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  • Watched it last night. Bruce was dreadful and it was a rubbbish show really. But I like one of the new male pros - can't remember his name, the one who got paired last. He's a wonderful dancer. 

    Vanessa is annoying already and I can't see her lasting long. 

    Even though I don't know half of them I'm expecting some good dancing from the start. There's a lot of potential from the group dance. See you all at the end of the month. 


  • Yay!! image  Hello everybody - we are back again!!

    Agree Soupy, the new guy, Kevin looks good and he is on a bonus being paired with Susanna who looks like she can move a bit, expect them in for a while.  Will wait for the first show to post my thoughts on all of them but one or two stand out already for a variety of reasons.

    Natalie looks v good but I think she is the one with previous experience so wil suffer from 'ringah' status (like DVO last year but in this case she seems like a nice girl)

    Don't mind Vanessa myself but she can't dance - so long James!

    Hairy Biker can't dance either but may survive a few weeks as he seems a nice guy.

    Sophie may be very good, I would say she will excel at ballroom rather than latin, a lot depens on her relationship with Brendan.

    Ben looks a bit wooden but if he learns quickly may do well

    Abbey I really cannot stand, not sure why the nice Peter Crouch married her image  She should be able to dance a bit but her manner and most certainly her voice get right on my wick!

    Roll on 3 weeks image

    Nice to see you all again image


  • Bit early to start guessing on performances but I'm betting dragon lady Debra will turn out to be good at ballroom.

  • Hello everyone!

    So pleased that Artem got a good dancer this year image

    I almost feel sorry for James getting Vanessa image

    Can't wait to see them all in action even though a couple of them *cough* Dave Myers *cough* look a bit car crash!

  • Hi Everyone!

    So glad someone has started a Strictly thread already image

    I'm gutted that I missed out on applying for tickets, I thought I had a couple more weeks. Oh well ...

    Sad that Vincent, Flavia and Natalie aren't joining this year. Is Erin still there? I went out on Saturday night so only saw half the show (I need to start planning my social life around Strictly for the rest of Autumn)

  • Erin has gone and Natalie's missing this year due to foot injury image Aliona was brought back to replace her but it looks as though she won't be here for long...

    There are too many new dancers, will take ages to work out who they are!

  • Please you're still here Little Nemo!

  • Cheers Ironwolf image

    It's lovely to be back and see the familiar Strictly Gang!

  • Not sure as I initially warmed to the 2 new girls (even though there was 3 with Iveta, we know her from last year with Johnny), they seemed a bit 'brash' to me.  I miss Erin and Camilla and Lilia and Nicole image  All the original girls were so nice.  I didn't care for Natalie at first but now really like her so I'll give them a chance image

    Looking forward to the BBC putting up some initial training video's image


  • Another waste of taxpayers' (sorry, licence fee payers') money. The sooner the BBC is re-organised so that only those who want to watch this nonsense pay for it the better.

  • *shimmies into thread*

    Are you a latin or a ballroom guy, Rich?

  • I think you could say I'm a ''Jumpin' Jack Flash'' kind of guy.

    Actually I'm quite a fan of dance, most forms but excluding Morris and River, but just can't stand all that celebrity and voting nonsense.

  • This is the only dancing program I watch. I quite like the progress of seeing people learn to dance and (hopefully!) get better towards the end. I don't normally vote - apart from the year Kara was in when I did get a bit obsessed image

  • Rich949 wrote (see)

    Another waste of taxpayers' (sorry, licence fee payers') money. The sooner the BBC is re-organised so that only those who want to watch this nonsense pay for it the better.

    Is this a specific objection to Strictly or just a general objection to the licence fee? Do you think the BBC should only produce programmes that you personally want to watch?

    Also, I probably wouldn't describe a programme that regularly gets 10 million viewers as a waste of money.

  • Rich949 wrote (see)

    Another waste of taxpayers' (sorry, licence fee payers') money. The sooner the BBC is re-organised so that only those who want to watch this nonsense pay for it the better.

    I could apply the same arguement to football coverage. Or indeed to all sorts of aspects of council tax and general taxation.

  • Evening All

    Thought I'd best dig out this year's thread and find the good old Strictly gang image

    Like many haven't heard of half the slebs but am looking forward to the dresses and the journey........ image image  Will have the usual problem of missing the first part of all the shows though image

    Now to try and get this thread into followed threads and to stay there - fat chance I say image

  • I thought the celebrities dresses on opening night looked a lot better than usual, perhaps Julian has been lending a hand? image

    I'm having the same problem getting this thread to stay in the Followed Threads section image

  • Some interesting partnerships this time around - how long will it be before James has a hissy fit with his, do you reckon?

  • I reckon that's already happened Ironwolf image

    4 days to go! image

  • Hi Folks!

    Ok, I'm going to nail my colours to the mast and say that I'm going to be rooting for Julien and Rachel.  No idea whether they can dance or not, but they just seem quite nice.

    Roll on the weekend!

  • i nearly said that I think patrick robinson is a dark horse but then thought that might be racist. i think he might do well, at any rate.

    susannah reid and natalie gumede also to do well, and deborah meaden to do well for a few weeks in the surprisingly-nice-actually-jolly hockey sticks-fern-mumsy-sort. see also vanessa feltz.

    mark benton to be the people's favourite.

  • Where is everybody?!

  • I just fainted ....

  • Hello! image

    I was a bit late watching as Saturday's show is at the wrong time while I'm trying to cook dinner.

    Natalie, Patrick and Abby seem v. good, Ashley, Susanna, Sophie and Rachel have potential, Dave was a car crash and Julien was annoying.

    Can't wait for next week image

  • Why do some posts have a yellow flag & pirates next to the date ? 

    Agree with the Dude think Patrick is dark horse as long as his 50year I old knee holds out. 

    But he will get preferential treatment in casualtyimage

  • Take a wild guess Red Stripe image

  • Red Stripe wrote (see)
    But he will get preferential treatment in casualtyimage

    guffaw image

    that was a good start. not the exciting dazzling line-up in paper but they seem a fun bunch. i liked sophie's waltz but think she might struggle with the latin/jive etc.

  • Overall I think they all did pretty well for week one. Few were a bit stiff but that's not really surprising. No complete no-hopers a la Widdy/Sargent thankfully

  • Hi. Another Stricly Fan here!!! I'm not rooting for a celeb I'm rooting for Pasha - love him. Would love to see Julien leave next week.


  • Hairy Biker bloke ought to be first out, although I expect he's popular with the public so he may survive for a few weeks.

    Susanna Reid FTW.

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