Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Hiya.

    Bridlington was good but is terribly run down nowadays. Nice memories though.

    Franny be careful and make sure you rest well. I have learned to listen to my body too. It usually lets me know when enough is enough.

    Louise and Da Boss, well done on your runs. I still wonder what happened to our old Boss, Spartak.

    Mathschick, your kids sound just like mine.

    Hi Loula, track sure is boring.

    No running for me today. I need to get out tomorrow as not run since Tues. We were at our local park today promoting our running club. Local clubs were there and lots had free activities to try out. Little Ecky had a go at BMX biking so he now wants to do that. We had a lot of interest and our club had some things set out for kids which they seemed to enjoy.


  • Hi Everyone! I'm home!

    And am very glad to be back. Sorry I haven't read through everything yet.

    The youth camp with my Big Girl was great. Really good fun and she had the 'best time ever!'. Then we had the rest of the week camping as a family in Norfolk. Weather was a bit damp and grey but not too bad. Sun yesterday afternoon. Had some nice days out but the girls fought all the time. And the minor opp I had two weeks ago appears not to have worked. Will not go into ghastly details but did make camping a bit misserable at times. image

    However, I've decided that I am going to start marathon training for the Thames Meander in August and just see how it goes.

    Only managed 2x 1hr runs this week, so am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    chili - sorry to hear the op didn't work ((((((hugs)))))))

  • Where is everyone?

    Ecky-I do wonder what happened to Spartak.A real misery.Hope he is ok?

    12.84 mile run this morning with a couple of people who are running the South Downs marathon next Saturday.It felt good.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hi everyone

    well done on your run boss, now remember not to do too much this week

    well, my day has been a disaster. Thought the lump in my stomach yesterday was nerves, but woke up in the night and was pretty unwell, so didn't even make the start line this morning. Had a bit of a blubber - I have been working for this for ages and this was meant to be my big race of the year. So have been lying around feeling sorry for myself all dayimage

    starting to feel a bit better and need to make sure I am ok for school tomorrow, the year 10s have a big exam in just over a week so I need to make sure I am there for them

    hope everyone has had a good day - weather has been beautiful here

  • Oh MC! image Am sending you big hugs. I am so sorry xxxxx

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    thanks chili - can't believe that after a week of tapering really well, weather perfect I didn't do it. Oh well, there is always next year, and hopefully by then my knee will be totally fine and I will be running the run leg!

    I have dambuster tri in 3 weeks so as soon as I am fit enough back to the training!

  • Aw MC big hugs spesh after all your training Focus now on your tri in 3 weeks.

    Chilli Sorry the Op didn't work Take care with your marathon training.


    AF well done on your run today Take it easy now.


    Sis How is the hip today.


    Deejay Good to hear from you and hope ur niggle doesn't come to anything.


    Ecky Hop you get out your run.Funny I was thinking about Spartak as there is a Skye Marathon soon and that is where he was going to live.


    Been at work all weekend and has been mega busy Chilling out tonight.


    Have a good evening everyone

  • Just a quick visit as I've had a very busy weekend and I'm still in the middle of school work.

    MC - so sorry to hear you couldn't compete today after all your hard work and preparation. I know you must be really disappointed, but at least you have another race coming up soon to look forward to. Hope you are feeling better this evening.

    Chili - so sorry to hear your op hasn't worked. Please take care and don't overdo things.

    DJ - Garden plans sound good. Enjoy!

    AF - well done on your run .

    Franny - enjoy your chill out.

    Loula - hope your hip feels better soon.

    Hi everybody else!

    Well, I was working yesterday at school and with a private lesson and took kids swimming this morning and daughter to buy her birthday presents for next week. Unfortunately I can't buy her any surprises as she is such a strange shape she has to try everything on. (Enormous back and thighs from swimming but slim everywhere else). She is wearing age 16 years for some things.

    Little boy has had a temperature all weekend but is cheerful enough.

    Maybe you have heard about the riots in Turkey? We have stayed well clear, but whatever side you are on it's all very worrying....

    Anyway, this is hardly a short visit- I'm neglecting my school work. 

     BFN xxx  

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Jude - there hasn't been a lot of coverage of the trouble in Turkey (or I haven't seen much) but take care. Hope your son is ok

  • Whoops! Almost forgot! Had a mini run this morning! Only 4 miles but feeling pleased with getting out in spite of all my time restrictions.image

  • Oh no MC sorry to hear abouthy our disastrous day.Hyou so soon feel better.

    Chilli-Sorry your op hasn't been as successfull as you hoped.

    Jude-Not heard about the riots.What's going on in Turkey.

    Yes I am going to take it easy with 2-3 short runs before Saturday.

  • Jude Did see something about the riots this evening and thought of you and your family Hope you are all okay Well done on your run image


    MC hope your feeling better tonight


    AF We Are watching you that you take it easy this week


    I am off to bed for an early night Am shattered lol



  • Jude - I hadn't heard anything on the main news, but have just reading the online papers. Glad you are okay. Well done on the run and hope you get some rest time soon.

    AF - is your marathon this week?

    Went for a bike ride in the sun this afternoon. We only had morning and evening services today, so when all 4 girls were invited to a birthday party, hubby and I decided to leave all the camping mess and huge laundry piles and enjoy 2 hours together in the sun shine image

  • Morning

    ((((((((((((((((((((hugs ))))))))))))))))))))) for Chilli and Mathschick.

    Jude, I saw a bout the riots image

    Torture track training for me yesterday so resting today. I am out for a little plod with the dance Mums later.

  • morning all image

    Lovely sunny day again today in London.

    Chili, sorry to hear the op didn't go so well.

    MC, tough luck on being ill just when you peaked!

    Yay Jude!  4m is perfectly respectable, nice to be able to get out.

    I did the Greenwich Hills training session with Sepentines Saturday morning.  This week was 'Kenyans' for about 40 minutes.  I am the slowest (by a LONG way) but at least I can now survive the whole session plodding away at the back, so much improved from two months ago.  Rest day yesterday, and planning a short easy run and a session in the gym later.


  • Yes Marathon on Sunday. I am trying to be good.

    Planning a short run tomorrow and thursday.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    evening all

    feeling a bit better now but still not great. Early night I think.

    Boss - we are watching - no more than those short runs, ok?

    Jude - looks like things are heating up even more over there, stay safe.

    Chili - hope you are ok. Are you going back to the dr?

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    evening all. image

    MC, sorry to read about you not racing, hope you feel ok for the next one.

    jude, saw the news today and hoped you were safe and not near any of the riots. did you find clothes for your daughter?

    sis, my hip wasnt as bad today , i  did a short run and was ok. so hope to do a longer one at weekend image how are you after recovery from mara?

    boss, you have to rest now!!!!


  • Hi everyone.

    MC, So sorry to hear you missed your race through being ill.It's horrible when you've prepared for something,and then feel unwell on the day.I hope you feel much better,and all the hard work pays off with your running for the rest of the year.

    Chilli,i'm sorry your op didn't work.Hope you feel better soon,and your training isn't hampered.

    AF,Hope you are tapering well and looking forward to your marathon.

    Loula,glad your niggly hip is improving and you are ready to push a bit further again.

    Louise,that training sounds tough.Well done on surviving it.Any training with the word Kenyan in it is really hard.Unless you are Kenyan,that is.Then it's just a stroll in the park.

    Jude,hope you are staying safe over there.Sounds like it is getting a bit nasty.

    Into my last week at college now.Last proper lesson tonight.After next week i will be free to begin my pre marathon training,and getting myself prepared to do the big mileages next winter.

  • Flying visit.

    A slow and steady 5.8 miles so just one more run before Saturday.

    Going to be hot on Saturday which will be interesting.

  • Afternoon

    What a lovely sunny day image Went to the gym this morning and did intervals on the cross trainer,bike and rowing machine ending with a short swim and 5 mins in the Jacuzzi. Then me and Chico went a lovely walk up and around the resevoirs and had lunch alfresco image

    Deejay. bet you will be glad when your college is finished soa s you canget your running into gear again.

    AF.well done on your run but remember and not overdo it. Take care on Saturday if its going to be warm.

    I won't be around as we are going on a Chico holiday. Me,hubby son and pup are off up to Seil Island near Oban from Saturday until Wednesday to  a wee chalet that is dog friendly. So hope the weather stays good for us image

    MC.hope your feeling better and that you got your early night.

    Jude. Hope you are ok hun.

    Loula sis...Pleased your hip is much better image

    Louise...wow that training is extreme...lol and as Deejay says with the word Kenyan in it It's gonna be.

    Talking of Kenyans the guy in the book "running with the Kenyans" Japhat " did the Edinburgh marathon. I seen him as he passed going on the return leg home. he was going some and that was at 20 miles. Amazing they are. He was a very small guy but speedy and he finished in 5th place.

    Hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the sunshine.image


  • Flying visit too, cos I have a manic week. lovely to hear what everyone else is up to though.

    1 mile swim today and the first bike ride with my Smidge without stabilers image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    evening everyone

    DJ - great to hear the college work is almost all over. 

    chili - well done to smidgeimage

    loula - good to hear your hip is better

    franny - sounds like a great day

    AF - make sure you hydrate well all week and on Saturday and you will be fine

    feeling back to normal now, so back to training tomorrow. 

  • MC Good you are feeling better Take it easy though


    Chilli Well done Smidge


    Night night Crac towers



  • Where is everyone ?????????????????????????????????????

    Lovely day again. Been to gym for weights and crosstraining. Gosh my muscles ache as not been doing weights for a while until this week.

    Hope everyone is having a nice day.image AF hope you are resting up now.

  • H all!

    We are all fine here. I live in a little village and my school is on the edge of the city so I haven't seen or heard anything personally. Just hopes it blows over. Society is really split in two here and there doesn't seem to be much middle ground....

    Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and well done on all your running and other training. No running since Sunday but am looking forward to running more often when school finishes. (Although it will be very hot...)

    Hubby just phoned me to tell me kids' music results. Daughter - grade3 violin and son - grade1 guitar. They both got distinctions!  Can't wait to get home from school to congratulate them.image 

    Enjoy the nice weather (There is a storm coming here apparently.)

    BFN x

  • Jude, congrats on your children's results imageimage you must be very proud.

    Did the intervals session yesterday; 4 x 1m at 10k pace.  I was quite pleased, could have managed another set just a couple of secs slower, so if only I can find an absolutely flat and perfect 10k race image I should be on track for a new PB.

    Feeling a bit accident prone - went to answer the door yesterday, completely missed the bottom step and went flying into the wall (sprained hand).  Today wacked my head on a piece of furniture (stuff stacked up because of the building works) and have a big lump on my forehead now.  Off to the gym now but not sure I can use all the kit with puffy fingers. 

    Beautiful sunny day again, and the same expected all week image .


  • MC, glad you are feeling better

  • Ouchy Louise


    Jude Brill results A very proud mummy.Glad you are all fine and not near the riots



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