working at it slowly



  • Forgot to ask, flr, I know I'm probably going to seem really dumb for asking, but what are the numbers for?
  • Now I know I'm dumb because I've just worked it out as I looked at the top of the page. sorry
  • im gonna stick with the w8alking for the next few weeks - its definitely making me feel better and fitter - and i want to lose a quite few more lbs of baggage before i start walk plodding

    whats good is the urge to break into a r8n is occasionally popping up - although when i do my legs feel very leaden -but walking does use different muscles

    im gonna keep walking - (try and get faster and get the hrm out to see how hard im pushing too - could easily be 'base training' level i reckon) until the urge to break into a run is just tooo strong

    maybe get to the pool and do some pool running sess too as thats good for leg muscles without the impact - which i think is the problem when i try to run now
  • dont get you tho buney

    im 3 stone overweight
    and my joints honestly dont mind running
    im he same age more or less as well
  • but Benzy - when i was last running 3-4 stone lighter - it makes a big difference to me to carry that extra load

    and ive got a lot more knee/ankle and particularly a hip/groin niggle that feels uncomfortable at this weight

    im not saying this for anyone else - its just how i feel about it - and running only feels right or good for me when its faster than i can lumber at now
  • Buney

    you was running last year
  • plodding very slowly Benzy and i ve put on nerly 2 stones since then - it makes a difference really !!

    but the walking IS good - ive noticed a difference to cv function just after a week - not as breathless and i can run upstairs again
  • well thats good

    you walked really well at moonwalk last year tho
  • Hi - had really good day not only did I convince my sister-in-law to join me in the R4L this year,I actually got her out the door to do a 1 min Run/1 min walk for 25minutes and she said she felt great - so off I plodded on another 3 miles by myself, meetin gup again in 2 days to continue the run/walk programme for beginners. - It feels great to help. She was asking me all these running questions - and I was able to answer her - and that's all thanks to you guys for all your helps and tips! Thank you one and all!
    Don't you just love running!
  • good on you jammie
  • G'day, this might be my last post for a while before I get a bit settled in Oz.
    Am leaving tomorow evening and I'm getting well nervous now! Keep worrying about money (I've got none - whoops!)

    Anyway, well done Bune, you must realy be able to stride - sounds like you're walking faster than I usually run, and you're really clocking up the miles.

    Good to see the non-smokers are still non-smokers, keep it up, it'strue that once you feel the benefits, you just won't want to go back to the fags at all.

    Went for a lovely run on friday night after work. It was still light when I got home so I went straight out and it had just started snowing. We don't get much snow round here so it was quite exciting. Plus you feel like a bit of a maniac running when it's snowing, but in a good way if you know what I mean. Thing is though, I got carried away and started off way too fast for the first half of my run without even realising it, so by the time I turned back it was going dark, the wind was in my face, the snow had turned to sleet and I was knackered! Bit of a slog on the way home.

    That was probably my last run in the southern hemisphere for the next four weks though. I've been so busy over the weekend preparing for my trip, and I really doubt I'll have time to go tomorrow.

    Jammie, I know what you mean, it's lovely when you can do what others have done for you and pass on your running knowledge, and the running bug too!
  • Have a great trip Carold - drop us a line from down under :0)
  • have a great time

    post if you can carold
  • Morning
    I did my 10 mile 'plod' yesterday. It took me just over 2 hours!! but I did stop for the loo 3 times and didn't stop the watch so maybe not so bad. My legs are a teensy bit sore this am but they will settle as the day goes on I expect.

    I'm having a day off work today. a proper day, I'm ot even going to work from home!! I bought my Mother an aromatherapy session for Christmas, so we are going to do the swim/sauna/massage/lunch and maybe some shopping.
    have a good day everyone.
  • Have a good trip, Carol. Don't tell us too much about the great weather, the barbies and plodding across the harbour bridge.

    Enjoy your day, CDK, it sounds like you've earned it.

    Did a gentle two mile recovery run this morning and have ended up with a groin strain. Oh, well I'll have a rest for a few days.

    Happy plodding and smoke-free lungs to you all

  • Morning all,

    By by Carol. Have a brill time.

    Well done Caren. 10 miles is a big distance to cover. Enjoy the pampering.

    XB - make sure you stretch gently and hopefully you'll soon be bettr.

  • Good luck Carold! Aw XB - what a shame, you've been doing some great stuff, hope it's soon better. Oooh, Caren I'm envious - both of your 10 miles & the day you've got lined up - good on you, enjoy!. Managed 68 mins out on Sat (just short of 6 miles) - legs felt quite tired so cut my long loop short, I'm wondering if those two new weekday lunch-runs with the FLMers took more out my leggies than I thought, so will try to pace myself a bit better until these new sessions settle in. Tried the 10-10-10-10 from the RW mag at the gym this morning (to save my legs a bit) - it was quite a tough session having 4 10 min blasts on 4 different cardio machines, not sure if my legs will forgive me in time for tomorrow's lunchtime run after all. Hope everybody here has good days & enjoys their running/walking!
  • Hello prolific ones

    Good grief - 1 day ill and 2 weekend days and the thread has got steam coming out from it from the activity!!

    Well done all who have plodded and not smoked etc etc.

    I recovered enough to have a long plod on Sunday although I don't know how far I went. End of it was horrible though as hit by horizontal sleet like needles in my face - not accustomed to such weather here in the (generally) sunny south-east!

    Might pop back a bit later but need to play catch up from Friday and boss back from hols on Wednesday so need to be prepared for his return - he's never satisfied until he's found at least one thing I've done wrong!!
  • Morning guys and what a loverly one it is - done an hour up in the woods with the horse, cold but sunny and very inspriring!!

    Last 2 days were 4 miles each and going for 5 miles today and see what I feel like tomorrow.....

    Back to work on Weds - but they have just opened a new gym with a tready so may get a few miles in there each day as well

    Have fun - back later
  • What a boooootiful morning for a plod. did 5 mileswithout walking today so I'm very pleased with myself..well done everyone else on their plods, in weather good or bad. Lovely sunshine here, a bit chilly but ok once you get moving, but no wind!!!!!!!!didn't want to come back indoors at the end. bath and lunch done - shopping beckons.
  • Morning all
    ada good day yesterday, butlegs a bit sore this am. I rather overdid things I think, I went running last night but if I was sensible I should have rested.

    So rest day today.

    Good luck all with plodding and ciggie beating etc.
  • Morning all (evening to CarolD)

    Another beautiful morning for plodding...and an ever so gentle plod it was after a tough circuit training class last night. I feel motivated enough to have a go at another 10k - Blackpool on 14 March looks favourite. At least it should be relatively flat.

    Enjoy resting, plodding and smokeless lungs

  • So!
    The after-effects!
    For those who walked/plodded/power-wlaked in the snow over the weekend, what are your thoughts?

    Do you feel invigorated? Proud? Can't see what the fuss is all about?

    Do you have any after-effects? Stiff? Twinges?

    Certainly, anything over a mild sprinkling, and I think we all have to take care - there seems to be much more wear and tear on our leggy-things.

    I enjoyed it. Another aspect of running. The scenery was totally different under the "white stuff". There's so many things to look out for and appreciate in this running/walking/lets-get-out-of-the-house malarky, isn't there?
  • Hi coachB,
    We had lots of snow last week, blizzard type - so I stayed well and truley inside. By end of week was getting itchy feet and although still lots of snow about I just had to get out for a plod - and I loved it! The crisp night air - most roads were clear but did have to trail thru some white stuff and it did put extra pressure on legs - but that must be good - did feel it next morning thou! But yeah, you have to watch yourself - especially over that slippery stuff - am sure if anybody was watching me on Sunday night they would have given me a "10" for artistic impression for skating!
    Runnings good - makes you appreciate the small things around you :0)
  • Lovely fresh snow fantastic for running in - once did a run in Switzerland in a foot of fresh snow and it was so much fun - maybe not "serious training" but just as much work and far more fun :-)

    Ice - highly compacted (i.e. slippery) snow - forget it - far more likely to end in visit to local A&E

    Unfortunately / fortunately we never get either down here even if they have it 20 miles up the coast!
  • Brrrrrrr, that was good - just back from our "beginners" lunchtime running group, not so nervous & settled into it better this week now that i know what to expect (tho' still experiencing the pre-run warm-up dash to the loo!). Chuffed to find that we were 10 min miling, just got to find a way of maintaining that for 10k now so's can break that 60 mins barrier (suspect there's no pain-free way of doing this.) CoachB, I'm a wimp & tippy-toe my way round snowy/icy bits.
  • Good question, CoachB

    I did two 6 milers at the weekend. A fast one and a "recovery". Both left me feeling invigorated to the point where I annoyed the hell out of my wife and kids. They just don't understand why I become this berk babbling on about splits, average heart rates and 10 minute miling!! They thought I was a tw@ before I started running. God knows what they think now.

    I love running, me

  • me too

    although the only runners I pass are going the other way!
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