Are you and "in" or an "out"?



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    Well said, Mr Tusk.

    Finally, a tweet from a "Donald" that actually made sense.
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    2308 said:

    This country is rife with ordinary people who are tired of having foreigners dumped here, and the Government not only not doing anything about it but not even having the means to do so, against a background claim of intending to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands, which is actually impossible if anyone from the EU can come here and any non-EU person can gain EU citizenship eventually in order to come here, and slowly committing genocide of the British people by that route.

    Brexit is a reaction to immigration, mainly. Yes, it's an "intelligent" position for the ordinary people to have adopted. What's the alternative? A quarter of a million a year being dumped on us every year, year after year, into the future, never ceasing, no limit to it - ordinary British people needing two incomes rather than one to buy a house,so the British woman can't afford to stop work to start a family at a young enough age, having to stay in a job: so fewer and fewer Brits being born, and our island being slowly, gradually, inexorably stolen away from us by wave after wave of migrants? People voted for Brexit mostly as a reaction to that.

    Contrast with the ordinary British people who want Brexit the "elite" and "business" class who want to remain. They don't care about the ordinary people, they care about their own selfish interests. They are quite happy to employ a 25 year old German in preference  to a 55 year old Brit and not think twice about doing that. They couldn't care less about the ordinary person who is trying to protect him or herself and their job and way of life by exiting the EU before it's too late.

    As Evan Davis said on the radio the other day, Brexit isn't one argument, it's a hundred different arguments all rolled into one.

    The "elite" and "business" class will deprive us of Brexit if they can find a way to do it.

    Tired Brexit cliches that I've read about a million times: "immigration", blah blah; "elites" blah blah: "ordinary people" blah blah.  I don't know how you define "ordinary people" but the stats, should you care to find them on the LSE website, show that most Brexit voters were middle class, not working class - so if that's what you mean, you're wide of the mark. 

    Brexit won't stop immigration, it will mean fewer Europeans and more people from India and other parts of the commonwealth. That doesn't bother me - I suspect it might bother you, because when you talk about the "genocide " of Brits and "fewer Brits being born" what you mean is white people. Read this and weep: 

    Office of National Statistics: The net migration figures for the year ending September 2018 were 57,000 from the EU and 261,000 from outside the EU. A total of 318,000 - EU 18%, non-EU 82%.

    Brexit is a right-wing project. It's also part of an insidious drive to remove women from the workplace and keep them at home, wiping the arses of babies and elderly relatives, as your comment suggests. Basically, the domain of insecure, ageing white men shit-scared of women, brown people and change. 
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    The Times today (9 May 2019, page 4):

    "Up to 75% of babies are born to migrant mothers in parts of UK

    About three quarters of babies were born to mothers from overseas in 2017 in some parts of England, according to official statistics published yesterday.

    Almost 30 per cent of births in the country were to women born outside Britain, with even higher figures in parts of London and other big cities.

    About 58 per cent of births in the capital were to foreign-born women, rising to a record 76 per cent in the borough of Brent. In the boroughs of Ealing, Westminster, Harrow and Newham more than 70 per cent of births were to foreign-born women.

    Slough was the local authority outside London with the highest proportion, at 63 per cent.

    Births to foreign-born mothers have risen by a fifth in the past decade, helping to drive up demand for school places. […]

    Women born outside Britain had 189,000 babies in England in 2017, 20 per cent more than in 2007, the Office for National Statistics said. The main change had been in the number of births to women from other EU countries. The number of births to mothers from outside the bloc remained fairly stable. Over the same period births to UK-born mothers fell by 8 per cent, from 498,000 to 458,000. […]

    The increase in the numbers of births to foreign-born mothers has largely been driven by a rise in the number of women of child-bearing age in the population, rather than a rise in the number of children they are having.

    In January last year about 310,000, or 7 per cent, of children in state-funded primary schools had been born outside Britain. The figure was 280,000, or 10 per cent, in state-funded secondary schools. About half were from other EU countries.



    When I talk about the "genocide" of Brits, I don't mean "white people", I mean the effect of the above on the British people as a racial group, spread over a period of time (50 to 100 years - e.g. 1960 to 2060). It is systematic population replacement - the British as a racial group destroyed as a racial group to make way for others. Britain made expansion space for millions of others to come and seize a slice each and and expand into, at the expense of the British people who were here previously - meaning the white North European people who were here before about 1965 and their descendants. 

    At the same time, a person is systematically silenced with labels like "racist" or (see above) "bigot" or (see Screamapilla post) ridicule, if they dare to stick their heads above the parapet to complain about what's being done to the British people: the fact that their territory is being systematically stolen away very very quickly, without any protection for the racial group.

    It's a tragedy.

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    Colin, you're back!!!
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    Not as such.

    I found a message to me on this thread from Screamapillar just now , "because when you talk about the "genocide " of Brits and "fewer Brits being born" what you mean is white people."

    As I didn't mean just "white people",  or even say "white people", I replied to that.

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    2308 said:

    a person is systematically silenced with labels like "racist" 

    Is it any wonder when you say:
    2308 said:
    And it seems a fair bet that JT141 isn't white British either.
    suggesting that non-white British residents are inferior.

    2308 said:
    Are you even British, Ynnec? Are you even white?
    once again intimating non-white British residents are inferior.

    And then today:
    2308 said:

    When I talk about the "genocide" of Brits, I don't mean "white people"

    Do as you promised in December:
    2308 said:

    Last post. Goodbye.
    and go away you bitter racist clown. 
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    Only this week a baby called Archie was born to a migrant mother. Parents are benefits scroungers.  
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    One of the all time worst absolute horlicks of a character
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    2308 said:

    Not as such.

    I found a message to me on this thread from Screamapillar just now , "because when you talk about the "genocide " of Brits and "fewer Brits being born" what you mean is white people."

    As I didn't mean just "white people",  or even say "white people", I replied to that.

    "The British" are a nationality, not a racial group. You specifically mention in your post the "replacement" of white northern Europeans because that's what bothers you. 

    Here's the thing: immigrants, whatever their colour or nationality, if they settle and have kids, are basically giving birth to British people. You aren't worried about "British" people, you're worried about white people.

    So stop talking bollocks. You have "racist" written through you like Brighton rock. 
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    Colin keeps mentioning his (and his ilk's) conveniently warped interpretation of "genocide"*; yet there's no "killing" involved. I'd be interested to see which of the ethnic categories (most of which are "British") on the 2011 Census he'd invite onto his Ark (no doubt painted white) to sail above the waves of his perceived *cough* "genocide".

    You're a complete and utter twat, Mr McLoughlin.


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    I initially resisted the temptation to reply on this, thinking that this is, ultimately a site concerned with running and I didn't want to feed this as a debate.

    However the use of the word "genocide" concerned me as well. Along with being a completely inappropriate word to use (especially in how it lessens actual acts of genocide) it is just such language that might give someone a sense of legitimacy in carrying out an act, i.e. the murder of Jo Cox.
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    Genocide? Seriously
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