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  • Morning all

    No running for me day. Just a massage session with the Marquis then yoga.

    My legs are slowly getting better though, so these massages certainly seem to be working.

    How's the smoking thing going guys? By my reckoning you could be approaching a 'danger zone' where you convince yourself that you really need to relieve the craving and that if you have gone this long then just one would be ok 'cos you can just stop again.

    The physical craving lasts about 10 minutes then it goes..honest. You are now getting into the psychological phase, there's all sorts of stuff about losing something familiar and what do you do for comfort etc etc.

    Just keep at it, if you have slipped a little, that's ok, just look at it as a little slip not a failure.

    Good luck all
  • Just thought I'd share my diary entry with you all ......

    One thing I WON'T be giving up for Lent is a nice cup of tea.
    Here's what I'm writing after a nice cuppa:-
    Treadmill, 2 miles. Would have preferred to do 4 but politely allowed some newcomers to enjoy the delights of gym equipment for the first time. Yoga class cancelled tonight due to snow.

    And this is the version BEFORE the cup of tea:-
    AAAAAaaarrrrggghhhheeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiffffffoooooooossshhhheeeesssshhhhhhuuuugggaa. Intended to do 2 x 2 miles on the treadie. Got away from work a wee bit later than planned, just as traffic was clogging up. Arrived at gym a bit late to see not 3 empty treadmills, not 2 empty treadmills, not even 1 empty treadmill. All taken - one by a bloke I recognise & speak to, one by a woman who looked as though she thought the buttons on the treadmill changed the TV channel, and the other by a particularly precocious-looking brat. There's an age limit of 14 for these machines. Brat clearly under 14. There is also a limit of 20 minutes to avoid queues (big notices posted all over the room). Nose-picking brat could see me waiting to go on, but went well over the time limit, even though its mother (aforesaid woman) suggested it go on the rowing machine instead. Crikey, between them I don't think they had the courtesy of a pair of soggy socks. Hung around for as long as possible to try and get a second stint (for the other 2 planned miles), but gave up when it meant I'd be late for the yoga class. At least yoga would calm me down a bit, wouldn't it?

    Got to the building. Locked. Hung around outside with one or two others for 10 minutes in rain, which began to turn to sleet, then flakes of snow. Eventually caretaker turned up. Waited another 10 minutes for everyone else to turn up. Caretaker comes in and says it's cancelled because the yoga teacher can't make it because of snow. I could have stayed at the gym!!!!!!

    Om shanti.
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Blimey Coach B, what do you put in your tea.

    I must 'fess that the thought of pancakes and burgers last night was too tempting so gave the gym a miss. And then this morning I couldn't be @rsed running so had a gentle stroll with doggy b.

    Well done T1; it won't be long before you've regained your pre-viral fitness level. Especially if you spend all day carrying and fetching.

    Ho hum work to do...

  • Nice one, T1 & Bune. Nnnnnnggghrr Coach B, all the best laid plans, eh? 4 steady miles this morning on the tready in 47 mins so just squished within 12 min miling by the skin of me teeth. Going to play with my gym ball at lunchtime. Oh heck, I've printed off a 10k entry form for April .... wibble.
  • Good morning everyone. Glad to see the plods all going well.
    Caren - thanks for words of encouragement about the smoking.. 12 days now and havent had one. Came pretty close a couple of times but resisted - just. Cravings not quite so bad now but the toughest times are socialising. Alchohol and ciggies just seem to go together. Enroled on a course, group thingie for giving up smoking but waiting list is 8 weeks - that's run by nhs. think it won't be worth going to it if i can give up for that long by myself. off to asda now for the shopping thing. see y'all later.
  • Might still be worth it larraine. Don't get me wrong, it DOES get easier, far easier, but at the same time, sometimes that resolve becomes a bit stale and needs freshening up a bit. It's not just the physical addiction you have to get over, if you've been smoking for years there will probably always be a tiny part of you that misses some aspect of it.

    I'm not saying I ever want to start smoking again, it's just that sometimes you need to re-affirm why you gave up, and I reckon these classes would be great for helping you to stick at it.

    Haven't been out for a run since Friday. Don't know what's wrong with me, not usually this lazy, but my friend came round last night so instead of going for a run, we went to get pizza. Oh well, deffo go for one tonight (run, not pizza)

    Erratic, don't wibble dear, you'll be fine. My first and only race was a 10K and it's probably the perfect race for us snail-pacers - you can concentrate on distances rather than times. xxx
  • Been thinking about what you said Carold, and maybe I'll give the group a go when the time comes up. I don't want to slip up and give in again like I have before. It may help and I won't know if I don't give it a try.
    Shopping done, lunch over, doggie walking later.
    Erratic, don't worry about the 10k. its a good distance to do. not too far and not too short. I find that with shorter distances everyone goes off so fast I have a difficult time pacing myself whereas with a 10k I can get into a good pace and stick with it better. you'll be OK.
  • Sniff, sniff .... I've dot a stinking cold! Been up since 3am all bunged up and sweaty, head hurts kids off school because of snow, mother (God Bless her) just arrived to take over so I can put my sore head down for an hour.
    Ok moan over - too much snow up here for run tonight, so pilates in the dinning room then.
    Erratic I've also signed up for 1st 10k last night!!!!!!!!!!!! and checked last years finishing times! :-0 I've got 11 weeks to get going just printed off RW 8 week training guide and plastered it all over kitchen, dinning room, bedroom, bathroom, kids bedrooms............
    Oh boy let me know how you get on. My stomachs churning already.

  • Can't beleive this, I thought I'd check my e-mails as I haven't looked at them this week yet. It said you've got 838 e-mails!!!!!! I don't check them very often as nobody often e-mails me, so I couldn't understand how I've got 838. When I looked at them, they're all from RW notifying me that there's been messages on the forums. I did'nt know it did this. I'm completely computer illiterate and I think I've now disabled it but we shall see! I'm still ploughing through deleting them all as I cant seem to delete them all at once, only 25 at a time. Quite exciting from a moment though as I thought I'd suddenly become hugely popular and everyone wanted to send me greetings!! Nevery mind.
  • Yup, it's one sure fire way to get new emails every time you check on them!
    You can disable them on each tread you post to individually (little box underneath where you write your message), or disable it completely.

  • yes, I see that now. Don't know why I haven't noticed it before. I've finally deleted them all. The only one not about the threads was from RW about running a marathon. So nothing any good there! Did run FLM 2002 but no where near up to running long distance any more. Made 1/2 hour without stopping to walk yesterday so improvements are coming slowly. Going for walk with black mad pooch now. Its soooo cold out there.
  • Trin

    bloody hell
  • Dont you also mean motivational
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Blimey Trinity 1, I bet you're smiling from ear to there! What a difference a couple of days make.

    I only managed a teeny tiny plod this morning but am planning to do my circuit training cost this evening.

    Have it good

  • Well done trinity!
    - Have you looked in on R4L thread? Sounds as if it's a sore point for some men!
  • Nice one T1! Wish someone would do that round where I live.
    Make sure you only let total beginners in so you can feel all superior with your running knowledge ;-)

    Went for a nice run last night. Think I'm starting to get a tiny bit faster. Can maintain a pace which i think is around 10.30 mm for a couple of miles now, without feeling like I'm sprinting. Rather pleased.

    Will try to go out tonight, but am going late night shopping after work so not much chance really.
    This weekend will be my last proper run in a while cos am off to Oz on Monday, and although I'm taking my running shoes, It'll take me a while to get settled somewhere and get myself sorted enough to go for a run.

    Enjoy your plods/walks/circuit training people xx
  • That's a good pace Carold.
  • Morning all (well just!)

    Well done Trin on getting a group on the go - it makes a huge difference to have folk to run with who are at a similar level to you and have similar aims - or at least it did for me.

    Jammie - Yeah I saw the R4L thread too - got way out of hand I think. Seems to boil down that some of the chaps thought the girls were being wimps / shallow etc for doing women only races because they were worried about what they looked like....and that there shouldn't be such restrictions in races anyway. I know I've done several r4l races in various places and I run in races on the Kent circuit and the only ones where I don't feel out of it and under pressure are the r4l ones!

    Managed to get out last night for first time in a while and did about 3 miles at 10.5 mm - felt good but also felt faster!! Oh well - at least I did get out and it was absolutely freezing in the on shore wind!
  • oh wibble wibble wibble - pre- lunchtime "beginners" running group lurchy tumtum time (dashes off to loo)
  • Erratic - so what mins/mile do you do on the dash to the loo then?
  • Hi Poddler, well done you for last night!
    All snowed in up here. Schools off, Kids in sulking - won't let them out as blowing a blizzard most of morning, no work for me as roads all blocked nice morning with Beechams honey and lemon and forums! No running in these necks, must admit don't feel up to at moment.

    - Erratic - oh dear - you show them babe if you can get off the loo!

    Thinking of bacon sarnies for lunch - is that allowed?
  • phew, that must've been 6 min miling at least. Righto - grits teeth, grabs kitbag .....
  • Well done Trinity. I wish someone would set up something like that around here. Athletics club is too expensive and full of fast runners that would make me look like I'm going backwards.
    Looks like paces of some peeps here are going up. keep up the good work everyone.
    Just got back from gym. did 3 miles and only walked once. treadmills much in demand today. all full up when i got there.people of all ages using them although there seemed to be quite a lot walking. wonder why there's so many the last few days.
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Just call me "Man at Aldi" - I now have

    1 bottle belt
    2 running jackets
    3 Prs of running trousers (Whoops only meant to buy 2)
    2 Running tops
    all for £60. Bargain

    I'm chuffed to bits but I'm sure that Mrs XB will take the joy away with a well-timed question such as "Why do you need two more running jackets? You've got 3." Who cares?

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