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  • I don't really know what splits are either I am afraid, this is perhaps something that I can learn as I go along here and keep you guys updated on this? Because I do find that I am continually learning with this, and actually I like learning. And I am glad I am not the only new person to things like this.

  • As for the raps, I think that yes the raps should really be put to rest, I have always fancied being a one hot wonderimage

  • So, the training programme for the next four does that grab you......

  • Mon Dec 22- Sun Dec 28 - 33M
    Mon: rest
    Tues: Hills - ideally 10 x 1 minute -90 secs effort (5M)
    Wed: 45 mins steady run at 8:15s (6M)
    Thurs: Pace session:  2 miles slow, 3M block of HM pace (7:45-8:00), 1 mile slow (6M)
    Fri: rest
    Sat: parkrun or fartlek (5M)
    Sun: 11 miles relaxed in 99-105 mins (11M)

    Mon Dec 29- Sun Jan 4 - 36M
    Mon rest
    Tue hills (5M)
    Wed 50 mins steady run - (6M)
    Thu Pace session: 2 miles slow, 3M block of 10km (7:30), 1 mile slow (6M)
    Fri rest
    Sat off-road or parkrun or fartlek (6M)
    Sun 13 miles relaxed in 2 hours-2:10 (13M)

    Mon Jan 5 - Sun Jan 11 - 40M
    Mon rest
    Tue Mile reps  5 x 1M in approx 7:15-7:30 with 2 mins rest (7M)
    Wed 60 mins steady run (7M)
    Thu easier endurance session: fartlek (6M)
    Fri rest
    Sat off road run or parkrun (5M)
    Sun 2 hours 15-25 mins slow (15M)

    Mon Jan 12 - Sun Jan 18 (42M)
    Mon rest
    Tue 1000m reps 6 x1000m approx 4:30 with 2 min recoveries (6M)
    Wed 85 mins steady run (10M)
    Thu Endurance session (acceleration) - start at 9:30, 9:00, 8:45, 8:30, 8:15, 8:00, 7:45 (7M)
    Fri rest
    Sat parkrun, hills or brisk run (6M)
    Sun Brisk longer endurance run or race (ie 13M at sub 8:30s

  • So, rest day on day one.....this is going to be a piece of cake huh! image

  • Oh, and I LOVE 1D, not even a guilty pleasure! Gingermagic say it loud say it proud! Malc I can definitely see you taking a bunch of 9 year old girls to all the cool kid concerts and singing along image

  • Thanks Amy all sorted with regards to Edinburgh and liking the looks of the plan, One question did you manage to blag a medal for your troubles ? 

  • Oh, and my PB half was in Leeds, 2010 or 2011, when I was at uni there. I was told it was a good course for a PB so I went for it, was really proud when I crossed the line as my best before that was about 1.50something if I remember rightly. I was definitely blowing out my arse by the end of it though!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Great to see the schedule up Amy!

    Looks excellent and yes, rest day on day one, how cool is that?! image

    Day two looks a little tougher though. Better take a sick bag with you!image

    Pocket Rocket Amy wrote (see)

    Malc I can definitely see you taking a bunch of 9 year old girls to all the cool kid concerts and singing along image

    image Trying desperately hard to ignore the fact that that sounds very dodgyimage I will simply say that you clearly haven't heard me sing (or rap)! 

  • I did get a medal yes, but it was given to me I did not take it. I had really hit the wall about mile 23 and this guy said he'd been chasing me for a while and couldn't see my not cross the line so he ran the rest of the way with me and helped me pick my pace up again, I actually don't think i could have crossed the line without him. And as we were running we were chatting and I told him about my little story and when we crossed the line I walked straight passed but he went back and got me a finishers pack because he said i deserved it.

  • Haha you know its true Malcs!


    Is there a way you can set notifications up so that I know when people reply on here?

  • Well done Amy for setting the record straight! How you feeling about the plan? 

    By the way! Before I lose all credibility I'm not a 1D fan. Honestly! image 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    He is. He told me. I have a recording to prove it.

  • Its Ok Gingermagic your secret is safe with us, it will go no further than this thread image

    I am feeling good thanks. I think it will be tough until the new year because there is always so much going on the time of year, but after that fitting things in should be ok. I ready and raring to go. I don't understand all the lingo in the plan though but will keep in touch with Steve and it will not be a problem.

  • A recording......!

    We could do a duet!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭


    I'm not releasing it yet. I'm saving it for when he wins next year and I can extort the maximum amount of cash (or Asics gear, either will do).

    Amy - re. emails, at the bottom of the page underneath where it says Terms and Conditions there's a check box. It should automatically be ticked though.

    Note that you get an email when there is a post since the last time you looked. After that you need to visit the thread before you will be notified of new activity again.

    The emails often also go to spam so it's worth adding the [email protected] address to your trusted emails or contact list.

  • Thats good Amy, you'll do fine. Don't forget you've got all us to help you with the lingo as well!

  • Amy- thanks for that, and I admire you for the honesty.

    Despite what everyone seems to think, this was not in any way a personal vednetta but simply a valid question as we want to learn from your journey; what you've done before and how we can see you develop. I am sure you will nail the sub 4 in Paris, and I for one wish you all the best of luck.

    BTW for the record, it was not me who highlighted Karen's previous posts- there are other forumites you can hold responsible for that investigative work. No disrepect to Karen, but I doubt that she would have beaten superman if it wasnt for that IMO

  • Right this is the last time I'm going to humour you Ghost runner because this is Amy's thread. But sorry, I can't let the above comment go. It was you that highlighted Karen's previous post, maybe after someone elses digging yes. But it's clearly highlighted by you on page 16 of the meet the sub 3.30ers. 

    Ghost runner of Xmas Past... wrote (see)

    Been lurking on here, good thread guys...

    Karen, the link you are looking for

    Look forward to hearing everyones thoughts- runners, race organisers, etc

    You've created a profile solely to stir things. Now you're on here doing the same thing. Sad. You certainly didn't help Karen's cause. I look forward to seeing more of you on here then giving your support to Amy!

  • Thanks for the info Malc, I'll have a play. And thanks for having my back Gingermagic. I'm happy to lay everything to rest now. Ghost runner, thank you for your comment. I would love you to share in the journey too if you, like me have a sub 4 goal to achieve, any support would be welcome.
  • So, I'm visiting my sister in London today, does anyone know of a park run near Clapham that I could try tomorrow morning?
  • Amy what you did was wrong on so many levels no two ways about it! Not something you should be proud of at all! It's a shame that it looks like Runners World and Asics condone it!
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Thanks for clearing up the PB confusion Amy. Good luck with the plan. I'll have a proper look at it when i get in later. Not sure how much advice I can offer as the coaches seem to be going with a different approach than what I do.

    Re parkrun. Their website has a comprehensive list of all the locations. There must be quite a few in the Clapham area.
  • Amy i'll be doing brockwell parkrun if u fancy? Also visiting my sister 

  • Thanks Millsy, I'll check that out for sure. I want to be in with park runs near where I live anyway as part of the plan. And that would be great Angela! I'll have a look how close we are to there as let you know. My battery is pretty low now so don't think it will last to check now but will message you later tonight of that's ok? Excited!
  • Gingermagic- appreciate your comments. I am not here to cause trouble, simply provoke debate. If everyone thinks it is totally acceptable to line up at the start, run a race, then claim it as a PB when you haven't entered, or paid the race fee then I will disappear.

    I personally find it wrong, especially as the fee is there to cover logistics, race organisers time and effort, policing, road closures, medical staff, and so on. What would happen if you collapse (it happens even if young and fit cf. VLM)? What about the people who tried to enter but couldn't because the race is full? Its not a park run we are talking about.

    However, I will be able to leave it, and keep the moral high ground.

    And re Karen- you want to thank the ASICS 2015 thread; I merely reposted as Karen said she couldn't find it. I won't mention it again as she rightly didn't do it.

    Enjoy the park run and weekend in London Amy image

  • Yup pop me a message or a tweet @angelaisherwood and let me know x

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