Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon



  • Not even a properly measured course. Won't go on power of 10. 

  • It's not all about PBs and Po10 Toro!

    Thanks for the café link - my OH is now much more enthusiastic about supporting image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Planning a long run on Sunday hopefully, 

    when are people going to do their last long run? 

  • I did Chester marathon 3 weeks ago so am just picking up on that training plan again - ie slotting back into the last weeks - so will do my last 22 miler three weeks before ie Dec 1st.  Followed it for London too and seemed to work - did two18s and a 20 and two 22 miles so that seems to work for me. 

    Doing a local cross country race this Sunday so an easier week but will do 20 next weekend. Did a very wet and windy hilly 6 miles tonight and managed to keep warm even though wet - all good December practice.

  • QB did you enjoy BHM? It was a perfect day for it image

  • Usually three weeks out for me too.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • 16.3 for me today, long run on Friday of 19/20 then gosport half the week after, still can't imagine running 26 image

  • Ran the Lordshill 10 mile this morning in 1.15.14, the fastest for many years. Contemplating the Gosport Half Marathon in 2 weeks.

  • noLast I pedestrians last year , a few bird watchers in the undergrowth but they weren't in the way . 

    Very narrow paths for the first 5 miles so if your fast and aiming for a pb get to the front posit possible to pass unless your brave and run on the sea all (personally I didn't fancy the risk of a drop into the sea) .

    baggage area last year was totally unsupervised but I didn't have anything stolen. Take a flask of something with you before the start as they had run out of most hot drinks 45 mins before the start .

    plenty of toilets and parking.  I have a calf strain at the moment so haven't run further than 14 miles , starting to get v nervous !!!! 

  • Sorry bout the errors , predictive text !!

  • 21 miles for me this morning. I thought the gusting wind was probably good practice....

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Entered this marathon to and really hoping to break 4 hours. Have only done one marathon 6 years ago in 4 hours 36. Now much fitter and have spent all this year improving stamina and breaking all previously held PB's. Portsmouth is a beautiful place to run and flat, we will all definately deserve our Christmas Dinner, good luck to all who have entered or are thinking of joining in the fun!!

  • Got my duty rota today and I am on a late shift! 

    Going to have to see if someone will swap with me image

  • Maybe it will be an added incentive to run faster Zoe image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I have swapped lots of shifts over the last few weeks for others so hopefully someone will swap for me!


  • I am looking forward to this event. It will be my first organised marathon. I will hopefully break 4hrs. I hope they clearly mark the water and brandy cups at the water stations. I don't think alcohol woukd serve me very well on a long run.
  • Better get on board before it's too late.image

     Pedro last year I had no idea about the  Brandy at the check-point and downed it

    thinking it was an energy shot .   I've been tea-total for years so it was quite a shock !

     Last year it was a bit wet and muddy but it was still a really enjoyable marathon.  It's more of a sit back and enjoy the sea air event than a push to the limits race. (Well it will be for me.) I'm going to run it in round about 4 hoursimage beating last years time by six minutes. Positivity is the best policy.


  • Sounds right about sitting back and enjoying rather than pushing too hard. I am nursing overworked legs back to good form slowly, so no PB attempts for me.

    I am a long term t-totaller and I intend to stay that way, so I might bring my hydration pack (hoping it doesn't freeze) along as a precaution.

    The bad weather conditions will only serve to make it a more memorable experience and the finish line and medal more beautiful.
  • Entries are still being taken for this event.

    Another newbie using Portsmouth as his first marathon experience!

  • Nothing wrong with being a noob. We all have to start somewhere. Portsmouth seems a great place for it. Great scenery and everyone will be in the festive spirit. The arduous weather conditions might test even the more experienced runners, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

    Since it is so difficult/expensive to enter other more mainstream or popular marathons, there will probably be quite a few first timers, or at least I hope so. I would hate to be the last finisher. I would love a sub 3h45m, but anything sub 4h will do me fine.
  • I'd be surprised if you were last if you come in around the four hour mark pedro - even in a smaller event such as this.

    Welcome aboard Twisted.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I will be behind you Pedro image

  • Pedro you'll be closer to the front than the back with that time.image

    Not that there is anything wrong with being a back marker. All finishers get the same respect  from me.

      Even now I still feel like a bit of a novice when it comes to running marathons.   

  • Agreed. All due respect to all finishers. It takes a lot of grit to complete a marathon.

    I also don't know if I will necessarily get the time I want, or is just a calculated guess. If I feel lazy on the day, or if the single and mud is a lot more than expected.

    As mentioned above by Paulie B, it is more of a sit back, relax and enjoy the sea air type of event. I think that's what I might do. That and polish a plate of jaffa cakes. Lol.
  • Jaffa cakes...image saved my life at mile 28 of the Compton 40.   

  • 40? You are a machine. Respect.

    I am going to attempt a 2 or 3 more marathons and then, if I do ok and I enjoy it enough I want to attemp at least one ultra, just for bragging rights and then I will probably go back and stick to half marathons.

    I am still a fairly new runner, so I have only done 26.2 once. The really long distances still do my head in. I am quite comfortable on HM distance though, a current PB if 1h41m17s.

    How long do you reckon it takes to be ready, mentally and physically, to be ready for an ultra Paulie B?
  • Hey listen Pedro, if you can eat a plate of Jaffa cakes you can do anything.image

    Once you start doing ultra distances  you may find you want to run even further.   Don't let the numbers bother you, all time is now, the start is also the finish.

    Believe me when I say this,   You can do whatever you put your mind to !

    Honestly , you just need to have total belief in your  own ability.   It's all about speaking to yourself positively at all times .    Don't fear distance.

       If you want to start off doing a 30-50 miler you'll be ready  once you've covered marathon distance.  You just need to reduce your pace, learn what is best for you to eat and drink and have Complete faith in yourself ! That is the key to it all.image

      My last run before  the Abingdon marathon was a 24 hour track event.   It was part of a ultra fest which involved  six day and 48 hour events.  You should have seen the atitude of  those guys. Unbelievable.



  • Thanks for the advice. I really want to do it. I have read a few slicks in RW about ultras and it just looks so unbelievably good.

    I need to do it at least once.

    One off topic question, since you have done the Portsmouth Marathon before. Road or trail shoes?

    Again, thanks for the advice.
  • Shoes are always a personal decision but having said that I wore road shoes last year and they were ok.  I've never been able to wear trail shoes where there have been sections of road to run .    

  • Yes. Trail shoes and road don't go together well for me either. Road shoes it is then.
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