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  • Morning

    Aw Mathschick..take care hun

    5 miles for methis morning...its fweezing cold...supposed to be doing my 10k race on Sunday but with more heavy snow forecast i am not sure image will need to wait and see as no oint running a race in dodgy conditions is there.

    Hope everyone has a good FRIDAY and have a nice weekend folks.Work at 2pm for me image and early shift tomoz

  • Mooooooorning

    Well done on you run Franny. We have snow too which is a pain as Im already behind with my training.

    Girls school is shut today but they are praying for rain later as they are off to see One Direction later and will be gutted if they cant make it.

    Housework for me today as they have friends coming round.

  • Well done MC. Hope the weekend works out for you.

    And that your girls get out this evening.

    Hubby and I had a date this morning... sitting for an hour together in clinic waiting for us each to have full blood tests image we did then go out for late breakfast image

    Supposed to be running 10 miles a bit later... it's very bitterly cold but no snow for us yet. The plan for tomorrow was to drive over to my Grandad's house cos my parents were supposed to be coming down for the weekend. By it seems they are snowed into their house up in the North Peninnes so not sure what we will be doing tomorrow.

    Loula, have you been getting my text messages? I'm wondering if I have your right number.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    chili i think you have an old number! will text you

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    afternoon all, its snowing , raining, absolutely freezing here now!! was meant to run this after noon, tomorrow and sunday but forecast is severe so i will have to see. i have a few friends doing Thames path 100 ultra starting tomorrow, so bit concerned for them image

    chili- hope you and mr chili ok

    franny sis!! oo superstar runing in this weather!


  • We're doing fine, thanks Loula.  Chili and little chili 2 have just gone out for 10 miles.  Chili running, chili 2 on the bike.  Still no snow here though the wind is horrendous and makes the cold bite.  I'm sure she'll tell you all about how it went later. image

  • afternoon everyone

    busy day, snow specially around school but we stayed open - can you believe parents were complaining that the school was open!!! No pleasing some people!

    hoping it isn't too bad tonight as big boy is in a concert in nottingham and we are all going to watchimage

    OH starting to get down about the redundancy thing - only the second day at home, so I  think I have to leave lots of jobs to keep him busy

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    im desperate to runimage but is gale force , snow and allsorts out there . hope chili is careful mr chili and doesnt do too much.

  • Afternoon,

    No snow down here- thankfully- when will we ever get nice weather? Fed up want to run in shorts and tee shirts. On the subject of shorts what are peoples thoughts of compression shorts? I have been using Skins for my long runs and they see to help. Thinking about copression shorts for my marathon. 

    MC- I do feel for your OH. Hopefully he can keep positive and find something soon.

    Franny-Well done on your run in the snow.

    Chilli and Loula - Hope you manage to get out & run asap.

    Did 9.5 this morning felt a bit tired.

    I have doen 2 x 20 milers 1 x 19, 2 x 16 and 3-4 13-15 milers. Do you guts think that is enough for my Marathon?

    On the subject of the marathon if anyone has a few pennies spare I would be grateful of some sponsorship for Macmillian Cancer Support my just giving website is :-


    Thanks and have a good weekend.






  • AF - you will be absolutely fine. Really hope you get the time you want.

    Went out with my gorgeous No.2 girl after school this afternoon. I did 10 miles run and she came on the bike. Managed a negative split, probably because we got hailed/snowed on at one point! Have to say the beautiful Ron Hill running jacket hubby bought me for Christmas is getting lots of use. As usual we had such a lovely time together despite the freezing temps.

    Loula - sorry you haven't managed to run image

    MC - hope you and your family are okay over this time.

    Ecky - can you post your sponsor page too?

  • Morning all!

    Chili - well done on your run with no.2 girl in spite of the rubbish weather!

    AF - well done to you too.  Sure you'll be brilliant in the marathon.  Not long now!

    MC - Hope you managed to get to the concert safely and it went well.

    Loula - Hope you get a run in this weekend.

    Hi everybody else! Hope the weather improves for you all.  It's been very rainy here but not too cold.

    I have to work today...make up lessons for the weaker students.....Hubby is taking kids swimming and to their music lessons.

    Have a good weekend folks!

  • morning all

    well the concert last night was brilliant and big boy did really well. There was a quiz and I won! I had to go down to collect a prize of a t-shirt (all the band were wearing groovy tie-died shirts), and the person that had been selected to present the prize was my boy - he got a shock when he walked onto stage to give it to me!! But he is pleased because he had to give back the t-shirt he was wearing on stage so he gets oneimage and the weather stayed ok - just sleet and rain, so driving there and back was fine

    But - got up this morning and there is heavy snow and the roads look bad, so I don't think I will risk trying to get to swimming

    might just walk to the gym, do my spinning class and go up into the gym. It is about a 2 mile walk so that is extra exercise there and then I won't be fed up about no exercise again

    chili - well done on you and your girl getting out in this weather!


    Well we have so much snow that I wont get out for my long run so have decided to go for a very long walk instead with Trev substituite.

    Mathschick. glad you had a nice time and well done for winning a prize too.

    Morning Jude.

    Hi Chilli, yes I will pop it back up. Thanks.

    Boss I will sponsor you today.



  • I have been mulling it over and I think I may have to give up on ndw. My training really isn't going to plan. I can get in some runs but just not enough back to backs. The weather and moo have really taken their toll. It's a really tough decision but I dont want to get to the end of April and then make a decision. We have yet more snow here and Mr by eck needs me around today because of everything thats gone wrong with the plumbing/boiler/bathroom this week.
  • Oh no By Eck. Thats a tough decision to make image. You have had so much going on lately though so it may be a wise choice.

    Just been for a lovely walk to shops with Hubby. Hot Cross buns anyone? mugs of steaming hot tea too.

  • MC-Well done on your quiz win.

    Beck-that's a shame,but,I am sure you have made the correct decision.

    Chilli-well done on your run.How do you get your children away from the dreaded computers? Thanks for sponsorship very much appreciated.

    Eckytump-Enjoy your walk with Trev.

    LLB-a couple of people from my club are doing an ultra along the ridgeway fairly soon-is that what you are doing?

    Cold miserable and sleety here.No running today-tapering thingy starts now!

    Hi Jude,Franny etc
  • by eck - hard decision, but with everything going on with moo maybe it is better to have the pressure off in running terms so that your runs are more for relaxing and enjoyment than for an event, then if you miss runs you don't feel bad about it

    ecky - enjoy your walk

  • Ahhh Byeck, that is such a hard decision image

    AF - we don't have a TV and we limit the amount of computer time. They are still only 6-10 (almost 11) so quite young and we can still tell them what to do. For my No.2 daughter part of the attraction is that she gets me all to herself for that time. And I am very grateful cos I am aware that as she reaches her teens she probably won't want to be near me anymore!

    A pleasure to sponsor you. Sorry it wasn't much but we have four friends doing big events in the next month or so!

    We woke up to snow/sleet this morning. Went to Parkrun which hubby was race director and I ran. Legs didn't work for some reason. Was awful conditions, a terrible time (34 mins) and for the first time ever I came last! Then we all went swimming so I did 40 lengths. Am very tired now.

    Hope you enjoyed your walk Ecky.

  • Morning all!

    Anybody racing today? Hope the weather has cheered up a bit for you all.

    By'eck - sorry about NDW. image I'm sure there'll be other opportunities in the future.

    MC - well done on your quiz win!

    Chili - I'm sure the park run was just a one off. Well done on getting a swim in too.

    Hi everybody else!

    Well the rain has finally stopped here, which is great because our roof was leaking and the drip, drip, drip all night was keeping us awake.  Hubby is gonna go up on the roof and try to fix it today.

    It's a beautiful day here but I'm stuck at home. Hubby took daughter swimming this morning and I'm at home with the boys because I can't drive at the moment - I've finally sent off my British driving licence to get a Turkish one (I should have it done it a few years ago) but the stupid system means I can't drive until I get the new one.....I may get a run around the village later.

    Daughter has an important swimming competition this weekend.  It is the trials for the National competition in April. She went last year and is hoping to go again.  It means her times have to be in the top 18 in the country for most races. For the 800m it has to be in the top 8.

    Anyway, enough boring you all. Time to help boys with their homework.

    Have a good Sunday......


  • morning all

    chili - the conditions yesterday were awful, don't worry about your parkrun time, well done for doing it, and the swim too

    Jude - exciting for you and your daughter, good luck , hope shes does well

  • Morning MC! Thanks for the good luck wishes. She had a very hard training session this morning and will probably have easy sessions for the rest of the week.  Then on Friday the competition starts.....

    Well, hubby and daughter came back and I got a 4 miler in.image Just around the village, but the weather is gorgeous. No dogs today but I did notice the frogs in the stream which were extremely noisy!!

  • Hiya

    Jude wow, you must be so excited. I really hope she does well.

    Snow here again today so took Trev substitute out on a 2h walk. I managed 9.7 miles in 2.20 so I'm really chuffed. It was freezing cold though and not many people out and about. I had walked to Church with him too so plenty of practice today.

    I did an hour yesterday too with Hubby so that was nice.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

  • Hi Folks

    10k race done and dusted today.It was blimmin fweezing cold and a very cold easterly wind and flurries of snow. No official time yet but more or less the same as last years time ..around 52.20 secs BUT last year the race weather was warm and sunny...lol..todys weather conditions were just a tad too cold for me...ha ha...

    Jude..well done on your 4 miler..must have missed your post on the dogs...I am doing this on my phone so miss loads of stuff...apologies.

    By'eck...probably a wise decision hun...you have had a lot going on and just get out there and enjoy your running for now...you will do it one day...for that i am sure.

    AF..you are gonna do a fantastic marathon and get a sub 3.30 I predict image

    Hello everyone else..off to get me din dins now...............................

  • Sorry Franny, I didnt realise you were racing today. Massive Well done to you.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    franny sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohooooooo!!! tohught you had said it was cancelled!!! woweeee brave lady!!! thats ma sis!! go go go!

    did you get bling? enjoy your dins!! will text you later abt flights.

    boss u r gonna do great!!!!

    i did an off road run this a.m -sub zero, went through swampy mud, snow and icy water in fields! my inov8s aretrashed!!! has to give them a spa in the bath with shower gel!!!

  • franny - well doneimage

    ecky - well done on your walk too, that is pretty fastimage

    so cold outside it is horrible

  • Franny-Well done on your 10k. Now sub 3.30 IS beyond me! In the ideal world I am lookig at a 3.45 time. Enjoy your dinner. 

    Ecky-Well done on your 9.7 miles.

    LLB-Sounds like a great off road run.  

    Jude-Pleased that soemone is having nice weather.

    6.65 miles this morning...the tapering has started!!!

  • Thanks Mathschick. I do walk pretty fast but then I am so used to walking everywhere.

    Hi Boss. I cant wait to start tapering. I just have one more attempt at a 20 miler and thats it.

  • Mmmm, I posted earlier but it seems to have gone missing....

    Well done Franny for racing! I remember you doing last years race in the heat.

    Ecky, Loula, Jude and AF, sounds a great effort from all of you.

    Loula and I have a date! We are running the northern part of the Ridgeway on Easter Monday. image She is much, much fitter then me so I reckon I will be gasping to keep up. But am very excited. Am hoping the weather improves a tad though. Anyone else want to join us?

    Jude - that is very exciting about your daughter. And I hope you had a nice day with your lads.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    yayyyyy Chili i am looking forward to it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much but i really am not fit at all at the moimage...far from it and i need to catch up fast. i need to practise long slow pace so thats going to be a nice run starting at Ivinghoe ---wohoooooo!!!!!!!! anyone else want to come???

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