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  • Heidi BarrHeidi Barr ✭✭✭

    Ordered! Thanks TD.

  • Tricky dicky...yes it's my real name and over 25 years of marriage I have probably heard most of the jokes!! Maybe I should claim to be related to the inspiration for a cartoon character!

    you all seem to run so fast, I did 3 miles at 11.5 min mile and was pleased as I don't usually go that fast. Is speed training important for a first marathon? If so what do I do. 

    I ran this morning focussing on being more upright and picking my feet up, seemed to help.

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    Working on my heat acclimatization runs for the next 2 weeks.  Today 30 degrees C - a gentle 6 miles, 4 at 9:30 m/m (Comrades pace) then the last 2 at about 8:15 m/m.  Hot but nice.

  • After saying I would never ever run a marathon, halfs being my absolute limit I somehow find myself signed up to run Paris next year. I have run 3 hilly trail half marathon's (best time 2hrs, 9 mins) and have found myself to be absolutely ready to drop by the end so not sure how this is going to go. Hoping that flat counts for a lot. How much harder is a marathon than a half marathon anyway? Obvious answer being twice as hard but is it?, well I suppose I'm going to find out. My number is 67288 and I am in Rose pen, first marathon, just hoping to make it round, ideally running the whole thing.

  • Hi Karen and all other new posters welcome to the madhouse you've made a fine choice image

  • kennokenno ✭✭✭
    Karen Bowman 2 wrote (see)

    After saying I would never ever run a marathon, halfs being my absolute limit I somehow find myself signed up to run Paris next year.


    I used to say that as well - and then I signed up to Amsterdam in a moment of madness and then a few months later without having run a marathon yet I went completely crazy and found myself signing up for Paris as well!

    Don't ask HIAHS for any encouraging words, she'll just tell you how you'll look like a zombie image

    Good luck, sounds like we may be in the same boat!


  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭

    it's like a disease ...... this evening I've signed up for Florence ffs!  It's 6 weeks after the Dam so enough time to recover from Amsters and then simmer the training. THEN I've got to think about my Paris training. Oh well image

  • Heidi BarrHeidi Barr ✭✭✭

    Another diseased admission... I signed up for Chester Marathon on 4 Oct last night image... 9 weeks before Florence, which I haven't entered yet but have agreed to do....

  • Karen - I'm not sure a marathon is twice as hard as a half. It's a completely different challenge, physiologically and mentally. I know it's tempting to think at the end of a half 'there's no way I could do that again', but on the day your head will be a completely different place, and you'll sail through half way. Basically, when stepping up the distance it's about gradually increasing your long runs, while still keeping up some shorter, faster stuff as well.
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Karen - I agree with Running Rodent. It's not twice as hard, it's just different. At the end of a half I'm spent too, but that's because I've given it my all over that distance. For a marathon if you train well and pace correctly you'll be fine at the halfway point. The later stages of the marathon will hurt and it's certainly in my opinion a different kind of hurt than you get over shorter distances.

    Also as you train for a marathon and ramp up the distances you become one of those annoying gits that ends up saying "oh good only 14 miles to run for long run this weekend"! Your perception of what a long run is changes.

  • orapidrunorapidrun ✭✭✭

    Agree with the above posts, come the end of training for a marathon, you may wonder why you bothered getting changed for a 4 mile taper run, and anything under 10 seems a breeze.

    Welcome to all new posters!

    Stockholmers - how long until the race?

    Hoping that Paris2016 will be marathon number 7 and by keeping a good level of fitness through 2015 by maintaining a good state of HM fitness including one or two unusual events thrown into the mix that further improvements will be made. Like Jim, Eggy, HIAHS, and many others (the list is long and includes everyone posting in this forum) it is through consistent training, determination and sticking with it these gains are made possible.

    4:33, DNF, 4:17, 3:58, 4:02, AMS15, Paris16!!   -  slowly moving in the right direction, still got a long way to go with understanding; training, in-flight fueling, the last 6m, etc. It's all part of the fun and challenge of getting older and wiser, listening to body, not getting injured, staying in shape and essentially enjoying running in these incredible events of human endurance with some wonderful and inspirational people met right here. Phew, maybe I should stick to drinking just one cup of coffee in the morning instead of three, like today, whoops.


  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    It's just over two weeks until Stockholm! I'm not sure how my body will react to that one. I'm just planning to give it all I've got on the day and see where that takes me.

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    I think all runs of al distances are the same.  At the end of a 5 mile run I'm just as finished as I am after a 15 mile run.  Why?  I think it's because when you set out on your run, your brain knows how far you are going and "sets" itself accordingly.  So when you near the end of that run, your brain is done.  It's part the central governor theory that is well described.

    The most difficult races are the ones with no known distance or time.  There aren't many of them, but they are hard.  You run until they tell you its over, or until you are the last person left.

  • orapidrunorapidrun ✭✭✭

    'Piece of String' race, anyone?

  • I would absolutely hate doing a race where I didn't know the distance. There was one mentioned recently on Marathon Talk at Silverstone, I think Nodster did a foreign equivalent?

    I am getting a 'you haven't entered a race in ages' itch right now, keep looking at my schedule and thinking that I could just do xyz, but then it reduces the amount of good quality training I can get in and I'm not anywhere near as hardcore as Emmy, I need a couple of weeks to recover from a race. Catch 22, itch not scratched, boooooo.

  • I think that's a recognised strategy in military training - tell people they have to get to Point A, when they arrive totally exhausted, tell them the actually objective is Point B and they don't get to stop till they get there. Which I guess is training for the realities of being in a battle when you have no idea how long you need to keep going.
  • Welcome to all the new people! You will love Paris.

    I haven't signed up for Paris again but I have booked a one on one session with a coach. Now I'm scared! Will see how it goes before we deciding whether to continue. I liked the plan I used last time and just about to start it again and not sure I'd want to change anything there.

    Florence marathon seems to keep popping up everywhere and I'm tempted but don't think I want to do 3 this year!

    I've just started severely cutting back on my chocolate in the hope it helps the running. I just need to stop eating everything else instead!!


  • Joanna3Joanna3 ✭✭

    Minniemonster I'm doing the same thing! It's those after-dinner chocolatey snacks that seem to find their way into my house that do the damage...the only way I tend to manage it is if I fill up on fruit throughout the day, then I'm usually ok in the evening. I think it does make a difference though. 

  • Thanks for all replies, starting to feel this could be doable, although I am wondering if the way to go is to convince myself it's a 50 mile run so it'll be a lovely surprise when the end comes at the 26 mile point lol
  • Paris...hmmm....yep, I reckon I'll be back for a third go in 2016. I'm not fussed about a PB for this one. If fact I think I'm not sure I really like road marathons all that much in general. However, it does make for a very fine weekend image I just can't resist you all.

    Hello to all the new folks image. Great that we've already got a good spread of runners for 2016 - from pref. pen to plenty of first time marathoners image

  • I've been reading all posts with interest as I have signed up to run the Paris Marathon 2016 after my friend HeatherS came home raving about it and you lot!! Hoping to learn some things between now and then and see some of you there!

  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭
    Hello Ness2 welcome to the madhouse. Paris is a fantastic race and you'll have a ball. We go to the pub and everything. Tell us a bit about your running background. Have you ran 26.2 before?
  • Joanna3 well done and glad it seems to be working! I have the opposite problem, am a morning eater who finds it easier as the day goes on. I've been surprised to find I'm not actually craving chocolate all the time but the challenge is making sure I have other things with me at all times to eat instead. Unfortunately junk is always the thing that's easiest to buy when you're out or at work and is also the thing other people are always shoving at you. I just need to make this a habit long enough to stick. It does make the day I'm allowed to eat it extra special which is a bit sad really!  Even that is partly just because it makes it an easier day mentally wyyhen you can eat whatever and not have to be carting around your own food.

     I can see why we have an obesity problem in this country. image

  • Karen - that sort of thinking leads to madness. And also, ultra running. The two not being mutually exclusive image .
  • BM -  I'm sure I read somewhere that Amsterdam was going to be your last marathon!? Is Paris 2016 now going to be your 'last'!? image

    I've done a couple more swims recently, my arms are really not happy about it. I can't imagine that it's really helping my running fitness but I'm doing it to keep my mind off of my diminishing mileage and the certainty that Stockholm is going to reeeeally really hurt!! image

  • Heroine - Amsterdam will be my last road marathon where I actually care about the time. Otherwise it will be Paris for the whole BCRC experience or trail marathons. This is what I am currently telling myself and Mr BM.

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Welcome Wendy, Karen and nice to see you RunClaire. I did a Run/Walk this year and thoroughly enjoyed it, it's better to do 40 x 1 minute walks instead of one 40 minute walk, also you'll be faster.

    OT - a belated good luck for 3 Rocs

    Did 11k last night, I felt in control even up the hills and blasted out a speedy final K. The final K was my old HM pace but it still felt good.
  • Hello all, been absent for a while so welcome to all the newcomers, you'll love Paris. I've still not decided whether to do Paris again next year or to try somewhere different.

    Chocolate is also my downfall, morningn noon or night...

    Listfairy, can you put me down for Windsor 1/2 marathon on 27th September, thanks.

  • Just dropping in to say I got a pb at Royal Berks 10k today! By just over a minute! And weirdly as I was driving home I saw someone walking in a where the Foch is the finish shirt! I'm sorry, I don't know who you were.

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