Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon



  • That sounds great Miss Happy thanks, pretty sure I can fit in a few more long runs after this week, even if it means early morning or late evening runs or worse comes to it treadmill miles!

  • If you don't have a huge endurance background Ella don't run them too close together. When I first started marathon running I'd probably do 18/20/16/20 rather than 20s on the bounce as I do now. It's important to make sure that you don't injure yourself and that you recover sufficiently from the long runs and are able to do your other sessions.

  • That sounds like a good plan, I think if I know I can run 15 miles plus before the big day I know that I can manage a long distance without training like crazy.  It does seem like a crazy amount of miles.  What are your tips nutrition wise, do you eat on the run?

  • I think that nutrition is very personal - and needs to be practised. At this time of year I do 20 mile training runs on nothing more than my breakfast and a drink of water before I go out though I usually carry £1 and a gel in case I bonk badly. In a race I use High 5 gels but not the ones with caffeine as they give me cramp.

  • Portsmouth is now sold out! 

  • Hello all. 

    I entered this a few weeks ago and received payment confirmation. I have not been sent any news emails from the organisers detailing race day information and just wanted to make sure this is the same for everyone else.



  • 21 miles run - trying to get them in before the forecast cold weather descends on us.

  • I did gosport half today and took over 6 minutes off my time! 

    Long run next weekimage

  • We'll done @ Gosport Zoe. I took a minute off last years time but was suffering with mega sore calf and now have a big blister to contend with. Email today telling us we are 5 weeks away was not helpful. Need to get busy on the foam roller and aim for a 20 miler next week. Whose idea was this?
  • Argh - I've just enetered Portsmouth marathon!!!! what have I done!!!!image

    entered the waiting list and they called my bluff and got a call up........

    Too late to get a training plan together, so i think i will go straight to the tapering stage. image

  • Two weeks of training before taper time Wenty - get yourself out there image

  • I did this as my first marathon last year,and this year will be my second.

    I hope the course is not waterlogged like last year.I injured my knee last year,i think by jumping over puddles and on and off that low coast path wall.Inexperience really,learnt my lesson that cant do that over nearly 4 hours, takes its toll on the knees.

    Looking forward to it though as I been putting in 20 milers last 2 weeks running.Something I never did last year.Hoping to crack 3h 30.image

  • Thanks Little Miss Happy, I see you are living true to your name ......

    Only joking. Will try and get a 16 and 18 miler in next 2 weeks taper with a 15 and 12 miler.... How does that sound?

    Err how waterlogged was it last year and was this normal does anyone know?

  • Generally I'm happy when I'm running Wenty and I like to spread the word image

  • Wenty wrote (see)

    Thanks Little Miss Happy, I see you are living true to your name ......

    Only joking. Will try and get a 16 and 18 miler in next 2 weeks taper with a 15 and 12 miler.... How does that sound? Err how waterlogged was it last year and was this normal does anyone know?

    Well we had tons of rain December last year,it just never stopped.Even the night before was pouring down.The promenade and pavement sections were ok,but the whole tracks down to hayling island right upto where you turn around was one massive puddle.Basicly anywhere not tarmac/stone surface was water and I don't think im exaggerating too much either.

    I spent the first half leaping the puddles but on the way back was too tired and was  just running through it.

    But even though I got injured,i was glad I did it,big achievement for me and im doing it again this year.So good luck everyone.image

  • Hoping to do 20/21 on Thursday, have a feeling it's going to come around real quick!


  • 20/21 ekkkk - is that your longest run in training Zoe?

    Knakered  Neil - lets hope there is a bit less rain this year!

  • Yes longest run to date is 19, really want to do at least 20/21 just for confidence as much as anything else, it's my first marathon!


  • You will be fine Zoe - i dont normally run past 16-18 miles. But i know what you mean for my first marathon i wanted to do 20/21 and its a good physcological boost!

  • I'm doing 20 on Saturday and am gonna leave that as my longest, will do 15 next weekend and then taper.....phew!

  • Good stuff Big Tel sounds spot on to me! Always nice getting to taper stage, providing you have the miles in the bag of course!

  • Managed  a 20 miler today, very slow at the end, fell over at 14 miles somehow and landed shoulder the cheek on pavement, actually heard my head smack the pavement! Carried on as I did not want to come out for another long run on sunday


    not sure what I should be doing in the next couple of weeks, last few weeks I have done 15, 16, 17, 19, 13 half marathon, 20

  • Personally i do a 15m then 12m in my final 2 weeks but some people do less than that! basically any long runs will have little benefit in the last 4 weeks as it takes 4 weeks to see benefits of long runs, most guides suggest cutting 50-75% for 2-3 weeks out and 25-50% for 1-2 weeks out. But most suggest maintain intensity.

  • Oh and hope your head is ok!image

  • And the pavement image

  • Well done for getting up and carrying on Zoe - just the sort of thing I'd do - in fact did last year, smacking my shoulder off a barrier, had a wacking great bruise for ages, hope you're ok. I'll do a 20 miler next weekend (though it may be as late as Tuesday due to other commitments) then 14 miles or so two weeks out and maybe only 10 - 12 miles the week before.

    Wenty - I thought it was two weeks for physiological adaptations?

  • I had to carry on as it was my last long run! 

    Last year I did the Gurkha trail walker which was 62 miles, I trained up to 34 but did a lot of walking last year, I feel happier I have done 20, just want to get round the course!

  • Sounds as though you have a good endurance base Zoe - and the right mentality to finish.

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