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  • Cool. I'm looking to do 14 in 2:20.

    I did the double Parkrun today, took it easy on the first one and managed a sub 24:00 on the second run. Training starts proper now...
  • Yes! Happy New Year ALL.. Celebrated with a wee dram and then 3M @ HM pace at parkrun.. fun

    TR .. thanks and I agree, I'm definitely here to learn about endurance! I note there's a few 7/7, 8/8, 10/10 runs in the asics262 plan I'm following.. Um...can't wait to go sub245image

    Cheers JR.. fingers crossed on that sub80 sometime soon. Btw, big congrats on your first sub50 10k. I know how that feels my first sub50 was only 13 months ago. Now sub45 after 6 months of gym work and watching the portions. Not much changed on training side.

    Tricialitt .. 4 hours!!! Flooded trail. Sounds very muddy and exhausting. Not to mention like a lot of cleaning! Hope you enjoyed it AND the bath afterward. I'm a tad concerned as I'm doing the Middlesex XC this Saturday but is only 7.5M so maybe a quarter of the time!

    RR .. Was that your bottle of Talisker I topped last night? Hope your recovery is swift.. And from the hernia as well. Looks like you'll be back in no time. I had intended to join the Mile End crew for the parkrun double but got a call for volunteers at the Marshes, which I wasn't needed for in the end. I know the Mile End event director quite well and we met up for afternoon tea so did hear all about the double, but more importantly how I missed a lovely brunch for 11 afterward...

    Well done Steve & R2-T2 for punching out two PRs today!! I heard a lot of PRs beating their course records today.. Quite amazing considering the number of hangovers about. the Marshes is an out and back and so the top 20 don't usually have much congestion to worry about. I was hoping to take my UK PR tally from 19 to 21 too but alas 'twas not to be. Was content with 23:53 @ HM pace, which would be a massive PB if I could hold for another 10M.

    Defo a nice start to the year Stewart C

    Hi Ashley well done on the 7M. That counts as a PR double doesn't it?

    PocketRocket how did you get on with your skates?

  • Happy new year guys! Did you have a good one? Hope 2015 is treating you good so far.

    Reikirabbit I have a christening to attend on Sun 15th Feb and I will be working Fri 13th and Mon 16th so if you could do Sat 14th that would be great. Sounds like a great treat to me. I think it is about 30miles to Huddersfield from Shef, so yes it is possible if you were doing a reeeeealy long run! Dogs scare me when I am out running, touch wood I have been fine in Sheffield, but if I go anywhere new then I am prone to slowing right down and even stopping when dogs are around until they are past me. I don't think dogs like runners. If one of the owners said that and they were very relaxed about it all then I bet it happens often, not good. Perhaps you should take it easy for a few given that you have come round from an anesthetic, how are you feeling? What have they said about your hernia? What is cabbage patch? That was an amazing pace. Also, your track sessions sound very exciting! No wonder you run so good with a crowd around you such as that!

    Steve Marathon Coach I have no doubt you have another sub 3 in you. You seemed very calm and collected and i think that anything you out your mind to you can achieve. How did your park run go? And the hills?

    Just Run your run sounds idyllic. Your target for next year of sub 80min for 10mile can now begin! You will have to make this your focus if you can't make the park runs, which is a shame by the way, what is taking up your Saturday mornings? I have talked a few friends into joining me this Saturday morning, which I am excited about image Well done on the 1000miles too, great achievement.

    Hey Bramster, I am really enjoying the thread too, there are some great contributors, I am finding it very inspirational to hear about everyone else's runs and plans.The A B C goals is not anything that I have heard before. Is this then followed by the platinum goal that Reikirabbit was mentioning? TR makes a good point too, so much to consider to achieve your potential isn't there. I think that fading later on will be a problem for me so maybe I need to start thinking about this now. Great PB effort too! I think you are right about this competition helping towards it, I keep thinking when I am out about having to post on here and don't want to post anything disappointing! Although, this has been scuppered by my run today as you will read shortly. I think not panicing yourself when running is a good thing so the heart rate monitoring is obviously working for you. Phew I'm exhausted just thinking about your Spring Hill session, great effort. I love the feeling you get once you get back from a great run.

    Tricialitt you must be shattered! Christmas dinner well and truly burnt off!

    Hey Ashely Woolgrove sure, the long session for this Sunday is set to be 13miles relaxed in 2hrs to 2hrs 10mins. Sounds like Tim R2-T2 is aiming for something similar. Good luck both and enjoy.

    So what have I been getting up to. Well my hills went quite well I think. I did the same route as last week but this time was more relaxed about not trying to keep to a similar pace to that on the flat as Steve Marathon Coach suggested. I was cautious on the first up hill stint because of the ice so took it as a tester in 1min35s, then I did the rest in about 1min 25s reps, much better paced than last week because of Steve's advice I feel, thanks.

    Then I did my steady 6mile aiming for 50mins and completed in 48.56, which I was pleased with as was still icey.

    Then this morning I feel I had a terrible run! Gutted, and don't know why. Its not because of last night either as I only had 2 drinks socially over about 3-4 hours. And I actually had the best nights sleep l

  • continued....

    ...And I actually had the best nights sleep last night that I have had for about 5 weeks, so why then I woke to have the worst run in 5 weeks I don't know?! Even most the ice had gone as it warmed up over night here in Shef, although I did have a small comic movie moment when your legs are just running on the same spot wit your arms flailing everywhere in a desperate panic to stay upright, which thankfully I did manage to do. Aim was 2mile slow, 3mile at 7.30s, then 1mile slow again. I couldn't keep to pace at all. I know part of it was because of hills, and I am happy to accept that I could add an extra 30s on per mile as Steve had suggested, but even including this I feel it was terrible. If I am doing a pace run I like to pick a flat route but I stayed at a friends last night and she lives on the middle of hill so it basically meant that for my slow I was running down hill and the fast was flat to up hill, not ideal. I couldn't get faster than about 8.30s for the fast, except for when another runner flew past me, he was a great runner, breezed past, hurts my pride when that happens! Called after him to ask his pace but couldn't hear his response cause he was going so fast, so picked up my pace and followed him for about half a mile, then realised he was running much faster at about 6.30s so decided to ease back and try for the 7.30s but managed to only keep it for about 0.8mile, then went up hill again, although I was really struggling anyway. Oh dear. Was grumpy when I got back from my run because it felt so dire, felt like I should get back out there and do it again! Bu obviously I didn't, instead I went for brunch with friends, scrambled egg on granary toast mmm, made me feel much better and that I know I need to accept the not so good days and just focus on tomorrow instead and getting it right then...oh rest day tomorrow, should be ok then haha!

    Well, to bed for me now. Trying to get back into my more normal sleep routine now. Happy new year, heres to 2015 being great image

  • Happy New year Amy

    well done on the hill session and the 8 mile steady run.

    Don't worry about the odd session not going to schedule. there are 4 months of training and you are bound to have a few runs that don't go entirely to plan and as long as you do the majority of teh schedule to the best of your ability, you will be fine.


    It might be just the two previous sessions took a toll or it could just be the hills and ice slowing you.

    The end goal is to run 26 miles in sub 9s and whether you can run a few miles at 7:30 at this stage of this season is almost irrelevant. Better if you can but just sub 8s.

    The schedule is adjustable and it might be while you should be capable of 7:30s while fresh and on the flat, we might need to suggest slowing the speed endurance sessions if a little tired but maybe just need to plan to try and do faster stretches on flatter sections, even if it means looping back along the faltter parts.


    You have still made a great start to the schedule and everything's well on course.

    I really enjoyed doing two new parkruns today - one more than the other - I felt strong in first one and probably could have gone a bit quicker if I didn't have the knowledge I had another one to go but my current pace suggest I'm not anywhere near sub-3 shape yet though Tuesday's hill suggested I may be,

  • Hi guys new to this thread but I am signed up for my first marathon in April (Brighton)  . Was aiming for a sub 4 time but not sure if that's a bit ambitious for first time . Most people I speak to seem to think just getting round is fine first but it seems an awful lot of training to do just to get round . Currently running 10k in about 48mins and half Marathons in just under 1hour 50mins . Any comments most welcome and what training plans are you guys using there's just so many out there its hard to know which one to choose .

  • Happy New Year to you all….

    First run of the year for me today. 7 miles averaging  9:04. Mrs JR has got me on one of these 30 day challenges to start the year. We're doing a glute challenge (my choice as it'll be good for our running) and an ab challenge (the challenge will be finding one lol).

    RR, take care and recover well.

    No parkrun New Year’s Day around here, would have loved to have done a parkrun double! Good running tricialitt. StewartC, you’re flying!

    Sub 45! I would love to get anywhere near that bramster. Going to try and get more strength work in this year but don’t really have time for the gym with other commitments and family. Need to concentrate on my nutrition….I really struggle there.

    Hi Ashley, well done on the 7

    Amy, I have a few targets this year, that way it won’t be so bad if I miss one. Just missed the 1000 miles (985) so hopefully will smash that this year, 1200 targeted. The marathon, in June & my first, will be the highlight I guess. 5k, 10k and 10 mile targets will be set too. Need to run a HM too, something I’ve done on training runs but never a race. Will enter one as part of my mara training. I coach a youth football team Saturday mornings so parkruns are impossible to attend for most Saturdays, all my children play so our weekends are quite sporty. May through to August I will try and get to as many as possible though.

    Don’t worry about a bad run Amy. Everyone has one now and again.

    Welcome to the thread Darren. Your times are good. I’m sure some more experienced people on here can offer some great advice. I’m running my first marathon in June, Grizzly in March so following the progress on here with interest as I’m hoping for sub 4.



  • Hi Darren Williams 14, welcome to the thread! Both your 10K and half marathon PB's suggest that a sub4 marathon is within your capabilities so I'd say go for it.  Whilst Brighton might be your 1st marathon, I don't think 'just getting round' is the best goal.  You want to have something to aim for, personally I think it gives you better drive and motivation during your training. As you say, it takes a lot of training and commitment to run a marathon so you might as well see what you can achieve!  I'd recommend the generic Asics262 sub4 plan; it's the one I'm following for VMLM this year.  I'm into week 2 now and it's going well (on the whole, more on that later!) so far.  I'm really enjoying the mix of sessions and the paces seem to be suiting me so far. Good luck...

    Amy, don't be disheartened by one disappointing training session.  Like Steve says, it's only 1 session in a 4 month build up... Inevitably some sessions will be better than others.  I can completely identify with you however; after 2 decent runs on tues and weds this week, my run yesterday was far less successful.  The session sounds much like yours; 1m warm up jog, then 3m at HM pace (8.20min/mile) then a final 1m jog to cool down.  Like you I can't use ice as an excuse now as it's melted, however the wind yesterday was crazy!  My 1m jog was accompanied by a following wind but I did manage to keep it slow in 10:11, then my 3m at HM pace were 1.5m with a tail wind, then 1.5m into a head wind.  My first split was 8:16 and I felt like I was really holding myself back, the second was 8:27 and then the 3rd was 8:41.  The final HM pace mile was all into the wind and despite being slightly downhill I found it impossible to stick to the 8:20 pace even thought I was pushing as hard as I could.  My overall pace for the 3m was 8:28 so not a million miles away from the target pace but it felt unsatisfactory! My final 1m jog home took 9:48 and I finished feeling frustrated and like I was going backwards in my training.  Oh well, onwards and upwards as they say; rest day today so that should be easy enough to get right!!!

    RR, hope you recover from your hernia op quickly and you're back running on top form again soon.  Don't overdo things though; you don't want to be back in hospital again I'm sure!

    The rest of the weeks sessions are 4m Fartlek (approx 35 mins) tomorrow and then 10m slow (10min/mile) on Sunday.  I was supposed to be competing in the Derbyshire x-country champs on Saturday but I've got a 3500 word assignment due in on Monday for my Masters degree so I haven't got the time to spend the best part of a day travelling to Nottingham and running.  It's a shame as I was really looking forward to it, but my own fault as I must stop leaving things till the last minute!!! Speaking of which, must get on with it... Wish me luck!

  • Thanks for the advice guys just checked out the Asics sub 4 plan and looks good , I was following a bupa running plan but think I will switch (first couple of weeks look much the same anyway) . Rest day today and the sun is shining , oh well park run tomorrow I think then long run on Sunday . Thanks again .

  • Hi all, hApPy nEw yEaR!!

    Thanks for all the support, it really helps.

    I'm having my first day off sick since I started my current job 8 years ago, wish I oould do more than watch CWG recordings, but it could be worse. I had a lot of pain yesterday and this morning, so decided to start taking the pain killers they gave me.

    PRAmy I'd be delighted to meet up on Saturday 14th Feb then - my schedule has that as a rest day, my long run on the Sunday should be 17, 13 easy then 4 @ MP, but let's see what yours is, also what stage I am at by then, and we can work something out - pool and sauna always an option.

    The indoors champs I'm up for runs 1200 - 1900 on Saturday, just looked that up.

    I would echo what the others have been saying - don't be despondent about the pacing. I usually find that very silly things happen when I stress or doubt - like the first time I try to do a MP run I can't get anywhere near it.

    `Listen to coach Steve. You said earlier that fading would be an issue. It doesn't have to be if you train to stay strong throughout, and your schedule is evolving dynamically with you, so you have the best chance to maximize your pace and smash it on the day.

    Cabbage Patch is a 10 miler in Twickenham in October - fab flat riverside course.

    Interesting discussion - hi Darren Williams 14 - as to whether to target a time at first outing over the 26.2. I did, went for the magic sub 4, but came out with 4:18:38, then exactly the same training got me 3:59:45 the following year.

    So I'd say that the first time really is unknown territory, not that targets are meaningless, just be prepared to be surprised by the epic saga that will unfold on the day, in al it's various waves of magnificence and dismality.
  • tricialitt I meant to say that I didn't get any running specific advice at the hospital, I'd love to talk to any runners who have had this type of groin hernia though.

    The funny thing is it might actually be a training injury friom weights or Speedflex, both of which I've been doing, so I need to get advice on the strength and conditining side more than the actual running perhaps.

    I read elsewhere that once you can walk a mile painfree you can run, but this is somewhatacademic as I can't even sit or lie pain free yet.
  • In your first one, I do think it is worth having a target - to give you incentives and a focus on the marathon pace runs.

    However, it should be a relaxed target and it can be a moving one, if fitness improves or you have a few set backs. Also, it should just be a rough aim and not something you beat yourself up about if you don't reach it.

    reikirabbit - I do know some runners who have comeback without problems from the operation though I do recall they had to be patient for a few months.

    Cabbage Patch is a good race. Had one of my best ever runs as a veteran there about a dozen years ago!

  • Oh dear- I still ache all over from the ridiculously long run on thursday. Am going to do one of the faster sessions today.

    Given the weather, I think it will be on the tready. It's still very wet and blowy in Glasgow.

    Reikirabbit- I think you'll need to be off runinng for a while- looking on 'tinterweb suggests that you will need to speak to the surgical team, and definately not go back until you're had a chance to do that. When do you next see them?

  • Thanks coach Steve - I might have to jog VMLM I reckon.

    tricalitt I don't think I get to see the surgical team again, have an appointment with the practice nurse at my GP on Tuesday for a look at the wound is all.

    It's wet and dismal here today, treadie sounds good. I hope everyone else got out or stayed in.
  • Managed to get long run in this morning 10.01 @ 9.26m/m for 1:34:28. Had to curtail this from planned 2 hours as I had to look after kids but on the plus side it was hilly. Good look with everyone who is going long this weekend

  • Damp cold hilly muddy ParkRun for me. That's three ParkRuns in three days for me. I think tomorrow's 14mile is looking at morphing to a 16mile with some friends.
  • Reikirabbit- the minimalistic followup sounds a bit odd - I'm a neurosurgeon, and I( or someone else attacched to myteam) would usually see all post op patients , both before they leave hospital, and in a clinic- partly as otherwise I have no idea what my results are like, and partly to answer any questions about post op care. I suppose hernia's are a bit more "routine", so the GP might be able to give advice on post op recovery- Ceratinly don't rush into anything, hope you are feeling better soon.

    I managed to get outside in the cold sunshine, and have brief go at some kenyan hills- I'm using the paces off the 4:30 thread, as that's more realistic for me just now- Amy's short- distance speed is waaay to fast for the likes of me! Once I've done the Fling ultra, I will try to step up to Amy's pace range, as I'd like to try to get at least one semi- decent marathon time this year ( but it would need me to find a flat race to enter, not sure Loch Ness is the easiest course for a fast time- my best was 4:01.xx, but that was a few years ago, and I've slowed since then.

    Well done on the LSR with the hills , Ashley- that sounds like good pace for 10 miles, especially wit the hills thrown in.

    Enjoy the 14-16 miles Tim.

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  • tricialitt many thanks - I had been musing that it would be splendid to get to talk with the surgeon briefly again, as I don't even know which type of repair she did.

    Remember that Amy's short pace is too fast for most of us!
  • Right like the idea of a relaxed target so will go with that . Nice muddy park run this morning & long run tomorrow. 9 miler before my sons football game .
  • I did a muddy xc race this am and had relatively good run

    re Amy's pace - yes her speed is definitely that of a 3:45 marathoner but her stamina isn't at the same levels yet so the average sub-4 marathoner should aim to run slower paces for the shorter runs or reps.

  • Hey. Thanks for all the support guys, I know we all have bad days, they just make me a temporary grumpy chops! I am back on track again now after the last couple of runs thankfully. Had an amazing park run yesterday image I hit sub 22mins! So chuffed. It was a quiet personal goal to be achieved towards the end of my training probably March time but I managed 21.56, 11/197 lady home, and 79/482 overall runners, I was buzzing.

    I'm not long back from my long slow run today also, aim was 13miles in 120-130mins, I was slightly quicker than I intended to be at 117mins, sorry Steve. Felt quite strong, although did get pins and needles all up my right leg from about half way round. Any idea what causes it? Would my laces being too tight cause it?

    Steve Marathon Coach thanks for your advice, I will listen and abide to all suggestions so if you feel the plan does need to change then just let me know. I agree the ice didn't help, and likely the hills and tiredness. I do feel like I have made a good start to the programme and just need to stay focused I guess and deal with a not so good day. You are able to recognise when you have a good session and what it might mean going forwards so perhaps by the end of the training I will be better at this too, after all I am in a large part to learn, not just to achieve the sub 4.

    You are funny Steve, QUOTE "Cabbage Patch is a good race. Had one of my best ever runs as a veteran there about a dozen years ago!" Let me tell you all Steve does not look his age, I couldn't believe it, I would take at least 10years off his age, if not 15, and he is clearly an incredible runner and would wipe the floor with us all! I feel very honored to be having personalised advice and guidance from you indeed.

    Welcome Darren Williams 14, hope you are enjoying and gaining something from this thread. Everyone is pretty good with advice and suggestions. I wish you luck for Brighton. Hopefully April will be a great month for us both. I guess as your training goes on you will get more of an idea of what you will be capable of in terms of a time target. Try and work out your strengths and weaker areas so you know what to focus on. How was your park run?

    Just Run I love that Mrs JR has you on a new year challenge! I love a good new year challenge, I don't really like new years resolutions so prefer to set myself a challenge or two, this year for me obviously achieving a sub 4 marathon time in Paris is a main one for me. Also however I want to complete a Tough Mudder, so have signed up to one at the end of May.

    I think I too, like you struggle with nutrition. I think I am going to have to do some training with regards top this as the runs get longer. I tried to use gels before but didn't really know what I was doing them. I find that they can give me a stitch and make me feel a bit sicky too sometimes. Someone suggested to me a few days ago that I could try jelly babies, so I may try this, although not sure how easily they would go down whilst running either and if I would just make me feel like I needed a drink too.

    985mile over the year is impressive, how have you kept track of this? You sound like a sporty family, which is lovely. My Mum enjoys being active, which is where I got my running passion from, but she lives in NZ so we don't do much together obviously. She visit last year and we did a mud/fell run type race together, which was great. My Dad tries every now and again to go for a wee run, his route is about 1.5mile long, but this is sporadic as depends on his ankle, knee, and back, in his words he is falling apart! And as for my sisters, well exercise is like a swear word! Although one did ask for some running leggings and wrist weights for Christmas, which I got for her....they will sti

  • Part two...

    Although one did ask for some running leggings and wrist weights for Christmas, which I got for her....they will still be in their wrappers with the tags on for sure!

    Reikirabbit how are you feeling? Being off work is rough, day time tele....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Sounds like we will be able to do something on sat 14th Feb then, that would be great. I reckon my plan will be for a park run but sure we can switch things round if that doesn't suit you. We can see nearer the time. Will be great to run with someone for a bit. I talked two friends into coming to the park run with me yesterday, and hoping to encourage them to come with me every week...maybe! 

    Training to stay strong throughout, that is good advice, and I will certainly listen to Steve to help with this. I don't want to fade.

    I think hernias can be common from weight style training due to the stress exertion that the body can be put under, particularly when lifting some of the much heavier weights. What is Speeflex? Does this involve rapid exertion?

    How did your faster paced run go Tricalitt after still being tired from your longer run? How on earth do you fit in so much running if you are a neurosurgeon?! You must be very busy. I have no doubt you will get a marathon time that you are happy with if you have the dedication that I am picking up on. I have to admit I am surprised at how fast I have been able to do the shorter distances. I guess as I have never tried these style runs then how would I know. But as previously discussed, the marathon is obviously a lot longer than 5km, and my endurance over this longer period is an area for me to concentrate on, and I could certainly learn a thing or two from you. Any general tips?

    Ashley Woolgrove sounds like you had a strong run. How old are your kids? Would they enjoy going out on their bikes with you? I used to do that as a kid with my Mum sometimes and remember enjoying it.

  • That's good going Amy. It's freezing here. I managed 14miles in 150mins but was sliding all over the place.

    I'm using high-5 Isogels but don't take anything on runs shorter than 17miles. I probably should as I run my long runs on an empty stomach too.
  • Great parkrun Amy - think you will alienate the other prospective sub 4 marathoners if you go any faster!

    Far better to have had a great parkrun today than go faster in the Thursday session and perhaps you wouldn't have run as well in the parkrun had you had a really good hard destructive session at full pace on Thursday.


    well run today too,

    Fine to run a bit quicker occasionally but see how you react this week. I'm sure you are capable of running faster than i suggested but in a long training schedule but the danger is while you might feel fine doing it, you may feel it affects the training over the next four or five days and the end result is though the Sunday run is faster, the other sessions are worse and the net result is an overall worse gain in fitness but going slightly quicker or slower shouldn't be a problem, especially when the wortk load is relatively low to what it will be in March.

    I was a bit quicker myself this morning than planned so told myself off or will do if I don't do a good mile session this Tuesday!

    re gels there have been some debates on the other threads. Agree some can seem sickly to some.

    The SIS ones are more fluid like and I prefer them rather than the more sticvky ones you need to drink with water.

    Rather than jelly babies, jelly beans may be better and you can get sports beans which I really liked though ideally need some drink for digestion but I have managed by just keeping them in the mouth for a while. 


  • Hi all- some good long "slow" runs going on. 13 miles in 1:57 is a pretty brisk "slow" pace, Amy!

    I've done 2 faster sessions this weekend due to doing my long run earlier in the week. So I did Kenyan hills yesteraday, and 1 mile intervals today. Feeling fine, but looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

    Re : fitting in running with my job- it's difficult, as I can't go more than 30mins from the hospital if I'm on call, so then its tready at the gym, as I can get back to work in just a few minutes from there.

    The job can be tiring- a bad night on call, or a big operative case can tire you out sufficiently to make running a bit of a chore, but I tell myself it's all good endurance training, so that I know that I am better at coping with sleep deprivation/ prolonged concentration than most- I've been honing these skills in my"day job" for decades.

    Running is the best way to recover from a "bad day at the office".............which I'm sure you can understand, does happen in my line of work- lots of us do similar types of activity.

  • Park run was good thanks Amy ran 24:18 .I had thought I would be quicker but lots of my local one (Reigate) is basically a xc course so was very muddy and slippy and was doing well to stay the right way up to be honest .

    Long run this morning 10.5 miles in 1hr27mins . According to the plan I should only be running at 10min/mile pace but without wanting to sound too quick (because I'm really not) it seemed such a slow pace and just kept creeping up to 9min/miles so just went with it .

    I noticed you are signed up for a Tough Mudder in May . Awsome events,did a few last year and enjoyed every minute you will love it .

  • Super fast parkrun Amy! I’m hoping to go sub 23 soon, sub 22 is flying. Mrs JR ran her 13.1 miles in 117 minutes the other day, she too was chuffed with that. I find gels a bit sickly, also jelly babies. Steve’s suggestion of jelly beans is worth a go, I think they’re nicer than jelly babies too. One thing I do much better now is hydration.  I guess as the training runs get longer it’s something to take more interest in and see what works for you before race day. 

    I keep track of my miles by taking part in the Runners World January challenge (which then carries on all year).  It’s on the general running forum, has a RW versus Fetch challenge for a bit of fun each month and is a simple way of logging your runs. I’m hoping to smash this years total with the Grizzly and marathon training.

    This is the thread RW v Fetch Challenge and this is the sign up page for anyone interested in a bit of fun RW v Fetch sign_up

    We are quite a sporty family I guess. The kids all play for a local youth football club (I coach my eldest sons team and help with my daughters). They’ve all done 12 parkruns each too, which makes me very proud. They all swim like fish (my daughter has achieved her gold badge) and love cycling along the canal where we live…..could have a tri-athlete or two in the future lol!

    Tim R2-D2…I usually run my long runs on an empty stomach too. It’s inevitable as my wife and I both run and both work full time so early morning runs at weekends are regular. I’m sure my Saturday evening meal, very often chicken based (okay, so it’s a curry) fuels me pretty well. I make sure I’m hydrated all the time now, not just the day before a long run!

    Like the sound of the Kenyan hills tricialitt. That rest day sounds well earned. Running is indeed an excellent way to de-stress. I often go for a run before something stressful or important to clear my head. I’ve sorted so many issues while on a run.

    13.1 miles for me today in 2:05:51, 9:36 pace. A hilly course which did take it out of me a bit so kept it as easy (if that makes sense) as possible. The flash floods had effected a few of the country lanes and my feet were absolutely soaked from mile 6. Thanks to some unavoidable deep muddy puddles

  • Great advice Steve Marathon Coach, I understand. Sounds like Darren Williams 14 and I need to pay attention!image Although, pleased to hear that you have told yourself off for the same thing! I will try harder this coming week. I think running slower than you are used to is a skill in itself. I should be quite practiced at this really seeing as I used to run with a friend once a week (she has now moved away) who is slower than I am and I ran at her pace, I think the difference is we used to chat the whole way round, so I found it quite social and enjoyable, doing it by yourself is quite different. Tricialitt, this friend and I used to put the world to rights all before 7.00 in the morning so completely understand where you are coming from when you say running is the best way to recover from a hard day. In fact, this is one of the reasons I love running, to just get away from it all, put my music in and off I go.

    As for the park run, I still can't believe I did it in that time, I was seriously blowing some by the end though, I couldn't have gone any further than the 5km. Well done on your park run Darren Williams 14, slippy conditions are tough. Yes I certainly am looking forward to the Tough Mudder, pleased to hear you enjoyed them! Think I will have a lot of strength to work on before then.

    Good run Tim R2-T2. I too run on an empty stomach as I like to run in the mornings. I would not take anything for up to a half marathon distance, whether this is right or wrong is a different matter. My long run this coming week is 15miles however, so perhaps I should begin to experiment and help train my body for taking on some nutrition during running. I'll see if I can buy a few different gels and see which feel best, and probably some jelly beans as holding these in my mouth as Steve Marathon Coach suggests appeals. When should I start taking on nutrition, as I would think that I would want to do this before I become completely depleted?

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