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  • Glad you're starting to feel better T1. Our twice-weekly lunch-hour beginners group started today ..... only it was yours truly with 2 marathon runners training for the FLM & another chap who'd been running for 10 years (ulp!!) - ah well, can't do me any harm ..... can it? (Why do these guys look like they're just jogging along, chatting away, while I'm running at full pelt at max HR behind them? Ah well, one of life's mysteries.....) Roll on Thursday! (wibble)
  • errr, no, absolutely not, no chance whatsoever T1 - 11.54 min miling today over 1/2 hour, that's my version of flat out!! Blinking half killed me but tried to stay dignified (wheeze). Looooong ways to go, I'll be here for some time yet, which suits me just fine! I think these guys will leave me for dust very shortly - I'll stick with them for as long as I can & just hope that some real beginners turn up soon to keep me company!
  • Did a lovely 6.5 mile run on Sunday (it took an hour and a half - proudly a plodder I feel), went to run today got out the door and realised down the road that I was running without the correct support (if you get my drift), what a pain in the proverbial (literally). Didn't have time to go home, change and turn around so did tiny 24 minute plod (mostly walking). I am sure that there is a moral to this story, not quite sure what though
  • Hi everyone,
    pouring with rain here all day so dressed in smart new kit and went to gym for 3 mile plod on treadmill. I know I'm a coward but I can't help it!
    Carold and Trinty1 - my son had glandular fever (he's 17) two years ago and he still gets relapses, swollen glands and sore throat and tiredness if he does too much sometimes. Make sure you get time to rest just in case it could be that. Usually a couple of days resting does the trick but if he keeps burning the candle at both ends symptoms can last quite a while. Take it easy.
  • Hi everyone -
    Feel you lot are exactly what I'm looking for. I'm a newbie and a plodder. Just returning to running after birth of baby No 2 and finding it real hard - just managing 3-4 milers 3 times a week, must admit time restraints and lack of motovation not helping but you guys have been inspiring me over the last week or so, been logging on and reading all about you - a bit scared to say hello as I feel like the new girl. It's snowing here glad I changed my rest day yesterday for a run, now I can stay cozy inside tonight.
    Anybody else out there with young ones? How do you fit it all in? and not feel guilty?
  • Hi Hippo - hear you're a real star!

  • Me????


    Proud to be a plodder though!
  • Yeh me too - it's quite cool!
    Any snow with you - it's baltic up north!
  • no snow i the midlands

    back to work
    catch you later
  • Hi Jammie
    Look out for Trinity when she comes back - she's up to her ears and beyond with a teething little one and a toddler at the moment and really struggling - you can swap sympathetic ears and shoulders!
    No kids here - prefer 4 legs to 2 and far too selfish to have kids - also idea of mini-me does not bear thinking about!
    Anyway good luck with the comeback - you're running more than I am at the moment already!
  • oops crossed posts - trinity were your ears burning??
  • Hi trinity - snap. Child 1 is 4years going on 23! and baby is 10months. I'm about same in running mode got back after 12weeks even joined running club - all guys super fit - no beginners way out of my league so drifted back to running on tod where and when could fit it in with kids, work and hubbie but demanded as of new year new me and all that hubbie had to give me, me time seems fair I thought but I'm really enjoying it but need encouragement and a goal been thinking of signing up for something but not sure. Need to lose some weight - that would really help!
    Sorry to hear about baby not sleeping - no 2 has just started this last week scared to jinx it and no 1 son still has his sleepless nights!
  • Colchester went quite well I think - I was giving a training seminar and the folk seemed quite interested.
    Just struggling a bit today as I also spent all Saturday giving a training day, got home quite late last night and don't sleep at all well at the best of times even though I don't have a decent excuse like you do!
    It's cold and wet and grey outside and I feel quite like that myself - hence the foruming, it always cheers me up a bit!
    I gather you've managed to get out a bit in the last couple of days? Good for you - I don't know how you manage with 2 smalls - I couldn't cope with one!
  • How about the Race 4 Life 5Ks - not too long, not so much training required so can be fitted in around smalls and there are always loads of hubbies and kids around on the day to cheer mum on.
    Great atmosphere and you might find other forumites lurking around at them
    Any chance you guys live near a common venue?
  • Name down for R4L in June, really fancy trying something longer but nerves getting the better of me. Never done anything longer than a 5k before.
  • Hi jammie,
    Both my kids older now - 14 and 17yrs - and I didn't run when they were little. hadn't discovered the joys back then. Well done for finding time for yourself. An event would be a good idea. great for motivation.
  • Hi larraine,
    thinking defo a 10k not M - trinity - too scary just now - couldn't stick to training plan for that just yet, maybe other side of summer when No 1 son goes to school might have a little more time then.
  • T1 - teacher training for a homestay languages organisation - I mostly enjoy my job and the people I work with but I guess like everyone it just drags sometimes. I guess the advantage is office to myself and thus chance to hang out around here and a few other threads!
    Your hubby's job sounds interesting - does he liaise a lot with the police? I can see how it's hard for you though at home with smalls.

    Jammie - we are entering the season of the 10K now which is realistically is the next race distance up from the 5K as 5M is not that common. I am sure that would be a challenge without being excessive. I'm sure there will be something in your area
  • You've all spurred me on off to look at events - thanks guys.
  • managed to do another 40mins brisk walk today - so slowly getting there
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