Brighton Marathon 2015



  • Just a 4 miler for me working on getting my pace up and keeping mileage low for a few weeks, feel totally recovered from the marathon but exhausted still. No training plans for me for at least a month or so to just enjoy the actual running
  • Yes toby ,you were running up to 70 miles a week at the top end of your training before brighton.....hope the boiler gets sorted soon, does it do your hot water too?? 

    I'm not gonna follow a plan for my running either,just short ,faster runs for me too, need to get a new 10km pb I know I can a min off if I dig deep!!! 

  • well finally fixed the boiler yesterday  there was a leek under the floor boards down stairs off to buy a new pair of running shoes later as the old one are pretty much knackered now what i need something that’s a  cross  between the Asics which had good cushioning but i went through the webbing were my toe is  like butter and the Brookes i have now were i never came though the webbing but didn’t have a lot of cushioning and found my feet were getting sore after a while so i guess it’s going to take a while

    Yvonne yes it does the hot water as well so we had no hot water and no heating at time's

  • I'm In..... Cheers for the new thread Toby.

    No running for me at present but will try and tick over till Brighton next year. anyone got any other marathons planned. I normally do one in the autumn. Thinking of Venice, NY or Bournmouth. then Brighton and London next year.

  • I've got Beachy Head off-road marathon in October Wenty, which I thoroughly recommend if you find something a bit different for your Autumn marathon.

    My other races for the year are:

    May - NDW50

    August - Lemmings Track Marathon (106 times round a running track!)

    Start October - Downslink 38 miler

    End October - Beachy Head marathon

    November - Brecon Beacons 48 miler

  • Hmmm Barbie a few too many ultras there for my liking ! I might do a 30 miler one day to say i have done one. 26.2 is far enough for me.

    They dont look very flat either. I prefer pancake flat. (Although I thought about Mnt blanc marathon until it sold out)

  • Haha sorry I didn't realise you wanted flat, Beachy Head is anything but flat!image

  • Lisa123Lisa123 ✭✭✭

    I am back in again for next year, with the aim of enjoying the full 26.2 miles rather then the first 21miles and then the last .5 of a mile image. This year was my 1st full marathon bu will be aiming for a GFA next year as got my sub 4 this year (just!) 3hr 59 and 21 secs.

    Going to concentrate on triathlons over the summer, with the odd 10k thrown in. Will probably book Barnes Green HM in September before building the mileage back over after that.

  • Smols83

    Your story is much like mine. Unfinished business for me too.

    My last mara was Brighton 2011 and I got injured a month into training and arrived at the start line in pretty bad shape - ended up having to adopt run-walk strategy and necking Nurofen. This time round target No.1 is to arrive at Preston Park pain-free.

    I'm putting previous injuries down to too much speedwork too early. This time round I'm gonna start in October and build up milage slowly. 



  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭

    I'm in again for my 3rd crack at breaking 3:15.

    2013  3:17:39
    2014  3:16:07
    2015  might try going slower at the start this time!

  • Jooligan.....I think most of us are guilty of starting far to fast....I did AGAIN!!! Which in hind sight cost me my 4:10 I was aiming for,did 4:13 which was still a pb by over 10 mins!! 

    I'm not in for next year though....doing the 10km instead 

  • couldn't hold out any longer had to get out for a run so did a steady 10miles

  • couldn't hold out any longer had to get out for a run so did a steady 10miles

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Toby - get the message that you was desperate for a run ????????????

  • Did you do what I did on the gulp thread toby and pressed submit twice?? 

    After training for my two marathons, over the winter,it's been nice to go and run just for runnings sake ...

    Thursday I did just over 5 miles, then yesterday morning and this morning, I've gone running with the dogs around our meadow which if you go round twice it's 3:38 miles....I think the dogs enjoy it too ...

  • Still no running for me - since falling at London marathon I can barely walk let alone run.

    At least I have 11.5 months to recover.
  • Hope you recover soon Wenty.  6 miles for me today, can already see improvements with the average pace getting quicker each time but the runs feeling more comfortable and easy at the same time.  Ran in the pouring rain without my iPod as i lost it and it was one of those runs that just makes you smile.

  • Cheers till star - I don't think it's the sort of run that would make me smile. Pouring rain and no iPod. Good to hear pace is getting more comfortable
  • sorry about that didn't even realized it had posted twice


  • That's ok Tobes - just pretend you did 2 10 mile runs - cool!!!
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Hi all. 

    I've managed to resist almost an entire week since running the VMLM, and this morning relented and booked up for next year's Brighton Marathon image Look forward to catching up with you all (again). In the meantime I've got another four weeks of recovery and build-up running to restore normality.

  • Till star, I'm really struggling without my music. 4 miles done today but hard work. Although potentially I should have had more porridge and less chocolate for my breakfast. Happy Easter all image

  • Afternoon all

    an hour in the gym at home for me today may try to do 1 session a week a week and try and build core strength

    out for a run tomorrow and i have to try and build up my pace again so as I’m just training for a 10k will try to run one 3 mile a out one 6 mile a week flat out  and 10 mile run at a slower pace on

  • afternoon folks. good to be part of this. I'm just "trotting along" at the moment and ticking over a few miles. did 6 today at 8:15 pace which felt quite comfortable. 

    my aim is to run nottingham in about 3:45 and then have a go at 3:30 in Brighton.

    heavens, even writing it looks a bit scary.

    good luck all - it's a long journey.

  • Toby I think core strength really helps.

    Trotting along - best if luck - ambitious goals but attainable
  • Wenty, hope your knees heal quickly, so you can soon get back out there and run....

    People have asked me if I enjoyed London marathon, and the honest answer is, I enjoyed the big landmark sights,tower bridge etc, but I didn't enjoy running it, as it's far to crowded for me, it took the enjoyment away, trying not to get tripped myself,trodden on, and having to constantly run side to side to pass people....I'm sure I was in the wrong pen, I was in pen 8 of 9 on the red start, I put a finish time down of 4:15 -4:30 I know that's the average finish time , but from the start I was passing people all the way to the finish line...

    Anyway I can say I've run it but it's not for me, I certainly won't be staying up till 12 tonight to put my name in the ballot for next year (even if I wasn't becoming a grand ma in September) ....for those who are interested ballot opens tomorrow, by that they mean just gone midnight tonight , it's normally full after 11 hours!! 

  • thanks Wenty and like yvonne, hope your knees are better soon.

    yvonne - when i ran london (LONG time ago) i had almost exactly the same experience as you. too many people, couldn't get a running rhythm. I put down about 4:00 as my predicted finish time and again, just passed people from start to finish (in a very irritating 4:05).

    I have no intention of running london again and am really hoping that Brighton next year won't be quite as bad!

  • I've run brighton four times now and I love it,although this year there was a bottle neck at the start due to some idiots insisting on parking their cars in the way!!! 

    Normally you have lots of room, even though shoreham power station isn't exactly tower bridge, but hey we all moan about that part of the course but we go back for more eh 

  • Morning all

    well training for the Bristol 10k kicked of this morning did 6 miles will do 3 tomorrow god this seems strange talking about doing 6 miles when for the last 3 months it's been 18's and 20’s

  • Yvonne - no shoreham power station is not London bridge buts it's just as iconic on the marathon course as London bridge. Everyone mentions shoreham power station!
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