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  • Arrows - you from around Watford?

    My first attempt at quoted text - doesn't look right yet....

    Aaron - I live in Harpenden, not far from Watford.

  • MM, Orapidrun - I have the newer soft strap and its always been reliable until now. I think that washing it may be the key - somehow that always gets forgotten and it can get a bit grimy and salty image

    Good luck seeing off the lurgy, MM.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    BM- I've had all sorts of problems with my HRM, from incredibly high to very low readings. I've had runs where it's been fine for the first two thirds and then it goes bonkers.

    I've tried everything, I have two different strap, special contact gel - I even shaved my chest (probably won't be something you need to do). It can be caused by a poor contact and it can be static.

    If your heart rate did hit 245 you probably wouldn't need to ask if there was a problem, you'd know image


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    BM - I've also had dodgy readings and for me it was a sign that i needed to change the battery.

  • My HR gives me dodgy readings constantly, like Orbutt, I have tried everything and now don't bother with itimage

  • PC Christmas wrote (see)

    TJB - I have problems inserting smilies let alone photos.  .  I'm 8024.  It was the end of the race, it was hot so vest is open and hat is off, very shabby image.  N° 6680 is more interesting, although she does look more like little red riding hood then Father Christmas and you can't see the stockings.


    THE PAIR O YA LOOK GORG! (hope Santa visits this year.....)

  • Same for HR, but the new straps that come with the 220 and 620 seem much better.

  • I had a great 6.5km run this morning with a friend and we chatted the whole way. I probably should have pushed it harder but it was supposed to be an easy day. My poor friend was struggling though with the heat and was a bit dehydrated.  I can't believe how quick this thread goes - it is great.  I can see myself being very addicted and the next 3 1/2 months being all about running!  image   My husband is really on the marathon bandwagon now but has said if it is only 2 degrees in the morning when i head to the start he will meet me at the end. My boys (twins who are 8) are already planning to have an Aussie flag waiting for me at the end! image  They are so excited which is cool.  My daughter who is 7 is not all that interested.. which is all good!  She does like riding her bike though with me when I'm running.

    I've got a Garmin 110 and haven't had issues with it.. but then it's only new. I don't really use it for the heart rate, more for the GPS because i'm trying to stick to my training plan with my distances. I probably should pay more attention to my heart rate I guess.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Rach - that sounds great and such a nice idea for your hubby to come and meet you. I think that RR is leading the groupies this year if he needs company.

    BM - a thought that i had this morning.... could it be the position of the heart rate against your sports bra? Is it being held in the correct place?

  • Rach - your support crew will be able to get up pretty close to the finish to see you cross. Reindeer Salad has an ace supporters' guide. If you PM her, I'm sure she'll share it with you. 

    And don't be fooled! The next 3.5 months will most definitely not be about running. Not if you hang about here. We're all being well-behaved. It's the first few weeks of training!

    BM - Emmy just reminded me - I was interested to find that when I did my fitness test at the hospital, they got me to put my heart rate monitor underneath my bra strap to keep it in place. If they slip about they do give inaccurate readings.

  • Rach - your posse will be very welcome to join the support crew - you'll be easy to spot with the flag!

    First frosty early morning run of the spring campaign - beautiful day here at the moment. 

  • Morning Emmy - Possibly the position was the problem Yesterday I remember adjusting it slightly (just after a loo stop) and then it worked properly for the final 3 miles. Its now had a good wash as well, so I shall be testing it later on little recovery trot.

    I do find HR monitoring useful and sometimes quite motivating so I'm really hoping it will behave again. It helps me avoid doing all runs at wishy-washy steady effort and really get the recovery or tempo efforts sharper. However, I suppose I could learn to judge this in other ways.

    Good luck with all running efforts this weekend image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Maus: That's where I learnt it too!

    BM: What are you washing it with? I use a diluted washing up liquid solution and it works a treat (i have very acidic sweat) so maybe also look at that. Good to hear that it worked!

    RR - how is your plan for comrades coming? All on track?

  • MM - yes I always tuck it under my bra strap - nothing stuck under there is going to move. Have always been very happy with it until yesterday's madness

  • I've started taking a lot more notice of my HR recently and slowing down massively on recovery runs to keep my HR within zone 1 at all times has seen an increase in speed for my GA/easy runs - whilst still keeping my heart rate at 75% or below. 

  • WTQ  Are you now on wk 5 of P&D now? How's it going?

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Sounds like I need to get a bra to get my HRM to work - mind you, looking down, I could probably do with one image Moobs

  • Orbutt - I think you should request pictures, lots of pictures, as this bra vs heart rate monitor situation sounds very fiddly!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Eggy - are you asking for pictures of Orbutt? or of us? I'm a little confused ;0)

  • Orbutt obviously. He's the threads very own Britney after all!

  • Emmy - Comrades training going like clockwork, all sessions completed according to plan. I'm on day 5...of 168. image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Whilst I would be first to admit that I am something of a sex object, I am not getting my baps out for the boys image

  • Orbutt I'm sure you can be persuaded when we're all in cocorans

    RR- well done on getting to day five of comrades training
  • I have a lot of positive things to say about the 3rd generation Garmin premium heart rate monitor (strap). This was the one they released after May this year. It has a third sensor which is able to prevent heart rate spikes etc. Just works perfectly for me. Do note that it is not the model of Garmin watch you are wearing that is the issue - just the strap. So unless you've just bought a 220 or 620 model, it is very unlikely you will have one of the 3rd gen straps.

    Did a wee little run today with the running club at work - a Christmas stroll realy. Stopped half way round for a touch of something sparkly. Not enough of a run to make me sweat at all but just enough to loosen off some tight hamstrings. 3rd run in 4 days done, feels good.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    BTW - i dont know if there was anyone interested but the forum6 competition is now open. You pitch up and get the possibility of being mentored by a fellow forumite.

    Go on... it might be a good experience for you!

  • Injury bench +1 image I ve pulled something in my lower back .Ah, the plans o' mice and women...
  • BeingMerry wrote (see)

    WTQ  Are you now on wk 5 of P&D now? How's it going?

    I am...and I'll be very glad to see the cutback week next week.  BUT, going well so far....

    ATM - boooooooooo

  • I'm still on Chapter 1 of P&D but hope to reach the Training Plan section by next week....

    You are all putting me to shame.

  • Maybe some bra photos would get me motivated?

  • 1980 mile ran so far this year, on target for 60 miles this week .... Just 33 miles left to run 2013 miles in 2013 image
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