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    2308 said:
    Ynnec said:

    He said similar nonsense to me, Screams. I'm White British and AncestryDNA says my genetic make-up is 50% Welsh/West Midlands, 47% Scottish/Irish and 3% French. 

    I'm genetically more of a 'Briton' than Colin could ever hope to be.

    I get the inkling he hasn't been exposed to much of a 'life'. Probably still lives with his parents in a padlocked basement absolutely plastered with posters of Griffin, Farrage, Powell, Mosley, Duke, Hitler et al whilst being surrounded by a load of crusty wank-socks.

    I expect your cure to excessive immigration into this country is for the issue to simply be left alone.

    I expect your cure to excessive immigration into this country from the EU is for the issue simply to be left alone. 27 countries to continue to disgorge here whoever wants to come.

    I expect your cure for world population having risen from 3BN to 9BN is for the issue simply to be left alone.

    You won't have any answers, only mockery.

    You could do with some Xanax for that stutter of yours.

    Reply to HA77's, Cheerful Dave's and Mendis' posts first and I'll reply to yours.
  • 2308 said:
    2308 said:
    "The British" are a nationality, not a racial group. You specifically mention in your post the "replacement" of white northern Europeans because that's what bothers you. 

    Here's the thing: immigrants, whatever their colour or nationality, if they settle and have kids, are basically giving birth to British people. You aren't worried about "British" people, you're worried about white people.

    So stop talking bollocks. You have "racist" written through you like Brighton rock. 

    You don't, of course, disclose your own name, ethnic origins, or skin colour, in attacking me. These details are conveniently hidden behind the "Screamapillar" façade. Funny, that. Why don't you declare your own interest, so we can see if actually you have a pre-existing bias here.

    What I'm "worried about" is, the people who were here first and their descendants having their territory systematically stolen by migrants coming and stealing the space, in a migration process that is extreme, one way, continuous, severe, and there's never any stop to it.

    World population in the 1960s was three billion. It is now nine billion. Absurdly, that's a trebling of the world population in my lifetime. Have a think about that. And a lot of the world is less pleasant to live in than here. So of course people are going to continue to come, to come, to come, and steal the space, and destroy the racial group that was here first in order to seize their lands. Our land is their expansion space. They can come and take a slice each, and there's no end to it. How is that fair?

    The vast ongoing migration invasion depends on putting people who have a problem with it down with labels like "racist" (not used merely as a benign description, but used to suggest there must be something wrong with the person and their thinking) in order to silence them. So you jump on that bandwagon. Such has it always been on this website.

    Part of the problem is that the British government has never cared since the 1960s about the British as a racial group. They are only too happy to destroy that racial group over a period of time (actually, about a hundred years) and give away the territory to other racial groups who want it as their expansion space, without the consent of the people who were here first. It was pretended to us four or five years ago that the Tories would get inward migration down to the "tens of thousands" per annum, but of course that hasn't happened. We were told we would "Brexit", which would at least close the automatic right of the rest of Europe (and whoever has settled there) coming here, "removing freedom of movement", but that hasn't happened. Our politicians are hell-bent on our own destruction, and our territory pretty much being given away to whoever wants to come from overseas and take a slice.

    In the meantime the genocide of the British people (the people who comprised a distinct racial group up to the 1960s) continues,  and continues, and continues.

    Pre-existing bias to what?

    I mean are you actually insinuating that I'm calling out your racism and dismissing your shit because I'm not white? Are you?

    Christ, what an absolute knuckle-dragging bellend. 

    If it helps, I'm white British. My name is early Medieval in origin. My ancestors have been here for centuries, probably longer than yours. 

    So how about you sit down and shut the fuck up?

    I have no idea if you're white or black, or yellow, or pink, or have a healthy suntan shade of skin, or something else.  All your profile says about you is, "Not much happening here, yet.", which I expect even you will concede doesn't exactly inform. You choose to present yourself as genderless, colourless, ageless. Unfortunately it's a problem with this format of site, where people snipe from behind badges of anonymity, and don't have the guts to disclose their name, that a lot of us haven't a clue about who anyone else is or their essential characteristics. Everything's hidden away. If you're calling me a racist, when actually I'm a victim, not a racist, it raises curiosity as to your motivations.

    You claim to be psychic, and a mindreader. I don't make that claim.

    You ignored the rest of my post to you. World population is heavily out of control, which generates migration, and the planet is dying. Migration into this country is absurdly out of control, and there are no intelligent limits.

    The label "British" has been stolen along with the territory.

    1. Yeah, you do, because you asked and I told you.
    2. I'm a woman, my name is Helen and I fucking hate racists, xenophobes homophobes and misogynists. Absolutely no idea what difference that makes to you, especially since you currently go by the nickname of "2308".
    3. I haven't changed my profile since the website changed however many years ago it was. I'm not interested in updating it.
    4. You're not a "victim" you're a person playing the victim card - big difference
    5. Population control is a global problem - white people have too many kids too. Jacob Rees-Mogg has six for fuck's sake - bet your a fan of his though.
    6. Britain has been multiracial since at least the time of the Roman Empire. Shit about labels being "stolen" is just that - shit.
    7, Now, are we done? I don't think that hole is going to get much deeper is it?
    8. Oh yeah, I forgot, just to remind you - you're a racist.
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    2308 said:

    And then, whether you are suggesting I'm a good racist or a bad racist

    Say WHAT?!

    Pray tell, what by your definition is a "good racist"?

    You're ignoring previous comments and just post your own verbose manifesto.
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    2308 said:

    The cheapest tiniest house was about £800,000 I believe.

    How many tiny houses were up for sale? Were they in the Borough of Lilliput?
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    I know you're responding to my comment but I really can't be bothered reading your whole reply. I feel bad as it must've taken a lot of time and effort to write. You should try to get your point across more succinctly.
  • 2308 said:

    Successive governments want to destroy their own people as a racial group and are doing so by replacing them: that's inarguable.

    I will leave it to others to decide whether you're a racist or not - I will just stick with "nutjob conspiracy theorist."
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    2308 said:

    White north European British

    No such ethnicity. 

    2308 said:

    white north European group ...

    white North European population.

    You continually use these descriptors as they conveniently umbrella your own genetic profile.
    Like sidneM said, get a DNA analysis done and post the results.
  • (1) How are you defining "racist" please?

    It's a word that gets bandied about endlessly, but people don't say what they mean by it. Maybe you could provide a full, complete definition of what you are trying to say, exactly.

    And then, whether you are suggesting I'm a good racist or a bad racist, since there seem to be two types.

    And if you're trying to say I'm a bad racist, why you think I'm a bad racist. And the degree of my badness. And what I should do about it. And whether I should hang my head in shame.

    Sorry to be picky here.

    (2) Also say whether you give a shit (a.k.a "a flying fuck") about the original British people as a racial group, and whatever hardships are caused by the constant influx of outsiders for whom there is no housing, driving up house prices and driving down wages and causing unfair competition for jobs, and all the other problems and social issues remainers in their selfishness tend to gloss over. Or whether actually to you none of that matters, you are only worried about nice EU people coming here and Asians: the effect on those who were here first doesn't bother you.

    (3) And confirm you voted to remain, if this is the case. If so, why you think it's sensible, right, proper, and workable, for us to be exposed to a set-up which allows any of 513 mllion people (and the rest from outside the EU being magically relabelled European in a continuous rebranding process) living under 28 separate and different sets of economic conditions to come here on a whim at the drop of a hat if they please.

    There's nothing more embarrassing and desperate than a racist trying to pretend he isn't a racist. I'm sick of your disingenuous shit. 

    There's statistical evidence to be found about the net contribution of migrants to the UK but people like you would rather keep your heads stuck up your arses than engage with anything outside your ingrained prejudices. 

    I remember trying to explain a scientific process to you once. You couldn't grasp what "proof" meant in the scientific sense, the concept of a proven fact. The conspiracy theorist in you immediately looked for doubt, for alternative explanations, for the idea that experts (who know vastly more than you) were wrong.

    Your last paragraph merely proves that you, like most Leavers, conflate freedom of movement with refugees.  

    I have no idea what happened to people like you. I feel genuine pity for your ignorance.

    Now bugger off and argue with someone else, I have better things to do with my time. 

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    I doubt if Colin will be responding today. Probably sitting in front of live news coverage with a box of tissues. 
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    2308 said:

    The white British who were here first are being systematically destroyed as a racial group, by migrants being deliberately poured on top of us by people who pretend to be a democratic government but actually don't bother asking ) what we wanted, racially speaking, or want -  in an endless, unceasing torrent.
    It isn't being done instantly, it's being done subtly, over about a hundred years. More and more people are dumped on top of us, so that eventually we, the white British, conveniently disappear. Over time our racial significance gets diluted, and diluted, our base is given away. The end.


    Would that be the Romans? Or the Celtic Britons and Germanic tribes that came after? Or perhaps the Angles, the Jules, the Saxons or the Frisians? Or maybe the Danes who popped along. Perhaps even the Normans? Then there were the Huguenots that came over.   

    We are a nation of immigrants and as demonstrated above this has been happening for far more years than the "since the 60s". Perhaps it might do you good to get a DNA test to see where your ancestry lies. It might do you some good to embrace the fact that you may have genes other than "white British". Variety, as they say, and all that.
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    Pity I missed this. Colin does keep popping up every few months. It's like the forum has recurrent thrush.

    Anyway, looks like Boris will be new PM. Any ideas what happens with Brexit from here? More or less likely to get a withdrawal agreement or extension? Will he reject wishes the Brexit faithful when he achieves office?
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    He'll do whatever he thinks will make him popular with whoever he is talking to at the time.  He'll try to reopen negotiations with the EU, despite them having disbanded their negotiating team.  He'll run that to the wire, then ask for an extension, blaming it on them.  To them, he'll blame it on parliament/Labour/Brexit Party/Greenpeace/select group of choice.  The extension will run out, he'll not have united parliament, the DUP will have walked away, the EU will have lost patience, and we'll crash out at some point in 2020.

    That's my guess anyway.
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    No Deal while being able to pass the blame onto someone else is the aim. 
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    So members vote between Johnson and Hunt. I watched the debates but am no clearer how either intend to resolve the withdrawal issue with the EU. Wing it, dissemble, reinvent, blame, bullshit I guess. With Mark Field, a surrogate of Hunt, aggressively taking out his frustration on a climate action interloper, and reports of domestic disturbances btwn Johnson and his former mistress now girlfriend, things all feel suitably dark and uneasy already.
  • YnnecYnnec ✭✭✭
    Today Boris is committedly appeasing the Nodealexiters. Tomorrow there's a frisky south westerly, so who knows?

    Paddy Power and Betfair have creatively amalgamated Brexit and the Premier League:

    JT141 said:
    Colin does keep popping up every few months. It's like the forum has recurrent thrush.
    An opportunity for Canesten to diversify into the Forum Thread market?
  • Christ Colin - 2308 - you're a nasty small minded piece of work. 

    Do f*ck off and keep f*cking off as far as you can run. 
  • Boris Johnson is going to shit his pants. In fact, Boris Johnson is already shitting his pants. He knows it's no Brexit and he finally kills his party or no deal Brexit and the country comes after him with pitchforks. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. Buy popcorn.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Trouble with Johnson is that he doesn't have the self-awareness to know that he's holding a poison chalice (which is entirely of his own making). He just sees becoming PM as his entitlement and regardless of how this all plays out he it won't matter to him. There will be others to blame for his failures. 

    It is rather ironic that someone like Fox, the epitome of an arch Brexiteer, has to point out that GATT 24 won't be as easy as Johnson thinks and is then decried for talking the country down. 

    At a time when the EU is agreeing trade deals with LATAM countries and Japan we have car manufacturers preparing to pull out if there's a no deal Brexit. Yet both Johnson and Hunt still talk about their willingness to do that, playing to their members who are quite comfortable with the break up of the Union and the trashing of the economy whilst they're being led to drink the coolaid. 
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    So Boris has inherited the shit-covered baton and he's claiming the D.U.D.E acronym based on Deliver, Unite, Defeat and Energize (as an afterthought). But surely to 'Deliver', he'd first have to 'Unite' his party which changes it to U.D.D.E. and lets face it, his leadership will be flooded with copious amounts of 'Rhubarb' so it finally results in:


    That's more like it.
  • Just to cheer you up, he has a working majority of 2 with resignations expected. Buy popcorn!
  • YnnecYnnec ✭✭✭
    I'll be a bulk-buyer!

    Oh to be a fly on the wall of his mind now that he's achieved his life-long Churchillian objective - "Delusional" probably wouldn't cover it.
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    A parliament of pricks. A Westminster of wankers. A commons of cocks. A frontbench of fuckers. A cabinet of cunts.
  • YnnecYnnec ✭✭✭
    I wonder how long it'll be before Larry the Cat pounces on Boris' unruly barnet.
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    Vote Leave have taken over the govt. 
    The referendum is still playing out, we now have Vote Leave as the Tories, Leave.EU as the brexit party, and the remain side all over the place. 
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    The Great Hack on Netflix is good as it shows the impact Cambridge Analytica had on Brexit, Trump et al.
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