Paris Marathon 2014



  • Dannirr - Sorry to hear you won't be making it to Paris.

  • Dannir? i thought you were going to fly to London and Eurostar it over!

    Actually, seeing as you have this crazy dopey challenge earlier in the year, running London and not Paris gives you an extra week's break/training and the best chance of London being your "quality" spring race where you set your Comrades time.

  • Thanks all - you give me the warm and fuzzes image    I wanted to come to Paris as a spectator but looks like that won't work out image.   

  • Questions for everyone training by the P & D 55 mile plan:

    I am running a half marathon on Jan 19.  P & D schedule says I should be running 18 LSR that day in prep for 20 the next weekend.

    Do i try to rearrange my schedule to move the various runs to different weekends?  If I only run 13 will I need to move the 20 scheduled for the following weekend?

    If I only run 13 is it ok to try to PR or should I just do an LSR?

    I have considered running 5 before the race thus equalling my 18, but that sounds really awkward logistically.  Also, running 5 then standing around waiting for the race to start sounds awkward/uncomfortable in general.


  • I'd try and run 5 miles before or after the half. I'm planning to run 5 miles before the Inverness half in March to make up the mileage for my long run that weekend.

    The trick will be timing it to get to the start area just in time for the race starting.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Aaron - Interesting one. The idea that i've heard is that a Half marathon is the equilivent of 16 miles at LSR due to the conditions so i'd be tempted to run the Half marathon and then add miles on at the start/end. I'd also run a few of those middle miles at MP to get my body used to it. I wouldnt move anything around and just run the half marathon but add in some miles.

    I personally wouldnt aim for a PR with this race and instead use it as a catered training run. I've run half's as training runs and added on the miles before and hated it. I felt like i was warmed up, just to warm down again where as adding miles at the end just felt like a good way to cool down.

    I know it sounds weird logistically but you could do a few miles before the race as warm up and then run the race. Does that make sense?

  • Hi All, just caught up with thread moves at a ridiculous pace, hope everyones well and training going to plan. image

    TD - Told to contact yourself involved with all things running, in terms of nutrition what would you suggest for pre run food and how long before to take it? Also in terms of gels, what would you recommend as begginning to realise they seem the most practical thing to use to run a marathon.  Been using lucozade dual carb sports drink at present.



  • Stuart - With regards to gels find a brand that works for you and stick with it. Experiment with them during your long training runs to see what works best for you. I know myself and others have had stomach issues with some gels. Long training runs are as important for planning and practising your refuelling strategy as they are for getting the legs ready for the big run.

    I think TD uses a trick of diluting his gels in his drink to make them easier to take on the run.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭


    Welcome to the wonderful world of nutrition. TD is the master but there's a lot to be said for trial and errorimage

    Most runners eat 2 hours before running and then allow their body to process the food. For breakfast this could be 40g porridge and a banana, for lunch: bagel with some protein etc.

    The thing about food is that everyone is different and the same applies to gels. A lot of us have our favourite brands and what works for us. I'd suggest trying different ones on your LSR and then go from there.

    You should also aim to practice this routine before race day at least once!

  • Hi Rach, we are nearly neighbours compared to everyone else! I'm in Perth. How are you going in the heat? We got to 39 deg C this week and I decided maybe it was actually really good that I didn't get a spot for VLM!  As I sweated my way round this evening I was kind of glad that I didn't need to do serious mileage.  No Paris for me in 2014. 

    Amazing running in Paris ATM  and Tartan!!

  • Hi everyone, welcome Hatter88 and hi there Stuart - I think lots of people could offer their own opinions about the question you raise. I don't think there is one answer. Nutrition needs tend to be a very personal thing and a certain amount of experimentation is needed to help you find out what works best for you as an individual.

    Generally for runs under 1½ hrs you don't need any special food beforehand. for longer runs, you want a few more carbs in the tank. Basically, your body burns carbohydrates faster than it can absorb them so for runs over 90mins, it generally makes sense to take on some carbs on the way round. Simple sugars like you find in sports drinks and gels are the easiest to absorb.

    You need to practise taking them on long training runs to see how they sit in your stomach and what sort of energy they bring to you. I advise for a training run of 20-30kms, you take 1 gel every 30mins after you've ben going an hour.  For a full marathon, you should be taking a gel every 20 mins or so after 30mins of running. Wash them down with plenty of water to avoid belly ache.  Orbutt can give you some good tips on getting gels down your neck.

    As for food, I find it quite easy to eat within half n hour of going for a run. Everyone is different. Simple carbs like ugar will give you energy quick but will also be used quick which can lead to energy dips whilst running, which is not ideal. More complex carbs are good sources of food before a long run. I like bananas and cereals but I have to cope with gluten free food too, so maybe better if other people offer their complex carb faves.

    There are books written on this stuff so I am only offering the quickest summary and many over-simplifications. If you have more specific questions feel free to ask. Good luck!

    As for me, decided to run a bit again today, but only on the treadie. 6.5kms in 32mins and then i decided to not push my running comeback, so jumped on to the flippy flappy machine instead and I did a hills programme and managed to hit all 182 of my 182 heartbeat maximum! One of my young colleagues asked me while I was breathing "like a big pussy" on the exercise eqpt. 100% is called 100% for a reason. Funny it should be perceived as weakness not strength, not that I care very much.


  • On the road again with my business, but got to get the mileage in so just ran three laps of the perimeter of Birmingham NEC.

    I did a 7 mile lap of Manchester airport a couple of weeks ago

    ..... So got me thinking, what is your most unusual location for a run?

  • Bit of a set back in week 2 image after my argument with a water meter cover last night, appears I have damaged something in the back of my knee not just my pride ! So rest and ice order of the day hopefully ok for long run this weekend but will have to wait and see.

    thanks for all the welcome messages 

  • Dan - Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!





    Don't make me assemble a UN Committee.

  • MM - image

    Aaron - I have done quite a few long runs with a half-marathon be9ing part of them.  I usually do the extra mileage before the half aiming to wait around as little as possible. Sometimes that actually works.  On one occasion I ran 5 miles to the start, having thought it was only going to be 3 to the start, ran the half and then ran the 5 back.  

    Really nice 8 miles today. These Hoka shoes are starting to grow on me.

  • Evening people! Hope all is well.

    Hatter - rest make sure your healed before running again.

    I think I have found the place i will be staying for Paris it's near Disneyland it's a 5 bed house and is a good price. There is 7 of us going plus my baby. Has anyone stayed around here before and no if it's any good?
  • Charlie -The weather here isn't too bad but i must admit I have been doing a fair bit of running on the treadmill at the gym in the air con.  It is only 32 degrees today - and the humidity is only 59% - so quite nice and unusual! LOL  I have heard it is steamy everywhere else! I was watching the cricket and couldn't believe the heat in Perth!  It would have been lovely to be there with a cold beer. image

    We have friends coming over tonight for a pre-Christmas Christmas dinner before they depart for the South for the festive season.  I'm thinking quite a few drinks are on the agenda! image

    With regards to Nutrition do you all follow particular plans when you are in training?  I have just started my marathon running program and enjoying it, and we eat pretty well, but I'm just wondering if I should be eating more cleanly / cutting out alcohol? Since we are travelling for the 4 weeks before the marathon I need i need guidelines that are manageable when we are living out of temporary accommodation and of course foreign countries where I have no idea what is about food wise image.  I obviously have never run this kind of distance so want to be as prepared as possible.  I would love to lose about 5kg too while doing the training but don't want it to effect my running..image  Anyone have any ideas?  Or point me in the right direction?


  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Dannir - Hard decision but probably a wise one with your work and race schedule. You'll be with us in spirit, unlike most on here who will be in the spirits.

    Up at KOC so caught up on 20+ pages.

    Newbies - welcome. This is a fast moving thread, don't worry if you miss a few pages. ArrowLou - I was from Emel, friends run with Gade Valley Harriers as you don't have to be a member, Aaron another newbie, is in Watford.

    Best run : my last LSR just before Paris. Late night 32k, out and back. Turning point by a motorway. I pinch myself when I drive past as I still have 20 minutes in the car. On the motorway the valley is impressive which I crossed twice.

    10k Santa Dash - 5500 runners dressed up in red and white costumes. TP was in the house, my excuse for not seeing her was due to the crowd, real reason was she was too fast. Bumped into her and her red and white stockings at the bag drop. A colleague was in the race, didn't see him either but in there is an ugly mug photo bombing one of his photos.

    MM - you're not a proper lawyer because you're still practising.

    TD - well done on your run, good luck.

    Hope everyone else is injury free, good luck with your training
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hatter - Take some rest... water meters are never to be messed withimage

    Aaron - you may want to provide more info about where around disneyland (town name for example).

    Rach - There's a few different theories out there... and a few weeks ago the thread went on a sugar detox for two weeks to lose some pounds before the marathon training begins. What really turned my nutrition around was going to a dietician for 6 months and having her structure my eating. I reached my goal weight (and touch wood) havent strayed too far away from it.

    There's also a book called racing weight by Matt Fitzgerald that a few of us have and use. Personally - i try to have as little processed food as possible and keep it clean and simple. I don't really drink alcohol so dont need to worry about that so much.

    5 windy miles this morning and it was tough going. Booked train home for this weekend and as Chris Rea would say: I'm driving home for christmas image

    PC - well done on the santa dash!

  • Emmy - Safe journey sweetie. 

    I had a 2.5 hour phone call/ pep talk from big bro last night. He is the best, knows me better than I know myself, and actually managed to talk/convince me that this enforced rest period will be a blessing in disguise.... Time will tell! 

    Weather here is beyond awful. No way I could run even if I were fit, definately a day for weights in the bag! image

  • Kaz - listen to big bro, sounds like he's talking sense.

    Rach - no need for a special diet, just continue to eat healthily - carbs, protein, fruit and veg, the usual. But there are two things worth bearing in mind:

    - try to eat within 15 minutes of exercising, as that's when you top up your energy stores most effectively. A milk shake, a banana or a peanut butter sandwich, that kind of thing.

    - sadly, just because you're training for a marathon, it's not an excuse to eat everything you see. Roughly, if you weigh 10 stone, you'll burn off around 100 calories per mile run. So a 30 mile week would mean an extra 3000 calories or just over 400 a day. Which is about a Starbucks muffin. In the high mileage weeks you will need to eat more, but don't go crazy.

    I'm not a fan of Matt Fitzgerald, I think he's too extreme for normal people, but Anita Bean has a very good book called Sports Nutrition which is worth a look (and has good recipes). 

  • Running Reindeer wrote (see)

    - sadly, just because you're training for a marathon, it's not an excuse to eat everything you see. 


    Damn it! image

  • Lol cool image. Thankfully I don't drink all that often - I usually volunteer to drive when going out.  I'll check out those books. thanks 

  • Morning, 10 miles to the office with 5 at sub7 (target mara pace) - still feeling ropey from all the drinking and eating christmas crap.

    PC - please share the photo of you at the Santa dash image

  • Morning people.

    Emmy not sure of the town it just says it's 5 mins from Disneyland and 35 mins on train to Paris centre on the map the closest place is bailly-romainvilliers.

    Done 6 miles last night in the wind and the rain I feel sorry for those up north who deal with it all the time.

    Arrows - you from around Watford?
  • Super-sweaty exercise bike in the gym today. Not risking running 3 days on the trot but hope to do some more tmrw. I've got a feeling my marathon prep is going to be a lot on two wheels this year.

    RachMinAus - losing 5kgs will almost certainly affect your running, very probably for the better. But you have to be careful to lose weight at a sensible rate. Those books should help to do it according to a plan.

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    TJB - I have problems inserting smilies let alone photos.  .  I'm 8024.  It was the end of the race, it was hot so vest is open and hat is off, very shabby image.  N° 6680 is more interesting, although she does look more like little red riding hood then Father Christmas and you can't see the stockings.


  • Just did a simple 8 miles 'general aerobic' this morning but my heart rate monitor has given me some amazing scary feedback. It makes my HR average 100% effort and says my heart went at 245 bpm sometimes (my max is about 176). This is the first time this has ever happened. Since this isn't humanly possible and I felt normal I am assuming its an error. It seemed to revert to normal readings for the last three miles

    Does anyone else get this problem with their Garmin?

  • Hi BeingMerry - try putting it in the wash....I think it's meant to be washed every 8 sessions or so? I had the same issue with mine last year and contacted the nice people at Garmin who kindly sent me a brand spanking new one (HR monitor). I use it every now and then but less so these days, and just for curiosity's sake. It's a useful tool but I find that running by heart rate is not for me....pace works better.

    Good luck with it!

  • Hi BM, I get fairly wild readings regularly from my Garmin Forerunner 110.

    It's quite annoying actually as I'm really concentrating on keeping my heartrate down and I need accurate data.

    If it persists, you may want to consider investing in one of the new generation soft straps. A few people here have had good results changing over and may be able to provide a link for you.

    I did 7.5km with 7 x 100m strides. I'm definitely still feeling this lurgy as I got very slow in the later kilometers and felt very weak trying to do some stretching, push-ups and ab work afterwards. But I at least got out there.

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