Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon



  • pedro - I've only run one ultra as I'm too busy trying to fit everything else in most of the time but I agree totally with Paulie, it's all about attitude once you have the miles in your legs and you don't need many more for a 'short' ultra (mine was 35 miles) than for a marathon. I loved running the ultra and once I've finished playing with long distance triathlon I hope to go back and do more.

  • Little Miss Happy.     - It's funny how we refer to 35 miles as "short" image 

    You've certainly got the right attitude.

  • Very funny. I think I will start working on my attitude then.
  •  Pedro -  you already have what it takesimage    

  • I'll be going to this, staying at a family friends house the day before, we've found a pub at half way point incase of need to pull out and go for a pint haha!  Swapping shorter runs for longer runs is hard in this weather but with 6 weeks to go I know it needs to be done.  5:30 am is crap when it's dark image

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence Paulie. I will be training really hard for the upcoming marathon. Logging all those long runs will probably get me in good enough condition for a 30 miler sometime in the new year.

    I am doing a Spartan Beast tomorrow, which I never would have thought possible. If I do ok in that, anything is possible.
  • 5:30am is not a good time for me either. I am better on late sessions rather than early ones. There won't be any pub crawling for me. I will finish that 26.2m even if I had to do it in crutches.
  • 19 miles today, furthest I have ever run! 

    Got gosport half next weekend so counting that as a training run

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence Paulie. I will be training really hard for the upcoming marathon. Logging all those long runs will probably get me in good enough condition for a 30 miler sometime in the new year.

    I am doing a Spartan Beast tomorrow, which I never would have thought possible. If I do ok in that, anything is possible.
  • Yeah, that's more for my dad for some reason with dodgy knees and a fractured rib he's still INTENT on running at least half way because we did forest of dea together in the summer.  The getting to the half way point within the timescale will be a good motivational kick.  I've found doing evening runs better at the moment, somehow did 8 miles in 65 minutes on Wednesday, going to do half distance early Sat morning when the sun finally ups and tackle a LONG run next weekend.  That's the plan anyway.

  • Good luck. It takes grit to get out there in this weather. But it has to be done. I suppose it is important to avoid injury at the same time. I intend to log an 18 miler next week hopefully.
  • As Paulie has already said pedro - you have the right attitude!

  • Enjoy your Spartan Beast pedro.  Whatever it is it sounds like fun.image

  • Thanks. It's a 25km 75 obstacle course race. Similar to Tough Mudder, just focused on the spartan theme. A mud run basically. A mate at work said it's good, so I went ahead and signed up for it. I have no idea how difficult it is, but I am currently fitter than my mate was and he survived.
  • Another vote for running an ultra from me. And can only echo whats already been said. Races longer than a marathon are only a number and anybody can complete one once they set their mind to it. 90% mental, 10% physical!! Plus of course running longer means more time to chat, eat and walk!!!image

  • Thank Little M.iss Happy and Pedro upton for the welcome and encouragement.

    I realise long distance running is all about attitude, as one minute I'm confident and the next not so. 

    I've a local half marathon in two weeks, assuming that goes reasonably I know I'll be fine in Portsmouth.

  • Good luck Twisted . Half marathons are good confidence boosters for me and a welcome replacement for your costomary long run. It's a comfortable distance where you don't really have to save up any reserves for the final stretch. Just leg it all way round.
  • I'm in!  I was meant to be running a hilly off road marathon tomorrow but am laid up with a chesty cold.  I couldn't waste all my training so I've just entered this one.  Should be a lovely way to get in the Christmas spirit!


    I've done lots of hilly training and this looks very flat so hopefully it won't be too painful, the brandy will help..

  • Did 16 miles of the course this morning, get your fingers crossed that the weather is the same on the 22nd Dec, beautiful day for a run. Pompey is looking good.

  • Shame about missing your target marathon Suzie but great that you can put the training to good use for this one instead.

    Lovely day here too Tel, I was thinking or running round Langstone Harbour and on to the Billy Trail during my LSR.

  • Hello all! This will be my first marathon, and I am equally scared and excited image 

    Suziewee- was the hilly marathon you missed Broadway by any chance? I just did the half marathon option there and thought it was *incredibly* hard -it literally felt at least twice as hard as a road run, so I am sure you will find Portsmouth a breeze by comparison! 

  • Yes Joanne it was Broadway   I did the half last year (the course was slightly different then as it started and finished at the tower)  Well done on completing it, it is a tough but beautiful course.  I bet the underfoot conditions were challenging.


    I'm just desperate to feel up to running again so I can get some longer runs in and get my head back to marathon mode!  I'll be sensible and rest up first though.  Best of luck with the rest of your training, you never forget your first marathon!  Well done again on completing Broadway.

  • Thanks Suziewee! I don't feel particularly proud of myself for finishing Broadway - I walked a heck of a lot of it, sometimes because the uphills were too steep, sometimes because the downhills were too steep, and sometimes because I just couldn't get my footing - I stupidly did it in road shoes.

    Hope you get back to feeling 100% soon so you can jump back into the training. Like you say though, rest up first! I'm just getting into unchartered territory for me now with an 18 miler to do this weekend (will be my longest run so far), but at least it will be relatively flat image 


  • I did 11 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes on Saturday in the pooring rain and I'm still aching from it!  Ouch!  Keeping everything crossed that it'll be a clear day or maybe at best light drizzle in parts on the 22nd.  Going to have to invest on wet weather running gear just incase because 26.2 miles in rain like it was on saturday would be horrid!

  • On a side note for those of you that have run marathon distance before how are your training schedules?  I'm doing a 20 mile run Saturday from my house to my not so local Parkrun, then do the Parkrun and the rest of the miles on treadmill and a 6 mile run Sunday for Bath Skyline.  How many times do you reccomend doing the whole distance or longest possible runs before the event itself or would a few long runs of 10 miles a time do?  Obviously rest up the week before or woud you say two weeks bearing in mind the longer runs?  Can't beleive it's five weeks already :/

  • I like to do at least five long runs of 20 miles and will do the last one three weeks out with 14 miles two weeks out.

  • Managed to swap my shift today so I can do the marathon image

  • Gosport half for me ths weekend then 20/21 miler next weekend, can't believe it's 5 weeks on Sunday!image

  • It's coming quicker than xmas image

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