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  • Morning all
    Good luck to all at the weekend - I shall be on nights and trying to organise sleep around the rugby and the odd plod or 2!

    Had a good week this week so hopefully will continue into the next one - got a week off work so shouldnt be too difficult...

    Still being eluded by the 6 mile jobbie - but once that is under my belt I shall be happier, just need to get out there and do it!
  • Top of the morning

    Just popping in. Welcome Mark. You're in the right place. Plodding is our game and there's plenty of ex-smokers to help and encourage.

    Only managed a rapid 1.5 miles this morning in the rain. I'd forgotten the joys of running with rain spattered specs!!


  • morning, especially to Mark. We like newbies, and you'll find loads of encouragement here

    CoachB - it's Wyndybum, or according to the Ordnance Survey, Wymondham pronounced Wy'ndham.

    Us carrot crunchers get a great deal of amusement from grockles attempting to pronounce it. Cosstessey is another favourite

    Anyway, I'll be there as well, so any spare good luck vibes would be most welcome!
  • Hi Yeo

    I've just checked the weather for Sunday and it's looking good. Are you doing just the one lap? Will you be setting the pace for the prolific Trinity1 or vice versa?

    Good luck and don't eat your jelly babies in the first mile!!

  • XB, yes I'm just doing the one lap. I had hoped to do the 20 miler as part of my FLM build up, but dying spectacularly at the end of a 20k the other week put paid to that idea!

    I'll be giving trin every support I can, anyone who does a 10 as her first race, (even if she did enter it by mistake!) deserves a medal before she starts in my book!
  • Hi, I thought I'd pop in here, as I'm a newbie and slow! :)

    I'm doing the c25k course from cool running and am in week 2. I repeated week 1 though as I couldn't do the full 60 sec initially.

    I'm seeing an increase everytime I run now so thats something.. slow slow progress! :)

    I'm not brave enough to do a 10k as my first real run.. but am doing a 5k in July locally. I really wanna be able to run the whole thing so thats my aim..time I'll work on when I can run 5k! :)

  • Hi Mark and Purple Hugs and any other newbies I've missed - welcome to warm and loving support thread.... or does that sound a bit dodgy

    Trin I'll be thinking of you on Sunday whilst at my club's 20 mile race - doing late entries you understand, not actually running it!

    Yeo - Hunstanton??

    Will try to pop back later but computer giving probs and as I'm at work can only ask for so much help from IT buddy!
  • Purple Hugs - pop in any time, you're always welcome.

    Sounds as though you have the right idea and attitude. We shouldn't expect too much from ourselves too soon. Slowly slowly catchee monkee (or some such phrase!).

    The 5k in July sounds ideal - keep popping in to let us know how you're getting on.
  • New people still give me inspiration as well - while I was out the other day I ran passed my old route which was prob only just under 2 miles and I used to struggle with that in 30 mins - it reminds me how far I have come already and it really is worth just keeping at it.
    Good to keep a diary or a log for that reason
  • Hello all, especailly Mark and Purple Hugs.

    You will both find lots of support, encouragement, humour and good sense on this thread.

    I gave up smoking nearly 3 weeks ago and I have had lots of good vibes from the others here. Just knowing others have gone through same and cann give good words of advice has been a tremendous help.

  • Went to gym this morning as I'm still getting twinges in my back although not as bad as a couple of days ago. I thought a cusioned run on the treadmill may be better than the roads. Also did usual weights. Ran/walked 3 1/2 miles and even though I was getting funny feelings in back whilst plodding, its no worse now than before so hopefully it will get better quickly.

    Had to really stop myself from doing more than that as I was really in the mood to keep plodding today and I don't want to push things too much just yet. Full of beans! !

    Off for relaxing bath now and then dog walk.
    See ya later.
  • Thanks! It's great to have found a UK forum too.. I've been using Cool Running but it's all across the atlantic (not that theres anything wrong with that) the time difference and talk of american stores etc etc is hard.

    I've been keeping a diary of my runs (if u can call them that ;) ) and the times I run/walk as have increased from 30 sec to 2 or 3 mins in a run now. Am quite pleased with that and look forward to going out now, even though it was nerve wracking in the first place. :)

    I've lost 23lb so far but am 44lb from my goal weight so am hoping running will improve my shape and weight in due course. Although I've stalled at the moment. I'm assuming I'm building muscle as am now running or doing aerobics/x trainer or Tae bo 6 days a week now.

    Will continue plodding along with my weight loss as well as my running! :)

    Look forward to getting to know you guys more as time goes by!

  • Purple Hugs = keeping a diary is good way of charting the progress you've made. You will soon be able to look back on the early days and see how much you've improved.

    You are doing well with your weight loss - just don't give in to the temptation that because you are running you can eat what you like now. I know from experience that it does'nt work like that unless you are running a lot of miles each week. Running will made a difference to your shape and it doesn't take long to see the difference. well done so far!
  • Just popping to say hi to everybody and welcome to Mark and Purple Hugs - that's fantastic weightloss PH. There's a new lady at our gym who's dropped a dress size since joining just a few weeks ago, bizarrely without losing any weight yet (??), so I'm guessing that even if the weightloss temporarily stalls, the exercise still has an effect on body shape & size. Mark, like the others, I started off on an 8-12 week training programme provided by the gym (they were getting a bunch of us lined up for R4L and a local 10k) - picking a first race a few months ahead is a good motivator as it gives you something to home in on & aim for in the training. Well, today was lunchtime run day with the gang - new guy leading us from the gym today as our FLMers were on a different shift - he was ominously eyeing up flights of steps & lamposts today which I'm not sure bodes too well for next week! Good days all!
  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    Hi - keep at it - it gets better. I've been running 3/4 months now. Depressed myself after the first few weeks when I timed my run interval that I had been building up by road lengths - I was feeling quite proud of myself but it was nowhere even near a minute!

    I slowed down and persevered, adapting various schedules (I'm doing the girls run too 5K - has a week of each time) and I'm now doing 10 minutes at a time.

    Since getting to 7 minutes, when each increase felt like a step too far, each increase has felt easier.

    Now I don't feel too terrified of the 10K in May that inspired me to start!
  • Thanks for your comments/support! It's great having somewhere in the UK to come to! :)

    Running is my new found passion and I'm really enjoying even the tiny steps of progress. I can't wait for my run days to come around.

    Pippi LS is the girls run too 5k good for new runners? Is it on this site?

  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    It's on (under 'let's run')
    I started out using the RW one but found the times extended too much too soon for me! This one start with run2 walk4 (and I did quite a bit before I got to runnign 2 minutes ... but I never walked 4)
    Try Google (or a search directory) for lots of links, then you can mix and match to see what suits.
  • Thanks! I'll check it out.. I like the look of the water bottle holder I run with bottle in hand so there's a handy thing!

    I am currently doing Cool Running's times, and they started at 1 min run / 90 sec walk, I could only do 30 sec's at a time! but am up to 3 mins at the moment. Slow of course.. but still ;)

    It's good to see other plans and then you really know which suits best.

    Thanks again. and good luck with ur runs/progress.
  • you are all doing great
  • Evening

    Welcome to the newbies.

    I've just done my last plod before Reading on Sunday, I am so looking forward to it, I am just going to plod around and enjoy.

    Well done to all the ex smokers out there keep going!
  • Hi guys - well done plodders!
    That running bug has alot to answer for - isn't it great? :0)
  • Hi y'all,thanks for a great welcome!
    Trinity,I didn't mention pre-run fitness 'cause there wasn't any,except a 4 mile cycle to work and back!I really am starting from scratch and it didn't help when I went to buy my shoes to be told I had the worst over-pronation the assistant had ever seen and both my achilles tendons are out of wack.I managed 2/3 of a mile in 8:20 this a.m,until what I thought was cramp set in(as it's only just eased of I reckon it must be a pull),but the main thing is I am really enjoying running for the first time ever.ROLL ON 5:30 SATURDAY.
  • Hi plodders

    Glad to hear we are all well and progressing. At this rate we will have to set up a new thread..."working at it at a steady pace" perhaps?

    I had a tough old time at the gym last night - I did my "speedwork" for half an hour before circuit training. Circuit training turned out to be the "Bleep Test" or Multi Level something or other. I was knackered so just a very easy 2 miles for me this morning.

    Hope the racers are feeling in fine fettle...

  • mark
    i got told that too
    makes you feel really good doesnt it
  • Morning everyone!

    Hope your all in fine form today!

    I'm not running till tomorrow unfortunately, but might jump on my x trainer later if my shoulders stop aching. Did resistance training yesterday with a stretchie band and boy my weak arm/shoulder (left) is ACHING! hehe nice to know it has reacted! :)

  • There's some great stuff going on here - just a nice swim for me this morning, always take it easy on a Friday for my long-slow on Saturday. I can't normally log on at weekends (beat-up ol'PC at home) so GOOD LUCK!!! for those hearty souls for Sunday - Trin, FF & everyone else (you can do it!) and everybody else enjoy your weekend running!
  • Quick pop in as mega loads to do at work today and also stuff for running club hosted race on Sunday

    Good luck to all racing on Sunday and make sure you let us know how you get on

  • 600
  • Hi y'all! Been reading this string for a few days now, but due to validation probs couldn't join in.
    Trin - Haven't managed to work out exactly what run you're doing this weekend, but best wishes for it.
    I'd hate to sound condescending here, but physically I'm not sure I should be in this forum. However, mentally I certainly should!! So, here I am, and I'll be most grateful for any advice. Having only recently started running, I find it quite psychologically tough to get out for a run or even just run on a treadmill. Cycling, I can put up with the pain for hours, but with running, half an hour is as far as I'm prepared to push it for training. I guess I'll get used to it with experience.
    Am going to try to enter the Woking 10mile run with a friend, if he ever gets around to entering himself.

    Anyone got any suggestions for someone who's a total rookie and never run that far in his life? Have done just over 7 miles a few times, but that's it.

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