Dublin Marathon 2013



  • Yes, this will be my first marathon. I've been running on and off for a few years now, since 2010. Did a half marathon that year, which is the furthest I've run. I lost my running mojo for a while, but seem to have it back this year. I'm a slow and steady kind of runner, but enjoying it. 

  • Great going James, a PB in tough conditions, always feels good.

    First marathon hey Ticket, i recommend having a read of one or both of these :



    Your first is always the hardest but its also the best one, the feeling your get when you cross the line will make all the weeks of training seem well worth it.

  • 7 miler tonight with 3 x 1.5 mile intervals.

    gonna be a tough one.

  • intervals, always fun he he - rewarding mind. Im on a rest or cross train day and as im still at work, i'll have a cross training day please

  • I did my run this morning at 6am. Far cooler.


    Enjoyed it. not yet fallen asleep at my desk.

  • Good plan James - might try the same tomorrow. Had to do the dreaded lunchtime treadmill. In serious danger of falling asleep at my desk!

  • 6am wow so impressed with people who get up that early and go running, although saying that im going to attempt to do just that tomorrow as I play schedule juggling to keep the OH happy at the weekend he he

    Falling a asleep at the desk, ive come close to that, in fact last week I was drifting off at a conference!!

    Just back from my 9 miler, bored of running in heat now lol But least its brought me plenty of strawberries and raspberries form which ive been making milkshakes so not all bad.  



  • Another 6 miler at 7am this morning. I tell you what is is fabulous being out at that time of day.

    And it makes a change from running when I get home from work.

    This could catch on.

  • I didnt make it up on time myself he he. But the thought was there. I need to get to bed before midngith more often then morning runs before work, might work out for me!

    Well done again James.

    I did 5 last night and doing 5 again tommorrow.

  • SEdanSEdan ✭✭✭

    This will be my first marathon and my wife's too.

    I have done 4 HMs and plenty of other races so this is the big "step up".

    Hoping for a sub 3:30 but will see how it goes - I am 1:35 for a HM...

  • Good morning Danrees, a first marathon husban and wife, ive not seen that before!!! Thats great going, are you guys going to run together or race each other lol

    The marathon is a big step up, but there are not many races inbetween the distance to try out sadly. Make sure you get yourself a good training plan, follow it and also try and read up on the distance there is lots of information out there. But other than that good luck to you and the misses im sure your going to love it.


  • This will be my second marathon as did Belfast in May but ready looking forward to Dublin.... 

  • Hello Kevin, well come to the forum so your be completing the Ireland double then in October hey

  • This will be my 5th marathon. A few of my club running buddies have done this before and recommended it so there will be approx 10 going for the Gunniess.....oops I mean the race!

  • lol for the Gunniess.....at the Great North, there is aways a guy handing out pints of newcastle brown is Dublin folloing this tradition ?

  • Just started my Marathon Guru training plan this week as I am just back from a Month in the S of France (did a few 8K's but not many). Used the plan last year and saw my Dublin time fall from 4:30 to 3:58. I did a 1:45 half in March at the Meath half marathonh but then tried to do a 3:45 time in Barcelona two weeks later and blew up after 30Km but still finished in 3:59. I am trying for 3:40 this year in Dublin, So it is 6 days a week for me now for a good while. With this plan the longest run is 5 weeks before the race - it sounds like a long taper but it worked for me last year. there are 4 +50 mile weeks in the program

    This will be my 7th Marathon in 4 years since my 50th Birthday and my 4th Dublin marathon

  • Wow Jim, that's serious running! The Hal Higdon novice 2 plan I'm following has a few weeks in the mid-30's! I'm sticking with the plan well so far, and I'm looking forward to my 12 mile LSR at the weekend. I'm finding it a bit tricky to stick to the slower pace though. At the minute, my 'natural' pace is around 8 mins 30 per mile (image) and I automatically go to that when I'm doing the long runs. Has anyone any tips on staying consistently slow, or is it something that will come with time. I don't want to be running out of steam and run/walking. 

  • Entered today...looking forward to Dublin ... My 4th Marsthon, after Chester, Pisa, Edinburgh ,(3.23) hoping for 3.15 but think it will be a struggle...  Surely to cant keep cutting minutes off!!  

  • fantasic running jim and some great times!! Bet Barcelona was tough going!!

    and welcome to you too jon, again great times!!

    Ive heard this course isnt too bad to run......although the race profile does show that it has quite a few climbs of around 150-200ft.

    I am following the 'up to 55 miles' training program from the Advanced Marathoning book and you can take a look at what im doing here :


    Im currently in week 6 of my plan and its a recovery week. Although next week has me doing 50 miles.....it the be the most ive done in one week.

  • The worst hill in the Dublin Marathon is relatively early on and comes a few miles after you come out of Phoexix Park. There is a little climb at Roebuck Road called Heartbreak Hill but it is only a short bump in the road but it earns the title because it is at the 20 mile+ marrk but it is downhill from there to the city centre. There is a long downhill stretch at Terenure/Rathgar/Orwell Road around 16 miles and I find that worse because my toes push to the front of the running shoes. As I know Dublin well I always find the last 1 mile tough because the finish line is only 150 yards away on the next road and you have to run past it and into the centre again to turn around for the finish. Crowd is great most of the way. It was very congested last year for the first 6 mile but not as bad as Barcelona.

    Here is the 2012 route - I don't think it will change


  • Cheers Jim... Nice to get a bit of background info from someone who knows it... Just got the hotel to sort out now.... and maybe a trip to  Leopardstown on the Saturday!! had a few weeks break... training will start again next week...!   sjpc I will follow your blog for any inspiration!!

  • thanks for the link and the course description Jim......running past the finish will be a pain hey!!


    And thanks Jon, it probably isn't the great blog ever, but its a good first attempt he he so the more readers the better. Feel free to comment. Just getting ready to go run up Rivington Pike, a nice 1000ft climb!

    In terms of hotel, I managed to find one, near the start/finish its self catering but it will do and it will save on travel time n the morning

  • Only started Training Wednesday so missed Tuesdays session (this is week 3 of a 16 Week Program- Tuesday and Friday session also have a 1Km warm up and 1Km warm down section so thats another 4Km -so just under 60Km next week


     BTW - You cannot see the finish at the 25 mile mark - I just know it is there as I used to work at Hogan Place which is on the 25 Mile mark


  • That's a tough schedule Jim, your running most days I see. Whats involved in your 1k warn ups and warm downs ?



  • Just a 1K at the start and finish - a  few stretches at the beginning but not enough - I am a bit lax on the warm up warm down

  • You should be careful with that, you don't want to pull something.

    Is it just a slow 1k run then ?

  • ah now I get you.


    12 miles for me todays, cloudy but warm, so not great running conditions


  • If your at all interested and don't feel like you have to, my review of week six is out



    Hows every ones running going, the profile of the route has gone from the official website has any one got a copy of it ?


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