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  • well done on getting to the gym MC. Hope your last day goes quick! Glad to hear your knee is holding up. Just remember that forefoot striking doesnt mean you heal doesnt touch the ground, but you probably know that already. My knee is coming along nicely, its taken a long time for me to understand how to properly help it and the right stretches, but its getting there.

  • erm, don't think my heel is touching the groundimage does that mean I am doing it wrong?

  • well i think you know I'm no expert MC image if its working, please take my comments with a pinch of salt, but through my own experiences, a good forefoot strike means the heel touches down after the ball of the foot lands, and touches, but only very quickly, which will unload the stress on the calves. out and out sprinting is really the only time the heel doesnt touch the ground. so foot landing is important, but also relax.

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    matty !!!!n *lobs custard doughnut at matt to welcome him home*image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    matt !! matt!! what day is the mara? aug the what? if i can do it wiv you i could take chilis place if you like?

  • hey that was a perfectly good custard doughnut! can't you throw the jam ones!? Oh I'd love that lou, but i have this feeling its on the same day as a race you are doing

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    which? i may have changed plans

  • what do you reckon to this, looks nuts:

    Cheddar Gorge Marathon on 18th Aug



  • Just a reminder

    30 Louise - Two Oceans (Cape Town) 56k

    7 Mathschick - Sussex Marathon (ok, looking very unlikely now, but maybe I will back running and able to drop down to the half mara)
    12th Franny - Edinburgh Rock and Roll Half Marathon
    Loula - Compton 40
    14 AF - Brighton Marathon
    21 Eckytump - London Marathon
    21 Mathschick - David Lloyd Sprint Triathlon
    25/26 Chilibean - 100 mile Cycle to Cambridge & Back over 2 days
    27 Mathschick - 5k swimathon

    5 Mathschick - Southwell Sprint Triathlon
    6 Chilibean - 5k Radlett Rotary Run leading Rosedale Runners
    Byeck & Loula - North Downs Way 50
    26th Franny - Edinburgh Marathon

    2 Mathschick - Half Iroman Outlaw Triathlon
    22 Byeck - Giants Head Marathon
    22 Mathschick - Dambuster Standard distance triathlon

    22 Mathschick - Woodhall Spa Sprint triathlon
    23 Mathschick - great Notts bike ride

    Loula - pacer for another runner in his 100 miles
    24 Loula - Ridgeway 85
    24 Matt & Chilibean - Thames Meander Marathon

  • MC I forefoot strike and my heel hardly ever touches the ground - I think you do what works for you.  The key is the roll from landing to toe off and my heel doesn't seem to need to be involved at all.  I do have gigantic calves though image.  I slightly over-supinate so what I have been working on is concentrating on raising the leg from the groin / quad which seems to reduce knee impact and help the foot fall straighter, and also on continuing to run on the forefoot even downhill, which definitely reduces knee impact.


    Sitting at Johannesburg airport now waiting for the Cape Town flight, trying not to think about Saturday except to enjoy the views.  There are a lot of people around here that look pretty ripped so I am sure they are participating but will finish twice as fast as me image.


  • morning all

    could be that my heel is doing something but I don't realise if it is only fleeting. Advice that I have been given is to try to make as little noise as possible, and that is certainly working, and makes me feel a little smug when there are people on the other treadmills thundering away like elephants - I am sure that is how I used to be

    Matt - the Cheddar Gorge runs look great - and brilliant to have a range of distances available

  • Morning All

    LG, that sounds so exciting! you're going to do great I'm sure image

    MC, I'm totally with the no noise thing, great advice, and I do the same when people are either hammering down the road or on the treadmill.

    There you go LLB, Chili's got you down as doing the Ridgeway. Has that changed? Wanna do the Thames Meander with us instead?!

  • Afternoon,

    Cheddar Gorge sounds fun!!

    Not an expert on forefron strinking etc- just know I over pronante.

    Still cold out there.

    5.3 miles this morning- felt a little heavy footed today.


  • Afternoon All

     Erm my Rock and roll Half is the 14th April..same day as AFs debut Marathon.I probably told you the wrong date in the 1st place Chilli..sorreeeee

    Well i have been out and did 18.36 miles this morning....was all conditions along the way...clear paths,snowy paths and muddy ones too...LOL..Headed up to the hills and back down home again...I am knackered now...LOL..Saw 3 hares in a field having fun in the snow...image

    Matt..good to have you back m'lad

    AF..well done on your run this morning..how is the taper going?

    Louise..Good luck for your up and coming ultra.

    Hello to everyone else..have a good evening..soon be time for easter bunny image

  • There you go again Franny.. putting in your 18 milers at the drop of a hat! image Well done, sounds like a great run. Boss, well done with your 5.3, which presumably was at a crazy paceimage Hey look at us! The CRAC Memebers are doing some big races this year!

  • I can assure you Matty boy that it wasn't just at the drop of a hat...lol...I think i'm gettin too old for all this mileage malarky...image it was a lovely run though but I am very tired now...takes me longer to recover from long runs now image  It will defo be a day of rest from running tomorrow.

  • well done franny

    didn't manage to get to the gym after work as I ended up leaving late because of a year 8 kid I have been having trouble with. image

    oh well, my knee suddenly started hurting at the end of the day too - think I must have twisted or something, probably as I was charging around dealing with naughty kids. 

    doesn't feel like the end of term, will be nice not going to school tomorrow thoughimage

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    matt my ridgeway 85 is bank hol weekend in aug but on 17th aug im pacing an ultra buddy in his 100miler for 26 miles or so, im doing the 11pm - 4am slot with him through the night...and i will be asleep in a hotel in god knows where after it...if it was near i wouldnt mind getting up and running another marathon thoughimage

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    franny sis!! im heading out early saturday too to knock some miles out, then again sunday AND monday with lovely chili- my lickle bro WiB MAY be coming too but i dont wanna scare chili coz he is fast !! but i told him to be slow coz im oldimage

  • oh no Loula! I'm soooo slow! Even more so at the moment. Oh dear, I do hope he doesn't get bored. Will be nice to meet him though. Shall bring cake and flasks of coffee for the end.

    Franny - excellent mileage. well done.

    AF - are you tapering? How are you feeling?

    Just pilates today.

    MC - hope you have a good break and some nice family time.

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    Chili, chili, chili, its fiiiiiine. dont worry , he will be fine ive told him im a slow old cat and not to go fast. think he will carry on and do more miles anyway when we finishimage

    yep i will bring some cake or i may attempt making ginger cake!

  • morning all

    breaking all my normal habits and having brekky before I do my biike session. Sun is shining but still cold, I am going to turbo but this afternoon go for a long fast walk. We are having a family lunch in our favoourite cafe - bit of a treat for the kids for passing grade 1 theory and grade 4 trumpetimage

  • Morning all!

    MC - well done on the music exam successes!

    Louise - Not sure which day your race is but GOOD LUCK anyway!

    Hi everybody else!

    Daughter starts her swimming competition today.  It ends Sunday evening.  Don't know how much I'll get to see as I'm working today and tomorrow. Today is the 100m backstroke and a relay....(I think....)

    Have a good day all!


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    m orning Jude and MC!!

    mC, hope you have a lovely day biking and cafe treat, jude good luck to your girl on her swim comp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Jude - good luck to your daughter, what a shame you can't be there to cheer her on, hope Mr Jude can shout loud enough for the two of you

    Louise - good luck to you for your race


  • Morning

    Jude Good luck to your girlie in her swimming competition..I am sure she will do will you proud as always.

    MC..Enjoy the cafe treat and well done to the boys for there music success. have a good walk and bike session.

    Louise...GOOD LUCK for your race.

    Loula sis...Enjoy your weekend of running..a good way to work off those choccy eggs..lol and enjoy your meet up with lovely Chilli and your herob WIB...image

    No running for me today after my long run yesterday..Hope to get to Parkrun tom morning...One of the guys from the club hs been pledged to run as a woman to help raise money for charity for one of the girls who is running LONDON...it all came about when elaine was having a sparkling tea party to help raise funds and Andrew offered to dress as a tea lady if we paid money...lol...so this week he has to run parkrun in the same outfit...don't want to miss it image

  • Hi everyone...a bunch of us from Dubai went and drove parts of the route today, so now I am quaking image.  Weather today has been cool, cloudy and a bit blustery, forecast for tomorrow ranges from no rain to storms dependng which website I look at so no help there with planning.  Will provide more details after tomorrow.  Will be looking out for your pompoms on the way.


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    franny sis !! is Andrew the buff one from your club that does ultra?????imageimage

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    louise im dusting off and shimmying my pom poms as we speak- sometimes i think recces of routes arnt a good idea. ive done it before now and decided for ultra i prfer the excirement of not knowing whats coming or where i end up!image

    aw yes sis , i will maybe see Wib my ickle hero bless

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