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  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    We are experiencing the 'torrential rain' forecast for today! I'm not complainign thoguh as the water butts are now overflowing and I mught be able to do some more digging sometime soon :smile:

    Aquarius, I'm actually not jealous of your sunshine today as we need the rain. Well done on your race and I'm with you on preferring trail running (even though I'm much slower).

    TE, get you being sensible and on a lovely sunny day too! :wink:

    Yesterday was the annual Weald Challenge 50k which I always enjoy (unless it's pouring with rain!) and the weather was perfect. It started off quite hot but there was a breeze and then it cooled down a bit so was pleasant. Conditons underfoot were variable because the tracks are quite rutted, especially in the section through Ashdown Forest, but I had a grand day out running and chatting with my mate Bryan all the way round. Bryan's 68 and getting close to his 400th marathon and since he's heading towards his 70s he's started running the most difficult trail races he can find (scrambling over rocks with sheer drops sort of stuff!). I was delighted and somewhat surprised to take 30 minutes off my time last year and get the trophy for 1st V60 lady again:smiley:
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    What a lovely photo Red, many congratulations for winning first female V60, while being 30 minutes faster than last year is definitely the icing on the cake! All that strength work is certainly paying off for you, well done.
  • Morning.I did my Staplehurst 10K yesterday. It was rather warm and much to my parner's annoyance got there 1 hour early as I was convinced kick off was 9 and it was actually 10. Anyway, my time was 54.34, 4 seconds better than my best at this event, so I'm pleaseed with that! Archilles are hurting today, as always after a race.. I really should stretch them specifically!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Well done AnthonyJ, now go and stretch those achilles please!

    Thanks Aquarius x
  • jag1jag1 ✭✭
    Well done Redhead! That’s a great achievement.

    I’m currently touring Scotland on a fortnights holiday. Mainly dry days, though we did get a dousing while on a boat trip to Lunga off the Isle of Mull while watching the puffins. No huge distances but have managed to keep ticking over with a few 5kms. The latest this evening on the beach at Dornoch. I ran away from the midges over Glencoe, enjoyed a few hills around Loch Torridon, and a mosey around the southern edge of Loch Lomond. Next should be a trot around the edge of Holyrood on Thursday and/or the Cairngorms at Aviemore tomorrow evening.

    Cheers all.
  • Morning all,

    Unusually for me, I'm not spinning today. I had intended to run instead, as I'm going to My Aunties funeral on the Isle of Wight tomorrow. She was 90 and appeared to be in good health, so it was quite a shock to hear that she had died. I decided not to run though, as I felt a slight twinge in my knee yesterday, whilst putting my foot on the floor getting out of the bath. I walked to the supermarket this morning without any problems, but thought a couple of days not running would be sensible. My sensible hat is more in evidence, these days :blush:
    I ran a very good 8 miles yesterday which was half on road and half in the forest. Mile 8 was the quickest, average pace 9.09. I seem to run quicker off road, than on.

    Aquarius, well done for your shortened 10k road race. I also prefer off road to road races. I haven't done any road races since my injury in June 2017, they have all been off road.

    Red, congratulations for your 50k achievements, 1st FV60 and 30 minutes quicker than previous time. You have made an amazing recovery from your injury. That's a lovely photo, and you don't look as if you have just run an Ultra!

    AntonyJ, well done for your pb in the Staplehurst 10k. Stretching is very important!

    Jag1, sounds like you are having a great touring holiday, and managing to include some running. Perhaps you could post a photo on here?
  • I meant to mention that 16 of my club runners did the Henley on Thames 24 hour race over the weekend. They formed two teams and ran it as a relay. There were quite a few solo runners who ran well over 100 miles. The first solo male ran 184 miles in 20 hours 57 minutes, and first solo female 152 miles in 23 hours 34 minutes.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    No rain so been playing in the garden most of the day. DId weights and gym stuff this morning but no running.

    TE, sorry to hear about your auntie. Good age though. It was my mate Brenda who was 1st female to be crowned Queen of Henley and the distance is in kilometres, not miles! Even better she'd done another 100 miler the weekend before so wasn't expecting much. Thanks for your kind words re my ultra. Well done to your club team.

    JagJ, you lucky boy! We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a stay at the Loch Torridon hotel. I love the Highlands. Have a wonderful holiday.

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Afternoon everyone 

    Well, the rain has well and truly arrived! Glad this is a rest day. I had a fartlek session yesterday, not bad but not great either. Still struggling a bit for speed, but I’m sure it will come in time. I’m hoping to get to the club tomorrow for a hills session, but then again I’m not holding my breath as I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve planned to go over there and something has cropped up at the last moment.

    HS sorry to hear about your aunt, I hope you had a safe trip to the IoW. Good idea to have a couple of days off running if you had a twinge in your your knee, hope it’s ok now.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    The rain has put paid to my gardening after lunch so I'm catching up with boring stuff indoors. No running today as my toes are really sore, stupid arthritis, but I did walk 3 miles first thing this morning and did yoga.

    Aquarrius, you'll soon getyour speed back. I quite like doing fartleks - I use trees as my markers.  Hope the weather doesn't spoil your hill session tomorrow.
  • Evening all,

    Thanks Red and Aquarius, it was a lovely Service and every seat was taken by my Aunties many friends, and a few relatives. Not many of us left now. My sister and I met up with our cousins, who we hadn't seen for decades, after the Service. Oh my, how we had all aged, we didn't recognise each other :neutral: We had a good trip over to the IoW on the Red Funnel car and passenger ferry, and enjoyed a vegetarian breakfast. There were quite a few on the ferry who were going to the IoW Festival which starts today. It will be chaotic now on the ferries and roads. 

    Red, that's amazing running by your mate Brenda. My cousin Shaun's daughter ran a 66 miler on the IoW a short while ago, so it is good to know that I am not the only runner in the family.

    Aquarius, fartleks are excellent for increasing pace. I introduce a few into my training runs and am really noticing the improvements. I'm still not doing any structured speed work though, as it was a track session that  
    gave me the knee injury. Hope you manage to get to your hill session this evening. I love hills and always push up them and relax running down. I do occasionally push downhill, but it's not recommended too often.

    Very wet and windy today, so I did a road run. I ran 8.5 miles, but only have 8 miles on my Garmin, as I didn't start it until I had run half a mile.
  • Afternoon all,

    No rain today! Did a nice easy pace 6.6 mile road run this morning.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Afternoon everyone, 

    HS I always find funerals are a scary reminder of how long it’s been since we’ve seen various family members. You remember people looking as they did when you last saw them, and it’s always a shock to see how much they’ve aged, and realise they must be thinking the same thing about you! I’m glad there was such a good turnout for your aunt, she was obviously well loved. I take it your knee is behaving since you haven’t mentioned it on your last couple of runs?

    I managed to get over to the coast for training last night. We started with 15 minutes of drills, which is something the club has introduced recently and I have to say I really enjoy them. They can get a little tiring after a while, but all helpful for warming up your muscles prior to the session, which last night consisted of running on firm sand and up the steep slopes back to pavement level. This morning my legs certainly knew we’d been doing hill repeats. 

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Goodness knows how long it is since I've managed to post here - I daren't look. Suffice to say I'm still here but have been 'lurking' as I've not had the time to sit down and actually write until now. 

    I took part in a local race on Wed evening organised by Cirencester AC. It was in Cirencester Park (where I used to do a lot of my training before we moved) and was called the Summer Sizzler 10K - which due to the weather, was quickly renamed the Summer Drizzler. There were official photos taken by Charles Whitton Photography but as I'm a cheapskate and not minded to pay £5 for a low-res photo or £10 for a high-res one, you'll have to make do with ones taken by one of my clubmates. I'll post them shortly - one is of the 'purple army' (I'm #261 on the right-hand end) and an 'action shot' (I'd like to say it's blurred due to the fast speed I'm running but I fear it's down to the photographer).

    I'll try and catch-up properly over the weekend ..
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon peeps.

    Just back from the Kent 50 miler. As it was a 'challenge', lapped event I didn't need to do the full 50 miles so I opted for 5 laps which ended up just over 50K at 31.75 miles in 6:10 so exactly 1 hour quicker than my 50k last week which was a surprise. I decided to run laps 1&2 at a pace starting with 10, 3&4 at something with 11 etc. However, I felt really good right from the start and finished my first lap (6.3 miles) in 1:04, same with the next lap and people kept commenting on how speedy I was today ('cos I'm usually plodding along near the back!). Quite a few people there will be doing the 1066 100 miler which is only 3 weeks away and they too opted to finish at 50k so I wasn't alone. It's good really as it means I won't feel cream-crackered tomorrow and can go out for another trail run :smiley:

    WtnMel, gald to see you're wearing clothes!!! Well doen on your 10k.

    TE, glad all went well at the funeral. Always sombre affairs but hopefully a celebration of your aunts life too.

    Aquarrius, I admire you for running on sand as it's jolly hard work. Well done you!
  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, my knee has been behaving thank you, but I am still not risking too much speed work.
    My club has always done drills before the sessions, but one Coach does too many which does rather p..s off everyone. Running on sand is tough, and I avoided the sandy track this morning, as there were several white cows with horns lurking on it.

    WtnMel, good to hear from you again. I'm impressed with your high heel lift in that race photo. I agree with Red though, that I'm glad that you are fully dressed LoL.

    Red, thanks, yes it was a celebration of my Aunties life, which was quite eventful. She lived life to the full, right to the end. The Service ended with "A Whiter Shade of Pale," but not the Procol Harem version. It was sung by a lady with a great backing, but I don't know who she was.
    Very well done for your 50k+ which was an hour quicker than last weeks. that's very impresssive! Hope you aren't running too far tomorrow, as I don't think the weather will be too clever. I hope that you will be tapering before tackling the 1066, 100 miler.
    DianaD who used to be a regular on here is doing this weekends Endure and has completed her first lap. I don't think any of my club are doing it, as they did the Henley 24 hour last weekend.

    Conditions were horrible for my mornings forest run, with heavy showers, and a very cold, strong wind. I ran 8.6 miles pushing hard into the wind, and was very pleased with my average pace of 9.51 minute miling.
  • Hello Remember me!
    I have not been able to do a park run for a month due to working the Saturdays.
    I did it this morning against a shitty wind for the second half and I thought that I had done really bad only to find out I was only 6 seconds off my pb lol.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019
    Morning all, just back from a 6.2 mile recovery run to celebrate being 62 today :smiley:

    TE, Diana baled after 3 laps this time as it was very wet and muddy. Excellent running from you yesterday. One of my ultra chums is running a 24 event over in Suffolk and she was at 84.6 miles in 19 hours, speedy lady!

    Well done Damian, every second counts!
  • Good Morning all,

    Damien, well done, it's tough running into the wind, but it does make you stronger.

    Red, happy birthday!! A recovery run is a good way to celebrate it. Are you planning any other celebrations?
    I'm following Diana on Strava and seen details of each lap. I think she was a bit worried about her knee, so that could be another reason she baled out.
    That's an amazing pace by your chum, and I hope that she can maintain it.
    I wish I had tried Ultras in my younger days, as my first 6 races were marathons in the early eighties. The thing is, I didn't know they existed, as I was quite ignorant of the running scene in those days.

    Today is a rest day.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019
    Evening all,

    Red - happy birthday! :) The thought of running 50K boggles my mind, let alone 50mls. I do wear clothes most of the time you know! :) LOL

    HS - I hadn't really noticed my high knee lift but at least it shows I wasn't plodding along as can sometimes be the case if you're not aware of your running form.

    Damien - that was good to only be 6 secs off your parkrun PB considering your layoff due to work and the wind. Maybe you'll be able to better your PB next time?

    I ran this morning - just 4.5mls around town. I didn't think the rain was supposed to arrive until the afternoon - needless to say I got wet. Although it didn't feel it at the time, my run was at an avg pace of 10:15mm (the same as during my midweek race) so I was pleased with that as over the last few months my pace has been hovering around 10:45mm.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all, jusy back from a frustrating run on part of the 1066 route I was trying to do in reverse which turned out to be far too difficult - when faced with the option of 5 paths mown through a field and you try 3 none of which is the right one I think it's time to abort!!! So I'll be driving over to Sissinghurst sometime later this week and do the section the right way round. A useful 6.5 mile plod all the same.

    Nice pace WtnMel, well done.

    TE, you would have been fab at ultras and I bet you'd do well  even now!
  • Afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, your running is "really coming on!" An average pace of 10.15 minute miling is really good, and I'm sure that you will get quicker.
    The October Windows 10 upgrade finally arrived and I successfully downloaded it. Its got lots of functions that I will never use. It took about 6 hours downloading and configuring. The May upgrade is out now, so goodness knows when I will get that.

    Red, it's amazing how confusing running a route in reverse is. Good that you still managed to run 6.5 miles, despite going a bit of course. 
    Quite a few of our club members are into ultra distance running now. I'm tempted to try one, but afraid that it could set my knee problem off again. I know I'm doing sufficient weekly mileage, average 41 mile weeks, but have yet to exceed 14 miles in training runs since my injury.

    I ran 10 miles at a steady pace in the forest this morning with Jane. 
    There is a yellow warning for thunder storms and torrential rain from 18.00 tomorrow until 21.00 on Wednesday. The club has a social run in the forest tomorrow evening, but in the circumstances, will probably be cancelled. The forest is not the best of places to be in a thunderstorm. :bawling:
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Red - sounds very frustrating, trying to find the right path on that 1066 route. Hope your 'right way round' run works out better.

    HS - I thought I'd reached a 'plateau' and was stuck running at 10:40mm pace but the recent improvement makes me hope I'll continue to speed up. Oct Win 10 upgrade only now? Did you put off installing it or did it just take ages arriving? Well done re your 10ml forest run.

    I got out and did 4.5mls this morning (similar pace as last two runs) and it stayed dry. It's begun raining now though so this must be the early stages of the promised thunderstorms later tonight & tomorrow.

    In other news, I've noticed my neighbours across the road carrying & wheeling lots of plants from their bungalow to the (smaller) bungalow two doors away they told me they're hoping to move into. So I'm guessing the contracts situation has moved on since I last spoke to them! :)
  • Afternoon all,

    It's belting down with rain, and not long now until we get the promised thunder storm and possible sleet. My road was scheduled for resurfacing today, but owing to the weather, has been posponed again. They will probably do it on a day when I want to take the car out.

    WtnMel, no I didn't keep putting off the October Update, quite the opposite. One a week, I check for updates, and do a virus scan. I've had lots of minor updates, but only received it a couple of days ago. 
    Well done getting out for a run before the rain started.
    Hope the replacement neighbours will be friendly.

    Had a good spin session this morning. The highlight for me was towards the end of the session, where we had to set the kilometer reading to zero, and pedal like mad to get to 1k. We did this twice, the first time I was 3rd and the second, I was 2nd. I beat the young lady who was second first time, into 3rd place. My stamina obviously stood me in good stead.
    I'm looking forward to see who gets voted off in the Tory leadership battle, and the TV debate at 8pm, including the chicken Boris Johnson.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Horrid muggy day here today after that spectacular storm last night. Finding breathing difficult on my run today as the air is really heavy so turned round and headed home. 4.5 miles but nothing special.

    TE I've been OK doing the other bits of the route in reverse but this last one was impossible! I'm hoping to get it done the right way round on Friday. Well done on your spin session, especially for beating a younger lady, and a good 10 miler too.

    WtnMel, you did well to get your run in before the rain!
  • Afternoon all,

    Red, the storm missed us in the New Forest region. There were 1,000 lightning strikes in a nearby region. Well done for running whilst having breathing difficulties.
    Thanks for your comments on my spin session and run. I was really pleased with the 1k efforts, especially as I prefer the hill work to flat sprints.

    Ran a steady 6.5 miles on roads this morning. My New Forest 10 mile race is 2 weeks from Sunday, and I hope to race it, rather than just run it, like I have with the half marathonsI have done since my injury in June 2017. I hope to be in the first 3 in my age category, but will be up against runners nearly 3 years younger than me, so won't be easy.
    I'm running with "a new" lady tomorrow morning, who I've been told by other club members is very slow. She wants me to help her with her training, so that she can improve her pace and confidence.
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭

    I haven't run.

    Well done on all of your achievements.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Well hello Exhausted, lovely to hear from you. You're forgiven for not running 'cos I know you'll have been active and walking xxx

    TE, you are so kind to encourage new club members but your fellow club members' definition of "very slow" might be the best she can manage at the moment. I'm sure you'll be able to help her on her running journey. I know you'll make a good showing at your 10 miler and you'll give the younger chaps a run for their money! xxx
  • Afternoon all,

    Good to hear from you again Exhausted.

    Red, she is not a new club member, but would be new to running with me. Unfortunately, she was unable to run this morning, as she had to take her Mother in Law to a hospital appointment. We will run together next week, all being well.

    I ran 9 miles in the forest this morning in my trail shoes. I've been running in my roadsters previously, as the ground has been so hard, due to lack of rain. It has rained recently, so the ground was nice and soft and muddy. I thought that I had escaped the rain, but the heavens opened during the last half mile.
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