR and all!

    Just off to kids' swimming and a short run for me, then the usual violin and guitar lessons etc.

    BFN xx

  • Morning (yawns).  Too much red wine.  Glad it's rest day image.

  • morning

    my masters swimming has changed times - so I have time to do spinning before the swimimage get time inbetween too - they are at different venues, so recovery and a snack between shuld mean I am not too shattered by it!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    morning everyone!!!!!!

         A good luck to our Rocker today! hes doing Grindleford Gallop in Sheffield today-weather conditions may not be good for him so lets cross our fingers and whip out our thermal cheerleading outfits and cheer him on!!! i wil report back later when i know how hes done image


  • good luck rocker


  • Good Luck Rocker! Although I expect you are finished. Hope it went well.

    Have a good swim and spin MC.

    And a good rest, Louise.

    Morning Loula and all.

    Did my run this morning as planned.image Still only four miles but I hope to get out tomorrow too.

    Daughter swam a 800m (32 lengths) time trial for the first time this morning. 11:19. image She was swimming alone so under race conditions her trainer reckons she could knock off 10 seconds or so. The qualifying races for the nationals are in three weeks so she's very hopeful.

    We've just got back from a book fair where we spent far too much money.image Kids are happy though and I managed to find a couple of English books so I'm happy too!

    Hope you are all well.....

    BFN x

  • Sorry it's afternoon here and there now, isn't it? 

  • Jude - well done to your girl, that's about twice as fast as I swimimage

    nothing wrong with spending money on books

    have been having trouble with leaky goggles and reaslised why when I went to rinse them out today - the seal has come away from one eye! 

    off for a fast walk nowimage

  • MC - I haven't been swimming for quite a while but I'm pretty sure it is about three times as fast as I can swim! Hope you enjoyed your walk.

  • Parkrun this morning. My Big Girl decided that she was going to run a PB. So we set off on the first lap together moving quite fast. After 200m she told me I was going to slow and zoomed ahead to find a faster partner. Her final time was an amazing 26:59! That is officially a faster parkrun time than mine! image

  • chili - that is fab for your girlimage

    I did 8 miles in 2 hours, it was cold and rainy and muddy - would have been so much warmer running but I wouldn't let myself break into a run! I feel quite virtuous after 4 hours of exercise todayimage had some carrot cake and a capuccino while little boy was having his guitar lesson

  • MC - I think you deserve the cake and cappuccino!

    Chili - Well done to big girl.  That's a great time!

  • Evening,

    Flying vist...well done to all who have run today..especiually Rocker. 

    Chilli-Well done on Big Chilli'sPB you must be a proud mummy.  

    Been restimg today and about to put pasta bake into oven. A tad nervous about my race tomorrow- 20 miles is a long way.  

  • good luck AF - you will be fine, and it will mentally set you up well for your marathon

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    chilli well done on your girls run!! thats fabby dooby!

    mc, good going on your 8 miler -was it very soggy and rainy?

    ive been very lax today as i had to attend my friends 40th birthday girly lunch-20 women , all with a lot of wine and lovely lunch and blinged up to the ninesimage lovely

  • sounds like a fun lunch loula - have you heard from rocker? how did his race go?

    very very soggy while I was out, not torrential rain, but cold and windy with light rain - unpleasant but nice to be able to get out

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    ah yes, my signal was bad at the lunch as it was in a country inn and  out in sticks but i got his text-

    he finished in 3:54....23 mins faster than last yearimage

  • that's brill - no idea what distance he was doing though!! you will have to tell him to drop in here sometime - we miss him

    looking forward to getting the kids to bed and chilling a bit tonight

    the new exercises I was doing yesterday must be having some effect - I have some aching abs todayimage

  • Had a very very ouchy massage this afternoon. Then did a 10 mile run after putting moo to bed. Now filling in a form to hopefully claim DLA for moo.
  • Good running Byeck

    Loula, sounds like a lovely time. I sometimes think that most of my days are now spent wearing  training gear and looking like a drowned rat!

    AF - all the best for tomorrow. We will be cheering for you.

    Sleep well MC - I think you deserve it

    Hubby is home and his five girls are very happy to have him back. Especially as he brought us all chocolate image

  • Morning all.  Sounds like a busy and productive weekend for CRAC Towers, ranging from exercise to cake to chocolate to bling.  All the good things in life.

    I had my lazy day yesterday, will do 60 minutes easy run plus a circuits session later so I started with an almond croissant and coffee.  That's healthy and nourishing isn't it? image


    GO AF!!!!!!!




    Good Luck today Boss, you will be brilliant.

    I'm racing this morning too at the Fradley 10k. I cant think of a better way to spend Mothers Day.

    Hope everyone has a brilliant day.


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    Good luck today boss!!!!

                        HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MUMMIES!!!!


    i am off to Blenheim palace in a moment, made a last min decision to run the OX5 at Blenheim -all monies go to the OXFORD CHILDRENS HOSPITAL image-very chilly out but its always an enjoyable event, justy hope the cold weather doesnt put too many off

  • morning all

    was going to get up early to do my turbo session before taking the kids orienteering with scouts, but stayed in bed instead, but there will be time this afternoon

    have a lovely mother's day everyone

    good luck ecky and AF in your races

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