Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon



  • When I did the Gurkha walk last year we had a time limit, I did 30 miles with blisters under toe nails and my feet were wreaked! Depends how much you want it! image


  • Little miss happy, my understanding is that Threshold is approx 7-10 days, VO2 max is approx 2 weeks and the goal of a long run is to build-up your aerobic system. (by increasing the number and size of the mitochondria in your muscle fibers, and capillaries, myoglobin content of your muscle fibers.) This generally takes 4 weeks+

    I presume that is why you see the last long run on most plans is 4-5 weeks before the marathon, and then more VO2 max and threshold in the last few weeks.

    However this probably varies massively with different variables such as age, experience and genes. But just what i have read in the past, and seems some merit in it.

  • I hope you're right and I'm wrong then Wenty - but there's no way I could do my last long run four or more weeks out and be confident that the endurance base was as good as it could be.

    Too true Zoe.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Miss. Happy, I think that's because its physcological, as you panic when you have not run long for a few weeks and then have to run a amarathon.

    I notice that long runs make a big difference a few months before a marathon and quick, intervals and hills make a big difference weeks before 10k's. This is just what i have found, but everyone has a different genetic make up.

    When do you do your last long run?

  • Hi,

    Knew to this thread. 5 from our club are coming down to do this run. 3 of us are running a race a month as we approach the big 50. It will be my 5th marathon since the Brighton marathon in April this year. Since then done the South Downs,New Forest & Beechy Head. I'm not sure what time to go for Brighton was in 3.56 and New Forest 4.05- The other two were hilly ones so just over 5 hours.

    Did a 16.25 mile run this morning at 8.40 minute pace which I was happy with & will probably do a 11 mile run on the Downs on Sunday and the same again over the next couple of weeks.

    Really looking forward to crossing the line and thinking I can indulge over christmas!!!



  • I usually do my last 20 mile(ish) run three weeks out more or less, will probably be the 3rd December for this one as I have commitments on the Sunday.

    Hi Alistair - I think this one may be a little weather dependent.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • That Is what we have decided- see what it is like on the day and then decide what to aim for. As far as I am concerned the biggest achievement is to finish.

    4 years ago I was a 16 stone lardy & (managed to lose 5 stone by 2010 and have kept it off ) I would never had contemplated a marathon!  

  • Hi Alistair, Just turned 50 this month so this will be my first marathon as Vet50. Not really doing much mileage as hoping I still have enough left in my legs from Chester marathon on Oct 6th. Fingers crossed that the weather will be kind.

  • Running to work on Sunday.Its just over 19 miles.Left it late last time I did it a few weeks ago and basicly quick shower then started  work.Luckily its not hard graft so its o.k.Will give myself more time this week.


  • I did my first long run in a month yesterday.. 17 miles of hills and mud and I really felt it.  The last couple of miles were reduced to a shuffle.  4 weeks ago I felt invincible, now I am having a crisis of confidence.  I suppose I've not run much recently, with 2 of those weeks being the taper for the marathon I missed and the other 2 weeks getting over this bug.

    I will attempt a 20-22 road run next weekend... at least Portsmouth is flat... (ignores any prospect of wind/snow/high tides...)

  • I've been rubbish at keeping up my long runs, hoping fitness from Snowdonia last month and an ironman 6 weeks ago will be enough, probably not but there's only one way to find out. Can we order it to be a bit less wet underfoot than last year?

  • Hilly and muddy will have made those 17 miles a lot harder Suzie.

    An IM followed by a marathon a couple of weeks later should have left you with a great endurance base Kate and you should be recovered enough to go faster again.

    A lovely comfy 20 for me this morning, much milder than it has been which was nice.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I am looking forward to this one.  Rated in top 10 a couple of years ago and I have heard good things.  I have also heard its a little tougher than most.

    This will be my first full marathon off the back of the Gosport Half/Hayling10 and GSR. Have done 22 mile long runs in about 3:20 so confident of under 4 at least.

  • HC, you're right about the weather this morning, abandoned my mittens and downgraded to gloves! It is fairly tough Paul, but very flat.

  • 16.25 miles on Friday which was fairly flat and 11.7 miles on the South Downs which was obvioulsy hilly!! Feeling firly confident for 4 weeks time will just continue knocking out the runs and fingers crossed for the weather. Don't mind the cold - it's the wind and rain that is the worry!!!  

  • Hello people,

    could I please join in? I live  locally and have recce'd parts of the course in the last few weeks. It seems in good nick and let's hope it stays that way!

    As others have said, it's flat, but wouldn't cal it easy. Some of the paths are quite narrow and you can get blown sideways on the more exposed parts of the course. 

    Did the Downton Half today to test the legs which went fine. A couple of weeks of proper training and then it's taper mode....

    Really looking forward to it!

  • Welcome aboard Francis!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • The turnaround point and a couple of miles before was waterlogged last year, let us know how it's holding up if you get a recce in Francis.

  • Run to work went well,good weather,19 miles in exactly 2 and half hours.

    Will do a 2 to 3 short runs  between 4 - 8 miles during the week and hopefully run to work again next weekend.

    To suziewee, im sure if you do another long one next week youll feel much better,maybe limit it to 20 miles.

  • Ok KateF,


    I'm resting today as I rather gave it some at yesterday's HM, but might get a chance later in the week. I'll let you know as and when!

  • Some serious training going in with this marathon people. I feel embarrassed image

    Managed a 17miler and 7 mile hills sunday, which is my longest in my training for this marathon, and may try and sneak one more long one in image

    Not sure if i am looking forward to it or dreading it!

  • More you run in training more you'll look forward to the day Wenty image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Really looking forward to this one! Last 20 miler on sunday, then a cheeky half in bedford the week after. It's going to be a guilt free christmas this year for sure.

  • I ran 21.25 miles on Sunday off road, and felt strong, and tempted to go further. I ran the South Downs Marathon in June, and have been consistently averaging 40 miles per week. Last weeks mileage, which included Sundays run was 52, so I am feeling more confident now. Not paying £23 though for the t shirt. The technical t shirt at the Southdown's marathon was included in the entry fee.

  • True Miss happy not really done enough to look forward to this one - but it was just really a carrot to keep my training and base level up for london marathon next year.

    should be enough to get me round in an acceptable fashion though.

    Terrance - I agree the T-shirt is a tad expensive - but then the entrance fee for portsmouth is quite reasonable.

  • Hey people,

    Well done Terence and Gingermagic; proper mileage!

    Did a recovery run this morning on the seafront in Portsmouth. The first 2 and last 2 miles of the course are very straightforward. If the wind is kind (it was today) you can really find your stride before it gets a bit tricky. If there is wind, please let it be against us on the way out, when we're fresher and when there is more chance of hiding behind other runners!

  • my home town has a marathon, i never knew about, should i add it to my marathon dream list and return one day to run it....decision decisions. Good luck all.



  • Wenty - I must admit my reasoning was much the same, it's not a target race - though that doesn't stop the thought of maybe sneaking a little PB. I really want a marathon time beginning 3.3x.xx - missed it by 18 seconds at VLM this year.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Just to put you all to shame - I did a whopping total of 9 miles last week.  Yes 9! Combination of a calf and a bug.  Damn animals.  Last of the sniffles is pretty much gone and leg feels OK so will hopefully get out tomorrow night for a few miles and hope to get a long one in on Saturday as have a cycling sportive to do on Sunday.  Crossing the line on 22/12 is now my target rather than any hope for a time.  My family now can't come and cheer me on/carry me back to the car so may need a bit of help afterwards dudes.

  • Dean my goaI is the same as yours, just get round!

    plan to do a long run sun/mon and then taper, it's coming round so quick!

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